Tammy’s body was shaking! Today was her first trip to the dentist. She didn’t know what to expect.

What would happen? Would it hurt? Would she shout?

Mom said it wasn’t scary at all, but Tammy didn’t know. How bad would it be? The dentist would clean her teeth. Then he would take pictures of her teeth to see if they were rotten (腐烂的).

That didn’t sound too bad. She cleaned her teeth at home already. She liked to smile. She wanted clean teeth and didn’t want rotten teeth. Pictures and cleaning sounded OK with her.

At the office, many people were waiting. There was a fish tank (鱼缸) to look at and magazines to read. She chose a magazine and found it interesting. She didn’t have to wait long, though. Soon it was her turn.

The dentist was a kind, old man. He smiled and Tammy sat in a special chair. There were lots of lights and tools (工具). It didn’t make her comfortable when she opened her mouth. He looked really closely. He cleaned her teeth carefully and then took pictures of her teeth. Then she was done.

That was it? That wasn’t that scary. The dentist told her that she needed to come back again in six months.

“Sure. I will. I can come by myself!” Tammy smiled.

1.From the three questions in Paragraph 1, we can know Tammy was _______.

A.bored B.worried C.surprised

2.What did Tammy do when she waited at the office?

A.She watched fish. B.She read a magazine. C.She talked with her mom.

3.Tammy didn’t feel comfortable when she _______.

A.saw the tools B.saw the chair C.opened her mouth

4.As for the next meeting with the dentist, Tammy planned to come _______.

A.alone B.the next month C.the next week

5.What’s the best title for the passage?

A.A long wait B.First trip to the dentist C.Tammy’s questions

Alice is only 6 years old. She comes from the USA. She is very brave and smart.

Alice woke up at 4 o’clock last Sunday morning. Suddenly, she smelled something strange. She looked around and found that the kitchen was on fire. Her parents were still sleeping. She went to wake them up as quickly as she could. Then, she made a phone call to the fire station. At that time, the smoke became thicker and thicker and they could only stay in the bedroom. Her father tried hard to take some wet towels (毛巾) out of the washroom. And then he asked Alice and her mother to cover their mouths and noses with the wet towels, lie down on the floor and wait for the firefighters (消防员). Several minutes later, the firefighters arrived. They put out the fire in time.

“My daughter did what I taught her. She kept calm (平静的) and was brave when she found the fire. She saved the lives of our family. She is really great. We’re proud of her,” said Alice’s father. Now, Alice is heroine (女英雄) in many people’s heart.

1.How old is Alice?


2.What were her parents doing when Alice found the fire?


3.Where could the girl’s family only stay when the smoke became thicker and thicker?


4.Did the firefighters put out the fire?


5.Why were Alice’s parents proud of her?



People do volunteer work for many reasons. Let’s look at several top reasons. After each reason, there is an example. Check (打上钩) the box if the example matches (与…相一致) what you want to get from the volunteer experience:

You want to help in a place which is important to you. For example, you might choose to clean up the city parks because you want them to be better places.

You want to meet others. When I moved to the town I now live in, I volunteered at my son’s school because I wanted to meet other people with their children.

You want to learn something new. 我的儿子过去很喜欢戏剧,但是他害怕上台。After watching so many plays on stage (在舞台上)by others, he now volunteers for one theater.他想得到一些训练并且慢慢地学到舞台经验。

Which did you check? Your reason or reasons for becoming a volunteer will help guide you along your way. Maybe you didn’t check any. That is fine. There are other reasons why you want to become a volunteer. Although everyone has his or her own reason, becoming a volunteer will open a new door for us and may change our life, and you will feel like you really make a difference!






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