The Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University have turned an electric car into a mobile

laboratory named “Drive LAB” in order to understand the challenges faced by older drivers and to discover where the key stress points are.

Research shows that giving up driving is one of the key reasons for a fall in health and well-being among older people, leading to them becoming more isolated(隔绝) and inactive.

Led by Professor Phil Blythe, the Newcastle team are developing in-vehicle technologies for older drivers which they hope could help them to continue driving into later life.

These include custom-made navigation(导航) tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations. Phil Blythe explains: “For many older people, particularly those living alone or in the country, driving is important for preserving their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others.”

“But we all have to accept that as we get older our reactions slow down and this often results in people avoiding any potentially challenging driving conditions and losing confidence in their driving skills. The result is that people stop driving before they really need to.”

Dr Amy Guo, the leading researcher on the older driver study, explains, “The Drive LAB is helping us to understand what the key stress points and difficulties are for older drivers and how we might use technology to address these problems.

“For example, most of us would expect older drivers always go slower than everyone else but surprisingly, we found that in 30mph zones they struggled to keep at a constant speed and so were more likely to break the speed limit and be at risk of getting fined. We’re looking at the benefits of systems which control their speed as a way of preventing that.

“We hope that our work will help with technological solutions(解决方案)to ensure that older drivers stays after behind the wheel.”

1.What is the purpose of the Drive LAB?

A. To explore new means of transport. B. To design new types of cars.

C. To find out older driver’s problems. D. To teach people traffic rules.

2.Why is driving important for older people according to Phil Blythe?

A. It keeps them independent. B. It helps them save time.

C. It builds up their strength. D. It cures their mental illnesses.

3.What do researchers hope to do for older drivers?

A. Improve their driving skills. B. Develop driver-assist technologies.

C. Provide tips on repairing their cars. D. Organize regular physical checkups.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. A New Model Electric Car B. A Solution to Traffic Problem

C. Driving Service for Elders D. Keeping Older Drivers on the Road

Reading is really a good way to improve ourselves. 1. If you don’t believe me, please consider these reasons to read more books.

1. You will optimize your brain power.

2. Unlike watching television, which requires no thought process, reading is an active learning experience that will keep your mind sharp(even in old age).


If you’re looking for entertainment on a budget, you can’t beat books. Thanks to the popularity of electronic reading devices like the Kindle and re-selling websites like eBay, it’s never been easier to entertain yourself for hours at a time, for the low cost of a few dollars.

3. You will reduce stress and get into a good night’s sleep.

Exposing yourself to artificial light on your cellphone or TV reduces your body’s production of melatonin (褪黑激素), which can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. 4. Just replace that with a good book, which is a much better sleep-friendly alternative.

4. You will change your life.

I firmly believe that if it were not for books, I wouldn’t have achieved so much in my life; nor would I have the knowledge, imagination or creativity that I depend on as a writer, business owner, and coach.

Do you have the desire to read books now?5.

A. You will entertain yourself at any time.

B. You will entertain yourself at a low price.

C. The more books you read, the better your life will be.

D. This shouldn’t come as a shock, but studies suggest reading makes you smart.

E. I hope these reasons encourage you to unlock your potential with the power of reading.

F. You should know that it is wise to keep a book in your purse or car at all times.

G. You would be wise to cut off all electronics at least an hour before bed.

In 1973, I was teaching elementary school. Each day, 27 kids _________“The Thinking Laboratory.” That was the ___________ students voted for after deciding that “Room 104” was too _________.

Freddy was an average ___________, but not an average person. He had the rare balance of fun and compassion(同情). He would _________ the loudest over fun and be the saddest over anyone’s _________.

Before the school year___________,I gave the kids a special _____________, T-shirts with the words “Verbs Are Your_________ ” on them. I had advised the kids that while verbs(动词)may seem dull, most of the________ things they do throughout their lives will be verbs.

Through the years, I’d run into former students who would provide __________ on old classmates. I learned that Freddy did several jobs after his ________ from high school and remained the same ________ person I met forty years before. Once, while working overnight at a store, he let a homeless man ________in his truck. Another time, he ________a friend money to buy a house.

Just last year, I was __________ a workshop when someone knocked at the classroom door. A woman __________ the interruption and handed me an envelope. I stopped teaching and __________ it up. Inside were the “Verbs” shirt and a __________ from Freddy’s mother. “Freddy passed away on Thanksgiving. He wanted you to have this.”

I told the story to the class. As sad as it was, I couldn’t help smiling. Although Freddy was taken from us, we all__________something from Freddy.

