Staring lovingly at your reflection in the mirror gets old, especially if it's not a magical one that tells you you're the fairest of them all. But what if all that time you already spend in front of a mirror could actually make you the most beautiful person in the land? Many smart mirrors already make this promise, but HiMirror is the first one you can actually buy, and it costs $ 189. The secret comes in the form of a camera that takes pictures of your natural appearance to analyze your complexion (面色), before offering you tips on how to get better skin. I tried it out recently and was impressed by how many things it could do.

The 5. 5-pound mirror houses a 14-inch LCD screen and has a camera sitting in the middle of a ring flash, which helps light your face for better images. HiMirror takes a picture of your face every day to analyze your wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles and red spots. The idea is to track how your skin changes over time, and flag your so-called problems so you can take early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals. HiMirror pairs with an IOS or Android app so you can track your complexion on the go.

In addition, HiMirror will play tutorial videos on proper skin-care techniques, stream music from Spotify and show you the weather forecast and UV index for the day. You can also tell it the types of beauty products you use, so it can determine whether they've been effective in treating your target areas. Adding a product to what the company calls your "Beauty Box" simply requires holding up its bar code to the camera and scanning it. It's not clear yet how many brands and products this feature supports, but most big brands are recognized.

1.How does HiMirror work?

A. By making you the most beautiful person in the world.

B. By introducing some specialists to give you some help.

C. By recommending the types of beauty products to you.

D. By taking photos of your face to analyze your complexion

2.HiMirror tracks complexion with the help of____ .

A. a "Beauty Box" B. music from Spotify

C. the weather forecast D. an IOS Or Android app

3.The last paragraph is mainly to tell us

A. how to use HiMirror properly B. other functions HiMirror has

C. when HiMirror goes on the market D. the inspiration of designing HiMirror

4.What can be the best title for the text7

A. A magic mirror to make you beautiful

B. Some tips about using a smart mirror

C. A magic mirror to go on the market

D. Some reactions of using a smart mirror

Meaningful relationships make life more enjoyable. In order to attract an ideal mate, you'll need to spend some time preparing yourself to make sure you're ready to be in a relationship with a new person.

Define what an ideal relationship means to you. As you set out to create your ideal relationship, make sure you consider what you want from it. 1.If you want attention and

affection, look for someone who gives you that.

2. 0ften, one of the biggest things that can get in the way of your future happiness is your past. In order to move forward in your life, you need to say goodbye to anything you may be struggling with from your past. Creating an ideal relationship requires commitment to the possibilities of the future, not bitterness about the past.

Be positive. No one wants to be around someone who is bad-tempered or pessimistic all the time. 3.If you want to find an ideal relationship, try to picture the future as full of opportunities. Nobody is perfect, but being positive about yourself and your life will be attractive to potential partners.

Work towards positive changes in your life. 4.0ften, these character quirks(怪癖) are what make people lovable and memorable. Your family and friends should love you in spite of your flaws.5.Of course you shouldn't change yourself for someone else, unless it is a positive change that you want to make for yourself.

A.Let go of the past.

B.Everyone has faults.

C. Welcome your future challenges.

D. Optimism attracts more optimism.

E. Work on talking things out, even when you're upset at one another.

F. However, there are things you need to work on to attract your ideal partner.

G. If you are looking for stability and security, search for a partner with those qualities.

Unexpected Help

Last October my mother became sick. l was______that we would lose her so my husband and I made a very______decision to leave our business and home to move 280 miles where my mother was.

We left everyone without saying goodbye, fearing no one would have______our reason. We were______embarrassed too: our electricity had been shut off and rent was______. We have two boys. We got scared and just left…left our home, 85% of our belongings, and our______that we loved.

Two of them were very worried about us. calling, leaving _____and emailing. We felt so ____for what we had done. I finally. _____what we had done and were doing was very unacceptable-our friends______an explanation

So I called, and when asked______things were I just cried. We had made the biggest______ in migrating! My mother is fine now... but we are______.Our children do not like the schools, saying it is like living in a different world.______we could turn back time. We live every day not knowing where we will______.

