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1.Many Americans fail to lose weight probably_____________

A. they lack confidence B. they do exercise alone

C. they are under great pressure D. they don’t get enough exercise

2.From the text, we can learn that if you join the gym, ___________

A. you will lose weight safely but slowly

B. you will struggle with workout routines

C. you will be advised to pay attention to nutrition

D. you will be advised to have nothing in between workouts

3.How much do a couple have to pay if they join the gym today?

A. $ 800 B. $500

C. $ 900 D. $1,000

4.This text is most probably taken from a ___________

A. newspaper B. magazine

C. website D. textbook

Do you know what a big dream is? 1. Or, is a big dream something that provides only entertainment? Children dream big dreams, but there are three barriers to realizing dreams. They often kill them before they ever have a chance to grow.

The Self

Immediately following the birth of a big dream, a negative self-talk takes over and gives all the reasons why it cannot happen. This inside voice is the ego (自我). It’s there for protecting and should be listened to. 2.  Most people are influenced by the inside voice. That’s why only a handful of people make their dream come true.


Family and friends are a lot like the ego. They want to protect those they love, so they will often list all the reasons why the big dreams won’t come true. Sometimes, family and friends destroy dreams of those they love most, out of their own fear of being left behind.

The World

If one gets past the first two barriers, one has to face the world. 4. In the past, big dreamers were locked up and sometimes even killed when they were shown to the world. Fortunately, in most of the world today, big dreamers just get laughed at.

The way to realize a big dream is with confidence and action. When children have confidence and then take action, they will be ready to accept any failure. The truth is that every great dreamer whose dreams have never seen the light of success knows failure well. 5.

A. Family and Friends

B. How Big Dreams Die

C. Does a big dream show one’s future?

D. They simply fail until they succeed.

E. Sometimes it is right, but more often it is wrong

F. It is the last and the most terrible barrier.

G. And their big dream is to be a rock star or a famous artist.

Last Christmas while staying with my parents, I _______ across some old love letters that my parents wrote to each other. These letters were all piled up in a basket, dirty and _______ with dust. ________to read and sort them, I asked them if I could take the letters back to my Illinois home. They agreed.

As I carefully opened each letter, all of them delicate with age, I discovered a new page______unknown to me in this private chapter of my parents’ lives.

My father used to ________ in the army. So his letters were full of frontline ________of the things about the war. Each of my mother’s letters was marked ______ her 1944 dark red lipstick kiss. I was _______ to these letters like a magnet (磁铁).

Just six weeks after our Christmas visit, Daddy became very _______ and was hospitalized. This time, he was fighting a _______kind of war. As I sat by his bedside, we discussed the ______. He told me how much receiving those lipstick-kissed letters had ______ to him when he had been so far from home.

It so happened that the next day would be February 14. From the ______ letters I chose the card my father had sent Mother in 1944 and brought it to my father’s bedside.

At his bedside, I joked with him, saying _____, “Today is Valentine’s Day, don’t you want to send Mother a present?” He became more_______ when I handed him the old ______. He carefully opened it and took out the card, and when he ______it, his eyes were filled with tears.

My father, in a voice tight with ______read the loving______he’d sent to my mother fifty-six years earlier. And this time, he could read it to her ______ .

1.A. came B. hit C. drew D. fell

2.A. hidden B. covered C. buried D. filled

3.A. Pretending B. Suggesting C. Preferring D. Deciding

4.A. recently B. occasionally C. previously D. usually

5.A. work B. study C. serve D. report

6.A. accounts B. documents C. introductions D. occupations

7.A. with B. for C. of D. as

8.A. devoted B. abandoned C. thrown D. drawn

9.A. depressed B. dead. C. dangerous D. ill

10.A. typical B. traditional C. different D. familiar

11.A. wars B. illnesses C. letters D. prescriptions

12.A. meant B. intended C. planned D. said

13.A. divided B. sorted C. separated D. updated

14.A. sadly B. angrily C. softly D. loudly

15.A. curious B. enthusiastic C. fantastic D. positive

16.A. Christmas card B. envelope C. basket D. lipstick

17.A. found B. wrote C. recognized D. missed

18.A. astonishment B. sorrow C. sickness D. emotion

19.A. story B. message C. speech D. motto

20.A. in brief B. in private C. in danger D. in person

If you have to attend a party or other social events where a lot of people will be present, do you feel confident that you will make a good impression on others? Or do you feel shy? In any case, you should increase your confidence at social events.