1.A. built B. entered C. decorated D. ran

2.A. name B. rule C. brand D. plan

3.A. small B. dark C. strange D. dull

4.A. scholar B. student C. citizen D. worker

5.A. speak B. sing C. question D. laugh

6.A. misfortune B. disbelief C. dishonesty D. mistake

7.A. changed B. approached C. returned D. ended

8.A. lesson B. gift C. report D. message

9.A. friends B. Awards C. Masters D. Tasks

10.A. simple B. unique C. fun D. clever

11.A. assessments B. comments C. instructions D. updates

12.A. graduation B. retirement C. separation D. resignation

13.A. daring B. modest C. caring D. smart

14.A. wait B. sleep C. study D. live

15.A. paid B. charged C. lent D. owed

16.A. observing B. preparing C. designing D. conducting

17.A. regretted B. avoided C. excused D. ignored

18.A. opened B. packed C. gave D. held

19.A. picture B. bill C. note D. diary

20.A. chose B. took C. expected D. borrowed

Community Service Award

What do you do make your community a better place?How has volunteering changed you and he way you view he world?Write an essay describing your experiences and be recognized for all that you do.You can also give a description of the special person you meet during your volunteering and you’ll always remember and give him/her the chance to be recognized in a national magazine,Teen Ink!


Each year at least two teens are honored for outstanding service to their community by Teen Ink.Contest winners receive $100 for their favorite charity and a copy of the magazine featuring their winning essay.Plus,they’ll have the opportunity to choose from an exciting selection of Teen Ink merchandise(商品)—clothing and other items—available only from Teen Ink.


Teen Ink will only consider original essays written by teens.Essays should be between 150 and 1,000 words.

Share a moving experience.Tell us about someone special you met through volunteer work.Describe what you do and why it’s important to you.Give examples and remember to use as much detail as possible.For more suggestions on how to write a winning essay,see our Community Service Writing Tips.

Submit entries through our website.All community service-related pieces submitted to Teen Ink are automatically considered for the contest.See our submission guidelines for more information.


There are no deadlines for this contest.Entries are considered for publication in Teen Ink magazine and online throughout the year.Winners will be announced after the June issue is published.

Here’s how you can reach us:

Our mailing address: Teen In box 30 Newton,Ma 02461

Phone number: (617) 964-6800.

Main email address:

1.Who can have the chance to win Community Service Award?

A. Volunteers for the community service.

B. Special people organizing the contest.

C. All the readers of a national magazine.

D. Somebody viewing the world differently.

2.What can we know about the awards from the text?

A. The awards are randomly distributed.

B. The awards are offered by the magazine.

C. Winners can get a copy of the magazine every year.

D. The merchandise in Teen Ink is only available to the winners.

3.What is the requirement of the essay for the contest?

A. It should be originally written by teens in England.

B. It should tell readers a special volunteer.

C. It should give examples and details.

D. It should be submitted before June.

Lately,my 90-year-old mom has been more and more quiet and sleepy.This is very odd and disturbing.At the same time,my 92-year-old father has been suffering his own health problems.It is terrible to see my father struggle to get her to talk,say something,when she doesn’t have the energy.

The other day,I recalled how my mother used to visit a woman named Mrs.Demopolis,a Greek immigrant,who made the best baklava(果仁饼)!She gave lessons on baking hem to my mother.Also,my mom used to bake baklava often for a time and that was absolute pleasure.As I spoke of this over the phone,my silent mom cheered up and said how much she’d like o have one again.

Now,they live in Florida and I like in Wales,UK with my husband and children,so I can’t go and bring her some baklava or even make some in her kitchen.But what I did suggest was that my father or sister should buy some baklava at a Greek Restaurant and I should do she same,and wouldn’t it be fun to eat our baklava at exactly the same time and so,be together sharing the moment and the pleasure?Both parents loved the idea and we decided to do it.It was lovely to hear a little happiness in her voice.

Tow days later we both had our baklava and shared the experience.It meant a lot to my parents,and to me,to do this.My mother said she wants to do this again,maybe with another food or even baklava again! Why not?And as she only keeps losing weight instead of gaining,it is good for her to find foods that appeal to her appetite.It is becoming harder to find ways to communicate over the phone,but this was this was at least a very good way to do so.And it was nice,as well,to remind us of pleasant memories of our past.

1.What has mainly worried the author lately?

A. Her father is suffering from illness.

B. Her mother is becoming less active.

C. Her mother refuses to talk with her father.

D. She has difficulty helping her sick parents.

2.What did the author suggest to please her mother?

A. Mrs Demopolis should buy some baklava for her mother.

B. Her mother should make some baklava in her kitchen.

C. Her family should get together to comfort her mother.

D. Her family should eat the same food at the same time separately.

3.What do we know about the author’s mother?

