The Winner's Guide to Success

Do you know what makes people successful? To find out the answers, an American reporter recently visited some of the most successful people around the world.1.

●Be responsible for yourself.

Sometimes you may want to blame others for your failure to get ahead. In fact, when you say someone or something apart from yourself is stopping you from making success, you're giving away your own power.2.

●Write a plan.

It is very difficult to try to get what you want without a good plan. It is just like trying to drive through strange roads to a city far away. 3.Without this "map", you may waste your time, money and also your energy; while with the "map", you'll enjoy the "trip" and get what you want in the shortest possible time.?

● 4.

Nothing great is easy to get. So you must be ready to work hard—even harder than you have ever done. If you are not willing to pay the price, you won't get anything valuable.?

●Never give up.

5.When you are doing something, you must tell yourself again and again: Giving up is worse than failure because failure can be the mother of success, but giving up means the death of hope.

A. A good plan is like a map to you.

B. It seems to us that everyone knows this, but it is easier said than done.

C. Some people achieve success much later in life because they didn't work hard earlier.

D. You're saying, "You have more control over my life than I do."

E. Here are some keys to success that they give.

F. Someone else's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality.

G. Be willing to pay the price.


Last weekend I visited Rome for the first time. I spent three busy days in the Italian capital, seeing lots of tourist attractions and walking down streets lit with Christmas decorations. There are a lot of things I love about the city.

Rome is one of the most ancient cities in the world and is full of wonderful relics(遗迹)from its distant past. These monuments include the Roman Forum and the vast Coliseum where gladiators used to fight each other until death and hunt animals coming from another country. The ruins of buildings and temples are fascinating: you can't quite believe how old they are.

I studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance period at university and was very excited to see them in real life. I walked around the museum in Vatican City and saw plenty of famous sculptures(雕塑). The best part of the visit was, without doubt, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted in the early 16th century by the great Michelangelo. It was so breathtaking that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it.

In Rome, there is a lot of food on offer for tourists but some of it isn’t very good quality. I made an effort to find authentic restaurants to taste the popular meals of the region, like pasta with tomato, onion and bacon. I also loved eating ice cream and hot chocolate under the Christmas lights.

Rome has not only lots of luxury boutiques(精品店)but also plenty of shops that were more in my price range! It was a perfect opportunity to go and buy presents for my family and friends. There was also a Christmas market, where I bought a sparkly decoration for the tree.

1.The underlined word “gladiators” in the 2nd paragraph probably means “_____”.

A. athletes B. butchers

C. invaders D. fighters

2.The author found the ruins of buildings and temples fascinating because _____.

A. they represent Rome's religion

B. they are relics from Rome's distant past

C. you can't help wondering how old they are

D. they include the Roman Forum and the vast Coliseum

3.What is mainly discussed in the 3rd paragraph?

A. The great museums of Italy.

B. The sculptures in Rome.

C. Art-related activities during the visit.

D. The achievements of the Renaissance period in Italy.

4.When visiting Rome, you should be careful in choosing ______.

A. the attractions B. the food

C. the hotels D. the luxury boutiques

San Francisco Fire Engine Tours

San Francisco Winery Tour

Running: February 1st through April 30th

This delicious tour goes through the city on its way to Treasure Island where we will stop at the famous Winery SF. Here you can enjoy 4 pours of some of the best wine San Francisco has to offer.(Included in tickets price)

Departing from the Cannery: Tell time upon request.

Duration(时长):2 hours

Price: $90

Back to the Fifties Tour

Running: August 16th through August 31st

This tour transports you back in time to one of San Francisco’s most fantastic periods, the 1950s! Enjoy fun history as we take you through San Francisco for a free taste of ice cream.

Departing form the Cannery 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Duration:2 hours


Spooky Halloween Tour

Running: October 10th through October 31st

Join us for a ride through the historical Presidio district .Authentic fire gear (服装)is provided for your warmth as our entertainers take you to some of the most thrilling parts of San Francisco

Departing from the Cannery:6:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Duration :1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: Available upon request

Holiday Lights Tour

Running: December 6th through December 23nd

This tractive four takes you to some of San Francis’s most cheerful holiday scenes. Authentic fire gear is provided for your warmth as you get into the holiday spirit.

Departing from the Cannery 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm

Duration: I hour and 30 minutes

Advance reservations required.

1.Which of the tours is available in March?

