Arriving in Sydney on his own from India, my husband, Rashid, stayed in a hotel for a short time while looking for a house for me and our children.

During the first week of his stay, he went out one day to do some shopping. He came back in the late afternoon to discover that his suitcase was gone. He was extremely worried as the suitcase had all his important papers, including his passport.

He reported the case to the police and then sat there,lost and lonely in strange city, thinking of the terrible troubles of getting all the paperwork organized again from a distant country while trying to settle down in a new one.

Late in the evening, the phone rang. It was a stranger. He was trying to pronounce my husband’s name and was asking him a lot of questions. Then he said they had found a pile of papers in their trash can(垃圾桶)that had been left out on the footpath.

My husband rushed to their home to find a kind family holding all his papers and documents. Their young daughter had gone to the trash can and found a pile of unfamiliar papers. Her parents had carefully sorted them out, although they had found mainly foreign addresses on most of the documents. At last they had seen a half-written letter in the pile in which my husband had given his new telephone number to a friend.

That family not only restored the important documents to us that day but also restored our faith and trust in people. We still remember their kindness and often send a warm wish their way.

1.What did Rashid plan to do after his arrival in Sydney?

A. Go shopping B. Find a house

C. Join his family D. Take his family

2.The girl’s parents got Rashid’s phone number from_______.

A. a friend of his family B. a Sydney policeman

C. a letter in his papers D. a stranger in Sydney

3.What does the underlined word “restored” in the last paragraph mean?[

A. Showed B. Sent out

C. Delivered D. Gave back

4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A. From India to Australia. B. Living in a New Country.

C. Turning Trash to Treasure. D. In Search of New Friends.


You can't take it back,can't buy it,borrow it or use someone else's.You either have total____or it is gone.Each one of us on this earth has the same____to start with,to use or to____.Do you know what it is?

It is time,which is to do with our wishes.But art you really using your time____or are you just letting it escape through your fingers like____through your toes as you walk along the beach?

I have a friend who always____about not having enough time to start a new business.But why doesn't he have time?Is it because he spends too much time at work or he is totally involved in____activities when he gets home?I could____.completely why he has no available time to pursue even the planning of a new____if this was the case. But____,none of this is true.

This is a man who does not spend hours at home participating in all kinds of activities.____,this is a man who comes home every evening to eat and then to sit in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.He spends his weekends doing nothing but____TV or visit with friends.Do you think he has time available?

He has the time available if he chooses to____it.However,he chooses to waste it.Does he have a strong____to actually start planning and taking action to begin a new business?No.And,with his current____,do you think he could actually make a success of his business?____.Why?Put simply,it is because running your own business takes a great deal of effort and a huge amount of____.

Time is not your enemy;passion and perseverance are____for success.If you want life lo roll by without ____ anything you want,simply keep____your time.You will never get it back.

1.A. duty B. fun C. control D. freedom

2.A. period B. attitude C. amount D. way

3.A. pay off B. give away C. move off D. throw away

4.A. efficiently B. frequently C. slowly D. immediately

5.A. rocks B. sand C. fish D. beans

6.A. sets B. writes C. dreams D. complains

7.A. family B. government C. group D. school

8.A. discover B. understand C. believe D. wonder

9.A. factory B. year C. friend D. business

10.A. sadly B. uneasily C. excitedly D. hopefully

11.A. Anyway B. Instead C. Moreover D. Therefore

12.A. watch B. buy C. invent D. broadcast

13.A. make B. use C. produce D. wait

14.A. voice B. body C. face D. desire

15.A. fault B. degree C. attitude D. plan

16.A. Gradually B. Unlikely C. Probably D. Wonderfully

17.A. trouble B. exercise C. furniture D. time

18.A. noted B. ready C. necessary D. bad

19.A. observing B. testing C. recording D. achieving

20.A. moving B. wasting C. changing D. saving

One day, a professor entered the classroom and asked his students to prepare for a surprise test. They waited anxiously at their desks for the test to begin. The professor _____________the question papers, with the text facing down as usual. ___he handed them all out, he asked his students to ___the page and begin. To everyone's surprise, there were no ___just a black dot (点) in the center of the page. The professor, seeing the expression on everyone's face, told them the following:

“I want you to write what you ___there.”

