I first went to hear a live rock concert when I was eight years old. My brother and his friends were all___ of a heavy metal group called Black Wednesday. When they ____that Black Wednesday were going to perform at our local theater. They all bought ___for the performance. However, at the last minute, one of the friends couldn’t go, so my brother __ me the ticket. I was really ___!

I remember the buzz(嘈杂声)of excitement inside the theater as we all found our___.After a few minutes,the lights went down and everybody became__.I could barely make out the stage in the___.We waited. Then there was a roar from the crowd, like an explosion, as the first members of the band__the stage. My brother leaned over and shouted something in my ear, but I couldn’t___what he was saying. The first song was already starting and the music was as____as a jet engine. I could___the drum beats and the bass notes in my stomach.

I can’t recall any of the songs that the band played. I just ___that I really enjoyed the show and didn’t want it to___.But in the end, after three encores(加演), the show finished. We left the___and walked unsteadily out onto the pavement. I felt a little dizzy, as if I had just___from a long sleep. My ears were still__with the beat of the last song.

After the __, I became a Black Wednesday fan too for a few years before getting into other kinds of music. Once in a while, __, I listen to one of their songs and ____I’m back at that first show.

1.A. members B. fans C. friends D. volunteers

2.A. discovered B. thought C. predicted D. guessed

3.A. flower B. drinks C. tickets D. clothes

4.A. offered B. returned C. found D. booked

5.A. relaxed B. excited C. embarrassed D. encouraged

6.A. space B. entrance C. spots D. seats

7.A. quiet B. comfortable C. serious D. nervous

8.A. silence B. darkness C. noise D. smoke

9.A. fell upon B. got through C. stepped onto D. broke into

10.A. hear B. forget C. repeat D. bear

11.A. hard B. loud C. sweet D. fast

12.A. touch B. feel C. enjoy D. digest

13.A. remember B. understand C. believe D. realize

14.A. continue B. delay C. change D. finish

15.A. party B. opera C. theater D. stage

16.A. escaped B. traveled C. woken D. benefited

17.A. aching B. ringing C. burning D. rolling

18.A. performance B. competition C. interview D. celebration

19.A. besides B. otherwise C. instead D. though

20.A. decide B. regret C. imagine D. conclude

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