Luckily, our friends sent a______to us for $5, 000 to help us out! _____in my life could I have ever thought anyone would do something like that for us. It was_______ and we had very little money. We can't imagine what would have happened had they not sent us that gift

They were our 66Father Christmas". _______we may never see them again, they will forever be remembered every day for what they did Never will they______my memory.

1.A. scared B. shocked C. puzzled D. determined

2.A. slow B. long C. quick D. correct

3.A. heard B. understood C. mistaken D. forgiven

4.A. mentally B. politically C. physically D. financially

5.A. up B. down C. ahead D. behind

6.A. pets B. friends C. relatives D. colleagues

7.A. cards B. messages C. reasons D. gifts

8.A. bad B. proud C. worthy D. emotional

9.A. doubted B. checked C. realized D. interpreted

10.A. lacked B. sensed C. deserved D. demanded

11.A. how B. why C. what D. where

12.A. progress B. contribution C. mistake D. breakthrough

13.A. curious B. doubtful C. painful D. ambitious

14.A. As if B. If only C. Even if D. What if

15.A. make up B. open up C. show up D. wind up

16.A. letter B. bag C. box D. check

17.A. Often B. Still C. Never D. Later

18.A. Easter B. Christmas C. Halloween D. Thanksgiving

19.A. If B. Since C. While D. When

20.A. steal B. hurt C. lose D. slip

A popular saying goes, “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” However, that’s not really true. Words have the power to build us up or tear us down. It doesn’t matter if the words come from someone else or ourselves – the positive and negative effects are just as lasting.

We all talk to ourselves sometimes. We’re usually too embarrassed to admit it, though. But we really shouldn’t be, because more and more experts believe talking to ourselves out loud is a healthy habit.

This “self-talk” helps us motivate ourselves, remember things, solves problems, and calm ourselves down. Beware, though, that as much as 77% of self-talk tends to be negative. So in order to stay positive, we should only speak words of encouragement to ourselves. We should also be quick to give ourselves a pat on the back. The next time you finish a project, do well in a test, or finally clean your room, join me in saying, “Good job!”

Words possess power because of their lasting effects. Many of us regret something we once said. And we remember unkind words said to us! Before speaking, we should always ask ourselves: Is it true? Is it loving? Is it needed? If what we want to say doesn’t pass this test, then it’s better left unsaid.

Words possess power: both positive and negative. Those around us receive encouragement when we speak positively. We can offer hope, build self-esteem(自尊) and motive others to do their best. Negative words destroy all those things. Will we use our words to hurt or to heal? The choice is ours.

1.The author argues in the first paragraph that ________.

A. words will never hurt us at all

B. words have lasting effects on us

C. positive effects last longer than negative effects

D. negative words last longer than positive effects

2.Why should we not feel embarrassed when talking to ourselves?

A. Almost everybody has the habit of talking to oneself.

B. It does harm to have “self-talk” when we are alone.

C. Talking to ourselves helps us to solve all the problems.

D. Talking to ourselves is believed to be good for our health.

3.The underlined phrase “give ourselves a pat on the back” in Paragraph 3 means _________.

A. blame ourselves B. punish ourselves

C. praise ourselves D. talk to ourselves

4.Which of the following statements would the author agree to?

A. It is better to think twice before talking to others.

B. It is impossible for unkind words to be forgotten.

C. Words always possess long positive effects.

D. Kind words are sometimes not needed at all.

“My kids really understand solar and earth-heat energy,” says a second-grade teacher in Saugus, California. “Some of them are building solar collectors for their energy course.” These young scientists are part of City Building Educational Program (CBEP), a particular program for kindergarten through twelfth grade that uses the stages of city planning to teach basic reading, writing and math skills and more.

The children don’t just plan any city. They map and analyze (分析) the housing, energy, and transportation requirements of their own district and foretell its needs in 100 years. With the aid of an architect (建筑师) who visits the classroom once a week, they invent new ways to meet these needs and build models of their creations. “Designing buildings of the future gives children a lot of freedom,’’ says the teacher who developed this program. “They are able to use their own rich imagination and inventions without fear of blame, because there are no wrong answers in a future context. In fact, as the class enters the final model-building stage of the program, an elected ‘official’ and ‘planning group’ make all the design decisions for the model city and the teacher steps back and becomes an adviser.