The students, ___, got started on the inexplicable (令人费解的) task.

At the end of the class, the professor ___all the answer papers and started reading each one of them aloud in front of all the students. All of them, with no ___, described the black dot, trying to explain its position in the middle of the sheet, etc. After all had been ___, the classroom was silent, the professor began to explain:

"I'm not going to grade this. I ___wanted to give you something to think about. No one wrote about the __ part of the paper. Everyone focused on the black dot, and the same happens in our __. We have a white paper to observe and __, but we always focus on the dark spots. Our life is a __ given to us with love and care and we always have ____to celebrate: nature renewing itself every day, our friends around us, the job that ____ our livelihood(生计) and the miracles we see every day.

__, we insist on focusing only on the dark spots: the health issues that bother us, the lack of money, the ___relationship with colleagues, the ___with a friend, and etc.

The dark spots are very ___compared to everything we have in our lives, but they are the ones that pollute our minds. "

1.A. handed out B. turned up C. referred to D. pointed at

2.A. Since B. Until C. If D. After

3.A. fold B. turn C. open D. use

4.A. exercises B. choices C. questions D. excuses

5.A. .remember B. imagine C. study D. see

6.A. surprised B. confused C. curious D. displeased

7.A. collected B. finished C. marked D. selected

8.A. excuse B. doubt C. exception D. explanation

9.A. said B. answered C. returned D. read

10.A. also B. just C. even D. finally

11.A. big B. black C. beautiful D. white

12.A. lives B. classrooms C. colleges D. studies

13.A. send B. keep C. enjoy D. show

14.A. burden B. gift C. pressure D. lesson

15.A. reasons B. time C. freedom D. festivals

16.A. threatens B. ruins C. provides D. changes

17.A. However B. Therefore C. Besides D. Moreover

18.A. close B. complicate C. special D. strong

19.A. stay B. contact C. satisfaction D. disappointment

20.A. dark B. round C. small D. dirty

Jackson Language School Summer

Opening and Closing Times

The Jackson Language School is open each day except Sunday. There is an English Corner also available from 6:00pm—9:00pm at the Bellevue Hall across from the school.

Class Size

Classes have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 in one class. Classes are equipped with earphones and an electronically controlled listening.


Teachers are all experienced and have a minimum of 2 years experience and at least a certificate(资格证) in teaching English as a Second Language. They are all available for tutoring if you need it.


The school is located 15 minutes from central London at 34 Inverleith Row, next to the Marks and Spencer shopping Centre. It is near a bus shop and only a 5 minutes walk from the Tube.


Students on student visas are expected to attend regularly. Students who are absent more than 60% of the time will be reported to the Student Office. Moreover, if students attend less than 80%, they will not be able to get a certificate form Jackson School. It is also required by the Student Office for visa extension.

Home stay

You are able to stay with a British family if you request so. Jackson has a home stay program that matches students and families according to their own requirements and needs. While generally no problems occur, students may move from a home stay household if he or she gives a 2-week written notice to the home stay family school.

Language Policy

As the course is an immersion (浸入式)program, students are expected to speak English the entire time they are at the school. If they speak any language other than English at the school, they may be asked to leave the school for a day.

1.If you attend more than 80% of your classes, ______.

A. you will be likely to get a certificate

B. you will not obtain a visa extension

C. you may be reported to the Student Office

D. you may not he able to get a certificate

2.The students are expected to speak English______

A. part of the time while at Jackson

B. the entire time they are at the school

C. no matter when they want to

D. when they are in home stay family

3.At Jackson School, ______.

A. you can’t move out of a home stay family

B. you can’t take part in an English Corner.

C. you can turn to a tutor when necessary

D. you can study in a class less than 10 students.

As computers become more popular in China,Chinese people are increasingly depending on computer keyboards to input Chinese characters.But if they use the computer too much,they may end up forgetting the exact strokes of each Chinese character when writing on paper.Experts suggest people,especially students,write by hand more.

Do you write by hand more or type more?In Beijing,students start using a computer as early as primary school. And computer dependence is more widely spread among university students.Almost all their assignment and essays are typed on a computer.