Whenever you are meeting new people at any social event, you should wear proper clothes. Before you attend the event, try to find out how other people will be dressing. If everyone else is wearing business clothes, you should, too. If the event is informal, you should wear informal clothes so that you fit in.

If you are going to meet people from a certain business or profession, try looking through a few professional magazines or checking on the Internet ahead of time to get some conversation ideas which are related to their fields of interest. This can prevent you getting tongue-tied at the event.

When you are at the event, don’t worry about whether or not other people you are talking with like you. Instead, try your best to find reasons to like them.

When you are making conversation with people, be sure to keep good eye contact, and make your facial expression soft. Nod to show you’re listening. Let your face and body relax so that you can make natural gestures.

After the event is over, take a bit of time to think of your social performance and the conversation you had with people. Tell yourself exactly what you did very well at the event. For example, perhaps you made a big effort to really listen to the people you were talking with,or you may have asked several people some good questions that really got them talking. By doing so, your conversation confidence will gradually improve.

1.What should you find out before attending a social event?

A. how other people will be dressing.

B. a few professional magazines

C. some conversation ideas

D. reasons to like other people

2.What should you avoid in a social event according to the 4th paragraph?

A. Attending a party with your good friends

B. Ignoring eye contact with others

C. Wearing informal clothes and shoes

D. Caring much about what others think of you

3.After coming back from a social party, we need to form the habit of _____.

A. Looking for the positive things in our performance

B. Calling the host to show that we are thankful

C. Communicating with the people we met once again

D. Thinking about how to improve our social ability

4.What is the passage mainly about?

A. How to take part in social events.

B. How to believe in ourselves in daily life.

C. How to be more confident at social events.

D. How to get along with others at social events.

Try this: For an entire day, forget about the clock. Eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired. What do you think will happen?

You may be surprised to find that your day is much like most other days. You’ll probably get hungry when you normally eat and tired when you normally sleep. Even though you don’t know what time it is, your body does.

These patterns of daily life are called circadian rhythms(生理节奏), and they are more than just habits. Inside our bodies are several clocklike systems that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle. Throughout the day and night, our inner clocks direct changes in temperature, body chemicals, hunger, sleepiness and more.

Everyone’s rhythms are different, which is why you might like to stay up late while your sister always wants to go to bed early. But on the whole, everyone is programmed to fell tired at night and energetic during the day.

Learning about our body clocks may help scientists understand why problems arise when we act out of step with our circadian rhythms. For example, traveling across time zones can make people wake up in the middle of the night. Regularly staying up late can make kids do worse in tests.

“There is a growing sense that when we eat and when we sleep are important parts of how healthy we are,” says Steven Shea, director of the Sleep Disorders Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

One way to learn about how our body clocks tick is to mess them up and see what happens. That’s what neurologist(神经病学家)Frank Scheer and his workmates did in a recent study.

Staying up night after night, their studies suggest, could make kids extra hungry and more likely to gain weight. And regularly sleeping too little, Scheer says, may be one cause of the recent increase in childhood obesity.

1.What will happen if you forget about the clock according to the passage?

A. You will feel upset.

B. You will behave normally.

C. Your body will not know what time it is.

D. You will probably get hungry more easily.

2.Mike feels energetic at 12 midnight while Tom feels sleepy. What advice would be given by the writer?

A. Both should see a doctor..

B. Tom should see a doctor.

C. Both should take it easy.

D. Mike should have a watch.

3.How do Frank Scheer and his workmates study body clocks?

A. By seeing what happens when they are messed up.

B. By asking questions and collecting answers.

C. By studying people traveling across time zones.

D. By programming people with man-made clocks.

4.What will the writer most probably talk about next?

A. Other examples of what people will do when their body clocks go wrong.

B. Medicines that can keep people from putting on weight.

C. Why it is important to have a normal body clock.

D. What circadian rhythms are.

Each year, we are exposed to ten thousand ads on average. They try to sell us their products by using beautiful art, videos, images or slogans that are catchy. The most famous companies have highly popular logos that can be recognized by almost everybody. For those of you who have seen the movie Finding Forrester, there is that scene where Jamal walks up to some guy with a BMW and asks him what the car logo means. The man did not know the answer and since that day, whenever I see a famous company logo I try to find the meaning of it.