A. She is getting thinner.

B. She is still unconscious.

C. She will only eat baklava.

D. She has found her favourite foods.

4.What can be inferred from the text?

A. The author’s father has lost ability to talk to his wife.

B. The author’s mother learned to make baklava from a Greek immigrant.

C. The author’s mother had little excitement when hearing the suggestion.

D. The author’s author and her parents live separately in different counties in the UK.

Middle school graduation style may be a bit more casual than formal high school or college ceremonies,but the move from junior to senior high school is still an important occasion that can be celebrated in many ways.

The decision whether students will wear caps and gowns(礼服)for middle school graduation is usually up to the individual school.Some feel that this is the perfect way to commemorate the special occasion,while others feel the cap and gown is unnecessary for a junior high ceremony.

For those schools that choose not to use caps and gowns,it is typically suggested that students wear dress clothes for the occasion.Students may also be encouraged to dress for graduation in a uniform manner,such as white shirts and black pants or skirts,or educators may suggest dressing in the school colors.Schools that choose to have students wear academic regalia(制服)for the ceremony may choose to purchase gowns in a variety of sizes from a store such as Graduate Affairs,and then let students borrow them,and reuse them each year.Caps may be purchased by a Parent-Teacher Organization or by the individual graduates.

Parents may choose to host open house or party when their child graduates from middle school.This is typically an informal affair,such as a barbeque or pool party,or simply appetizers or cake to honor the graduate.Simple backyard games such as volleyball,bocce ball,and Frisbee are a fun way to entertain young teens,tweens,and well-wishers.Other party games and a band might also be considerations for a large or more complicated gathering.

Whether simple or complex,there are many ways to remember a graduation from middle school and make this time a special and wonderful one.Graduation events are perfect for highlighting a student’s achievements during middle school and preparing for his or her future success.

1.Which of the following can replace the underlined word“commemorate”in Paragraph 2?

A. pass B. ease

C. celebrate D. avoid

2.How do students often get the gowns for middle school graduation?

A. They get them from the school.

B. They purchase them from stores.

C. They make them by themselves.

D. They borrow them from the Graduate Affairs.

3.What can we learn from the last two paragraphs?

A. Sports games will be free for students.

B. Parents are less interested in the celebration.

C. Students will exchange gifts at the celebration.

D. There are various ways to honor the graduation.

4.What’s the author’s attitude to the celebration of middle school graduation?

A. Supportive. B. Doubtful.

C. Ambiguous. D. Sympathetic.

Companies that employ workers have an interest in keeping the workplace safe.Job-related injuries are something that responsible employers avoid.They take the time and use company resources to make sure that the people who come to work each day are safe.

Not only does this make good sense from a moral standpoint,but it also makes good financial sense.If a worker is injured on the job,it costs the company in terms of lost mam tours,increased insurance costs,worker’s compensation premiums(赔偿金),and legal posts.

Productivity is lost when other workers have to stop doing their jobs to deal with the situation.Even after the injured worker has been sent home or taken to hospital,other employees may be unfocused or need to take time off from work in the result of the incident.

When a workplace is safe,workers feel more comfortable and confident when they are in that environment. Productivity gets a promotion,and profits follow suit.Absence also drops when employers take steps to carry out an effective safety program.

Investing in a good safety program brings with it other benefits too.When employees feel safe in the workplace and absence rates are kept down,they can focus on serving the company’s customers properly.Many companies offer produces or services that are similar to those that other companies carry or provide.Customers will decide which companies they want to deal with based on which one they feel provides the best customer service.Increased absence means longer wait times and customers are quite prepared to move on to another company they feel will be able to help them in a more timely manner if they are not getting the level of attention that they deserve.

Everyone in the workplace has a duty and a responsibility to do whatever they can to keep the working environment safe.Managers should deal with employee concerns about safely issues in an appropriate manner.

1.What bad effect does an incident have according to the text?

A. Workers may refuse to work again.

B. The quality of products may decline.

C. Workers may be hard to concentrate.

D. The company may close down.

2.What do we know about the safe workplace form Paragraph 4?

A. It can inspire workers’ creativity.

B. It can bring workers a higher pay.

C. It can put an end to worker’ absence.

D. It can bring the employer more money.

3.On what condition will the customers move on to another company according to the text?

A. If they can’t get a safer product.

B. If they have to wait for a long time to get deserved attention.

C. If they feel the company can’t provide a safer workplace for them.

D. If they find the company provides the some products as others offer.

4.Which of the following can be the best title of the text?

A. How Employees Can Protect Themselves

B. Companies Are Ensuring Employees’ Safety

C. Why Safety Is Important in the Workplace

D. How to Create a Safer Workplace

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