CBEP is a set of activities, games and imitations that teach the basic steps necessary for problem-solving: observing, analyzing, working out possible answers, and judging them based on the children’s own standards.

1.The program is designed to_________.

A. direct kids to build solar collectors

B. train young scientists for city planning

C. develop children’s problem-solving abilities

D. help young architects know more about designing.

2.An architect pays a weekly visit to the classroom to ________.

A. find out kids’ creative ideas B. help kids with their program

C. discuss with the teacher D. give children a lecture

3.Who is the designer of the program?

A. An official. B. An architect. C. A teacher. D. A scientist

4.The children feel free in the program because __________.

A. they can design future buildings themselves

B. they have new ideas and rich imagination

C. they are given enough time to design models

D. they need not worry about making mistakes

Are you nervous about climbing because you think it's too dangerous? Do you feel you're not fit enough to climb? Do you know how to start climbing?

Let's consider the idea that climbing is dangerous.Being afraid is natural, but if you use suitable ropes and other climbing equipments you will feel completely safe.Climbers are usually very careful because they know what they are doing is dangerous.Accidents happen, but when they do, they tend to attract a lot of publicity.As a result, people think there are many more accidents than there are in reality.

You cannot expect to start climbing straight away.Climbing is a challenge and challenges take time.It is necessary first of all that you achieve a good level of fitness.Begin as soon as you become interested in climbing? go to the gym, go swimming, take up jogging and continue to do so throughout your training period.

Discover as much as you can about climbing.Visit the library and find book, especially for beginners or buy climbing magazines and look for articles which describe your situation.Look up information on the Internet.Find out about equipment, methods and places to go.

Next, take a course on a climbing wall.There are plenty of climbing walls all over the country which have trained and qualified people as instructors.Call your local leisure centre to find out if there is one in your area. These training sessions are a quick way to get experience and you are likely to meet other beginners. After this, you can do an outside course of joining a club where you can meet climbers of all abilities and eventually join in group-climbing events.

At first you may not understand the importance of a good training period, but after you have completed your first climb and you are standing safely at the top of a rock feeling thrilled, then you will know it was the right thing to do.

1.The article is written by .

A. a doctor B. an experienced climber C. a beginner D. a fitness instructor

2.The writer thinks a new climber should .

A. begin by becoming fit B. have the courage to meet the challenges

C. be aware of the causes of the accidents D. do enough sports to get interested in climbing

3.By climbing walls you can .

A. join a club you like B. gain controlled experience

C. become qualified instructors D. take part in group-climbing events

4.The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph probably means .

A. the climb B. the training C. the equipment D. the achievement

NASA has opened the door to the next generation of space discovery by announcing great plans for a base for humans to live on the surface of the moon forever.

The project to build a base on the moon will begin soon after 2020, with astronauts living there within four years.

The project comes after several excellent scientists and environmentalists asked humans to look beyond Earth to ensure the survival of the species (物种).

Eventually, the moon will be a base for humans to explore the solar system and one day land on Mars.

NASA began planning for the first moon landing since 1972 when George Bush, the US president, announced his new plan for space exploration four years ago.

NASA has already talked about the design of the Orion spacecraft that will replace the old space shuttle fleet in 2010.

The plan for the moon base, however, is the first detailed explanation of how NASA intends to prepare for the first manned exploration of deep space and a possible Mars mission within 30 years.

Scientists also believe that the south pole on the moon contain rich natural gases such as the rare helium-3 that could be used as fuel for the generation of nuclear power. Besides, teams of astronauts living there for six months at a time would mine for hydrogen and oxygen to make water and possibly rocket fuel.

1.The reasons why NASA has begun the plan to explore space include the followings except ________.

A. to protect Earth

B. to explore deep space

C. to finish Mars mission

D. to show how powerful the USA is

2.In the future, when people fly to the moon, they will probably not bring with them too much ________

A. hydrogen B. food C. oxygen D. water

3.The passage mainly talks about ________.

A. the USA’s new plan for space exploration

B. how to build a base on the moon

C. why to ensure the survival of the species

D. where to get new natural resources

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