Many think the horse on the Ferrari logo represents the horsepower of the cars they manufacture. The story behind it is far more interesting. During World War I, a pilot, Count Francesco Baracca, painted the horse on his airplane to bring him luck. He had it on his plane because it was the logo of his squadron(空军中队). Baracca’s mother then convinced Enzo Ferrari to put the logo on his racing cars in the early 1930’s to bring good luck to the drivers. The logo then stayed the same ever since. The yellow on the background represents the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari.

Starbucks started in 1971, in Seattle. The mermaid(美人鱼)represented on the logo is now known by any coffee drinker. It is a mythological sea creature with the look of a female, the only difference being that they have a tail of a fish. The reason why Starbucks incorporated one in their company logo is that it was believed that mermaids used to sing to sailors in order to make them walk away from their ship or to ground their ships. In the 1500s, spices, tea and coffee were popular merchandise to trade. So the mermaid in the logo of Starbucks is the one that “brings” coffee and tea to the stores.

1.The writer became interested in logos of some famous brands after _______.

A. he watched an attractive movie

B. he saw a scene in a movie

C. he walked up to some guy with a BMW

D. he noticed some famous logos

2.Many companies use logos because _________.

A. people enjoy beautiful logos

B. people are more likely to buy their products

C. people can recognize the products more easily

D. people are interested in the meanings of the logos

3.Which of the following is true according to Paragraph3?

A. Starbucks was once a company trading spices, tea and coffee.

B. Hearing mermaids sing, sailors would know the right direction.

C. Starbucks has a history of more than five hundred years.

D. The logo of Starbucks is believed to make the business years.

4.The underlined word “incorporated” in the third paragraph probably means _____.

A. included B. abandoned

C. corrected D. designed

What’s the biggest online shopping day in the world? Not Valentine’s Day. Not Cyber Monday or Black Friday. The winner is China’s Singles’Day, celebrated on November11, or 11.11.

Singles’Day began as a day for unmarried or uncoupled people to celebrate their lives. Single students, looking for an excuse to buy themselves presents, started it on November11,1993, reported The Guardian. It is symbolized by the four mumber ones in the date of November11 and is also called Double Eleven, in reference to the day it was started, said the BBC. It became a major shopping day in 2009. The CEO of an online shopping site --Alibaba-- tried to increase sales at the e-commerce company. The CEO, Daniel Zhang, launched an annual online sale on that day, said Fortune. When it first began, “Sigles’Day was very much an offline comfort to actual single people,”noted the website atlas Obscura.”A small group of students at Nanjing University are said to have chosen 11.11 as a day that singles could do activities like karaoke together.”It quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Last year, Alibaba sold more than $1 billion worth of products inthe first three minutes of the sales, reported Bloomberg News. Total sales on Singles’Day soared to $9 billion within 24 hours. That’s four times bigger than Cyber Monday in the U.S., which is the Monday after Thanksgiving and traditionally a big shopping day. By comparison, online sales in the U.S. last year on Black Friday were just $1.5 billion, reported TechCrunch.

Today, Singles’Day is very successful. Analysts say that this year, sales on China’s Singles’Day will increase to a new high. In the U.S., Jennifer Wang, a co-founder of a company targeting Chinese-Americans, said, “We expect to have 3 million people coming to click Dealmoon for the Singles’Day launch.” Some observers think Singles’Day could catch on globally.

1.How did the author introduce the topic of the passage?

A. By describing a holiday. B. By asking a question

C. By making a list. D. By telling a story

2.What’s the second paragraph mainly about?

A. How Singles’Day came into being. B. Why Singles’Day became popular.

C. When Singles’Day was started. D. Who first celebrated Singles’Day.

3.Why did China’s Singles’Day become a major shopping day?

A. Because singles celebrated their happy lives on November11.

B. Because students at Nanjing university took part in activities together.

C. Because an annual online sale was started on that day by Alibaba.

D. Because single students chose that day to buy themselves gifts.

4.Which of the following can best replace the underlined word “soared”in Paragraph3?

A. Increased sharply. B. Decreased quickly.

C. Returned gradually. D. Appeared suddenly.

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