A. San Francisco Winery Tour.

B. Back to the Fifties Tour.

C. Spooky Hallowen Tour.

D. Holiday Lights Tour.

2.What can tourists do on Back to the Fifties Tours?

A. Go to Treasure Island.

B. Enjoy the holiday scenes.

C. Have free ice cream.

D. Visit the Presidio district.

3.What are tourists required to do to go on Holiday Lights Tour?

A. Take some drinks.

B. Set off early in the morning.

C. Wear warm clothes.

D. Make reservations in advance.

Students who say they never or hardly ever use dictionaries often speak English well but usually write poorly, because they make many mistakes.

The students who use dictionaries most do not learn especially well either. The ones who look up every new word do not read fast. Therefore they do not have time to read much. Those who use small two-language dictionaries have the worst problems. Their dictionaries often give only one or two words as translations of English. But one English word often has many translations in a foreign language and one foreign word has many translations in English.

The most successful students are those who use large college edition dictionaries with about 100,000 words but do not use them too often. When they are reading, these students first try to get the general idea and understand new words from the context(上下文语境). Then they reread and use the dictionary to look up only key words that they still do not understand. They use dictionaries more for writing. If they are not sure how to spell a word, or divide it into syllables (音节), they always use a dictionary. Also, if they think a noun might have an unusual plural form(复数形式), they check these in a dictionary.

1.The writer thinks that ___________.

A. choose a good dictionary, and you’ll be successful in learning English

B. dictionaries are not necessary to the students who learn English

C. it is very important for students to use good dictionaries properly

D. using dictionaries very often can’t help to improve writing

2.According to the passage, which of the following is wrong?

A. Dictionaries have little effect on learning to speak English.

B. Whatever new words you meet while reading, never use dictionaries.

C. Small two-language dictionaries have serious defects (缺陷).

D. Reading something for the first time, you’d better not use dictionaries.

3.When in the reading does the writer advise students to use a good dictionary?

A. At the beginning of the reading

B. At the end of the reading

C. During the first reading

D. After the first reading

4.This passage mainly tells us _____________.

A. students shouldn’t use small two-language dictionaries

B. what were the defects of small two-language dictionaries

C. why students should use large college edition dictionaries

D. what dictionary students should choose and how to use it

Shopping is a big part of the holiday season,when families and friends gather together and exchange gifts.While the popularity of shopping online has grown,such practices are not always eco-friendly or timely,as gifts bought online must be packaged and shipped,wasting valuable resources and time.

The benefits of shopping locally go beyond convenience and reduce your carbon footprint.The following are a few ways that shopping locally this holiday season can directly benefit your community and the people who call it home.

When men and women shop locally,they are putting money back into their local communities.Local businesses may be owned by your neighbors,and it can be comforting to know that your holiday shopping dollars are going to support a neighbor instead of a large company.Local businesses also employ your neighbors,so shopping locally can strengthen the local economy by creating jobs.

Local businesses go a long way toward creating a neighborhood identity,and that identity can create a stronger sense of community among you and your neighbors.In addition,a unique community identity can make your town more attractive to outsiders,and can also attract more people to local businesses in your neighborhood.

The gifts you buy when shopping locally can also benefit your community.Gifts purchased from small local businesses tend to be more unique than items bought from national chains,as smaller retailers tend to sell more home-made items than their national competitors.Recipients of such items may find such gifts more thoughtful than mass produced items bought from national chains.

The accessibility of customer service is another benefit of shopping locally.When you buy something from national chains,especially during the holiday season when such businesses may have to deal with orders,making contact with customer service departments can be a test of patience.A long wait on the phone or online can make the process of contacting customer service departments extremely frustrating.But such frustration is rare when shopping from local businesses,as consumers can simply buy their products in the store.In addition,shopping locally makes it more convenient for friends and family members who also live in your community to return their gifts.

1.The author referred to shopping online in the passage to .

A. imply it is convenient to shop online

B. show it has been popular with the public

C. imply shopping locally is better than that

D. tell people they should stop wasting resources

2.It can be inferred from the third paragraph that .

A. local businesses are in poor management

B. shopping locally can help some people get jobs

C. a large company usually gains much profit

D. few people support local businesses

3.If people love the products from a local business, .

A. the business will raise the price of its products

B. the products will be sold in the distant places

C. it will help develop the community a lot

D. the community will turn into a tourist destination

4.What does the underlined word “Recipients” mean in the passage?

A. The persons who receive something.

B. The persons who donate something.

C. The persons who sell something.

D. The persons who purchase something.

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