All the students interviewed say they usually use a computer.

It’s faster and easier to correct if using a computer.And that’s why computers are being applied more and more often to modern education.But when people are taking stock in computers increasingly,problems appear.

“When I’m writing with a pen,I find I often can’t remember how to write a character,though I feel I’m familiar with it.”

“I’m not in the mood to write when faced with a pen and paper.”

Many students don’t feel this is something to worry about.Now that it’s more convenient and efficient to write on a computer,why bother to handwrite?

Many educators think differently.Shi Liwei,headmaster of a famous primary school in the capital said,“Chinese characters enjoy both practical and aesthetic value.But those characters typed with computer keyboards only maintain their practical value.All the artistic beauty of the characters is lost.And handwriting contains the writer’s emotion. Through one’s handwriting,people can get to know one’s thinking and personality.Beautiful writing will give people a better first impression of them.”

To encourage students to handwrite more,many primary schools in Beijing have made writing classes compulsory(必修的)and in universities,some professors are asking students to turn in their homework and essays written by hand.

1.The underlined expression “taking stock in” in paragraph 4 probably means .

A. getting bored with B. getting dependent on

C. becoming crazy about D. getting curious about

2.The students interviewed prefer to write using a computer mainly because .

A. they can correct the mistakes they make quickly and conveniently

B. they are usually asked to e-mail their homework and essays

C. they find it not easy to remember how to write a character

D. computers have become a trend and fashion in China

3.Which of the following statement is NOT true of the advantage of handwriting?

A. Handwriting contains the writer’s emotions.

B. Chinese characters enjoy both practical and aesthetic value.

C. Handwriting can impress people well and build one’s self-confidence.

D. The writer’s thinking and personality are shown in his or her handwriting

4.Which of the following can best serve as the title of the passage?

A. To Type or to Handwrite.

B. The Importance of Handwriting and Typing.

C. Writing by Computer Will Replace Writing by Hand.

D. Practical and Aesthetic Value of Chinese Characters.

It was a cold morning and there was almost nobody walking on the icy road. James, an elderly man, walked with great _______ on the road. As is well—known to us, aging is something that everybody must _______. Both his eyesight and _______ failed. Just as he was _______ his steps cautiously, a _______ was approaching by and sent him falling into the ditch(小水坑) by the road. _______ what had happened, the driver was scared but he didn’t _______.

On the contrary, he fled away in no time. _______ and overweight James was _______ injured and he couldn’t move a bit. He could only lie there __________, hoping __________ kind man could aid him. Cold and injured, James gradually lost his __________. About 10 minutes later, another car __________ near. When the driver, Steven, saw someone lying in the ditch by the roadside, he __________ stopped and went out of the car. He put one finger in front of James’s nose and __________the breath, knowing he was still living. He shouldered him up and carried him into his car.

Having wrapped a __________ blanket around James, he took off his own coat and covered James. After that he __________ for the nearby hospital. Because of the warmth of the blanket and Steven’s coat, James slowly __________ life. Knowing it was the young man who had saved him, he erupted into tears,saying “Thank you, kind boy! __________you I would have died! ” __________ for Steven it is a small case, we should always remember these who have helped us when we are in great need.

1.A. care B. patience C. force D. strength

2.A. fight B. think C. learn D. experience

3.A. sense B. ability C. hearing D. appearance

4.A. noticing B. minding C. seeing D. witnessing

5.A. man B. car C. horse D. train

6.A. Frightening B. Feeling C. Conducting D. Observing

7.A. pick up B. pull over C. go over D. cut down

8.A. Poor B. Excited C. Strong D. Frightened

9.A. greatly B. badly C. slightly D. sharply

10.A. quiet B. still C. calm D. safe

11.A. every B. other C. some D. another

12.A. consciousness B. life C. way D. concept

13.A. pulled B. pushed C. dragged D. drew

14.A. immediately B. unwillingly C. bravely D. suddenly

15.A. touched B. felt C. smelt D. confirmed

16.A. warm B. beautiful C. cold D. elegant

17.A. set B. headed C. ran D. rowed

18.A. gave back B. got up C. came to D. looked around

19.A. Without B. With C. For D. Besides

20.A. When B. As C. Because D. While

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