Whenever Michael Carl, the fashion market director at Vanity Fair, goes out to dinner with friends, he plays something called the phone pile game: Everyone places their _______ in the middle of the table; whoever looks at their device(设备) before the check arrives _______ for dinner.

Brandon Holley, the former editor of Lucky magazine, had trouble _______ her mobile phone when she got home from work. So about six months ago, she _______ putting her phone into a milk tin the moment she walked in. It remains there until after dinner.

And Mare Jacobs, the fashion designer, didn’t _______ to sleep close to a noisy phone. So he _______ computers and phones from his bedroom—a house rule he _______ with audiences during a screening of his film Disconnect.

As smartphones _______ to make their way into our lives, and wearable devices like Google Glass _______ our personal space even further, users say these disconnecting ________ are improving their relationships—and their brains.

“Disconnect is something that we all ________,” Lesley M.M.Blume, a New York writer, told the New York Times. “The expectation that we must always be ________ to everyone...creates a real problem in trying to ________ private time. But that private time is more important than ever.”

A popular, method for ________ is to choose a box for your cellphone, like Ms.Holley. “________ my phone is lighting up, it’s still a distraction(分心的事物), so it goes in the ________.” she said.

Others choose new ________. “No screens after 11 pm.” said Ari Melber, a TV host. “I found the evenings were more ________, and I was sleeping better.” he said.

“Sleep is a big factor, which is why Peter Som, a fashion designer, doesn’t want to sleep ________ something that is full of photos and emails.” said Mr. Som, who keeps his phone charging in the living room overnight. It ________ a head?clearer.

1.A. wallets B. handbags C. watches D. phones

2.A. pays B. waits C. prepares D. reaches

3.A. examining B. ignoring C. charging D. finding

4.A. stopped B. forgot C. began D. suggested

5.A. hate B. want C. expect D. refuse

6.A. banned B. lost C. collected D. adjusted

7.A. talked B. agreed C. provided D. shared

8.A. intend B. choose C. continue D. happen

9.A. defend B. threaten C. improve D. occupy

10.A. techniques B. practices C. manners D. achievements

11.A. learn B. consider C. accept D. need

12.A. dependable B. available C. convenient D. appealing

13.A. figure out B. save up C. set aside D. take up

14.A. connecting B. distributing C. entertaining D. disconnecting

15.A. Unless B. If C. Since D. Although

16.A. box B. room C. pocket D. bag

17.A. games B. orders C. steps D. rules

18.A. flexible B. urgent C. relaxing D. upsetting

19.A. far from B. next to C. beyond D. within

20.A. definitely B. rarely C. finally D. originally

1.Ensure passport is valid.

Passports are required for travel to the U.S.and must be valid for the entirety of the traveler’s stay.

2.Complete the application for a tourist visa,Form DS?160.

This is an online form available through the U.S.Department of State.

3.Print the DS?160 confirmation page.

After successfully completing the application,the applicant will receive a confirmation with a 10?digit barcode.Take a printout of this page.This page is required to schedule a visa interview.

4.Upload a digital photograph.

The DS?160 application requires the applicant to upload a digital photograph that meets the following requirements:

The digital photograph must be a square.

Minimum dimensions must be 600 pixels by 600 pixels.

Maximum dimensions must be 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels.

Image must be in color.

Image must be in the JPEG format.

File size of the image must be less than or equal to 240 kilobytes.

5.Pay the application fee for the B?2 tourist visa.

The fee can be paid electronically as a bank transfer or in cash at designated(指定的) bank branches.

6.Make an appointment for the visa interview.

After paying the application fee,the applicant will have to schedule two appointments as part of the tourist visa process:

The first appointment is at the Offsite Facilitation Center(OFC) to provide biometrics information,which includes fingerprinting and photograph.

The second appointment is with the consulate(领事馆) or embassy for a personal visa interview.

7.Complete the visa fingerprinting at an OFC.

This appointment should be scheduled at least a day or two before the interview at the consulate.As part of this appointment,the applicant’s digital photograph and fingerprints will be taken.

8.Attend the visa interview at the designated U.S.consulate or embassy on the day and time the appointment.

The applicant brings the following to the visa interview:

Passport (and old passports if any)

Passport?style photograph

The DS?160 confirmation page

Visa application fee receipts

Interview appointment letter

Supporting documents

9.Receive a B?2 visa and travel to the U.S.

If the interview goes well,the consular officer will approve the visa application and give the applicant a B?2 visa.

1.The passage mainly focuses on .

A. how to apply for a U.S.tourist visa

B. strict process of passport application

C. making preparations for visa documents

D. the U.S.tourist advertisement of applying for visa

2.What are applicants required to do when applying for B?2 visa?

A. Complete the visa fingerprinting after the interview.

B. Pay the application fee only through bank transfer electronically.

C. Print out Form DS?160.

D. Attend a personal visa interview.

Dubai is one of the economically richest places in the world. With its numerous malls, hotels, resorts and beautiful beaches, Dubai has always been a popular holiday destination. This city was visited by around 5 million tourists each year. The government wanted to increase this number to 15 million. However, there was a shortcoming in this plan. Dubai had only 45 miles of coastline, which was nowhere enough for so many people. To handle this issue, an island that looked like a palm tree was built in 2006 and named the Palm Jumeirah.

The plan for the island was extraordinary. It was to host several hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and homes. Although the initial plan was to build the island from concrete, a decision was taken to create it from sand, so as to give it a natural look.

To make sure that this project was a success, the best engineers from across the world were employed. Engineers from Holland formed the majority in this group. To begin with, the engineers calculated the strength of storms at sea, and also the expected amount of rise in water levels due to global warming. And then they found that the proposed location for the island was neither very wide nor deep.

One of the difficulties encountered by the engineers was to put sand on the seabed to create the breakwater(防波堤), protecting the Plam Jumeirah from tidal forces. Finding the right sand for the project was a difficult task, as the sand from Dubai’s deserts was too fine. Instead, sand from the sea was used, as it was coarser(粗糙) and more water?resistant in nature. Once the breakwater was built, construction of the island began.

The Palm Jumeirah is really an impressive feat(伟绩) of engineering. However, the project is so large that it may have changed the ecology of the region. In addition, large quantities of money and resources go into sustaining the island, which is a major concern at the moment. Only time will tell if building the Palm Jumeirah is actually a good decision.

1.The first paragraph is intended to show ________.

A. the geographical features of Dubai

B. Dubai’s plan to attract more tourists

C. the reason for building the Palm Jumeirah

D. Dubai’s difficulty in developing the tourism industry

2.To build the island, the engineers ________.

A. overcame a number of challenges

B. were sent to Holland to receive training

C. did research on the formation of storms at sea

D. found the proper location for the island accidentally

3.What is the author’s attitude towards the construction of the Palm Jumeirah?

A. Positive. B. Objective.

C. Indifferent. D. Negative.

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