Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. 1.,and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads at their free time.

2.. When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you. When you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health. When you get success, your friends will say congratulations to you. When you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. 3. .All these are your happiness. If you notice a bit of them, you can see that happiness is always around you.

Happiness is not the same as money. 4., When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can say loudly you are very happy , because you have more chances to challenge yourself. So you cannot always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, life is like a revolving(旋转的)door. When it closes, it also opens. 5..

A. When you meet with difficulties, you can give them up and be happy

B. If you take every chance you get, you can be a happy and lucky person

C. Happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it.

D. And when you do something good to others, you will feel happy, too

E. Those who have no houses

F. Because those who have big houses may often feel lonely

G. It is a feeling of your heart.


Everyone needs friends. We all like to feel close to someone. It is nice to have a friend to talk, laugh and do things with. Surely, there are times when we need to be alone. We don’t always want people around. But we would feel lonely if we never had a friend.

No two people are the same. Sometimes friends don’t get along well, which doesn’t mean that they no longer like each other. Most of the time they will go on being friends. Sometimes friends move away, then we feel very sad. We miss them much, but we can call them and write to them. Maybe we would never see them again, and we can make new friends. It is surprising to find out how much we like new people when we get to know them. Families sometimes name their children after a close friend. Many places are named after men and women, if they are friendly to people in a town. Some libraries are named this way. So are some schools. We think of these people when we go to these places.

There’s more good news for people who have friends. They live longer than those people who don’t. Why? It could be that they are happier. Being happy helps you stay well. Or it could be just knowing that someone cares. If someone cares about you, you take better care of yourself.

1. The first paragraph tells us ___________.

A. none needs friends

B. we need to be alone

C. we always need friends around us

D. making friends is the need in people’s life

2.Which of the following is the most probable place people name after friendly people?

A. A house. B. A room.

C. A library. D. A village.

3. If people have friends, they would live longer, because ___________.

A. they feel happier and healthier

B. they get a lot of help from their friends

C. they take better care of themselves

D. both A and C

4. This passage tells us ___________.

A. that people are all friends

B. that people need friends

C. how to get to know friends

D. how to name a place

Often during a conversation I’ll get the question. “Where have you traveled?” I’m always a little hesitant to answer because travel is typically viewed as going somewhere abroad and my travels haven’t exactly consisted of going abroad. 1. Travel is experienced when you ...

1. Step out of your comfort zone.

Have you ever heard of the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”? The same goes for travel. You cannot travel unless you get planning! But the act of stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t just stop once you’ve finished planning. 2. You have to let yourself be involved in whatever experience may come your way to really experience the beauty of travel.

2. Open your mind.

Wherever your destination may be, you need to arrive with an open mind. You’re going to be experiencing new sights, cultures, foods, maybe even languages. 3. Be open to trying new things, be open to understanding and be open to accepting. More importantly, open your mind to learning. You will learn so much more than you’ve ever dreamed of learning in a classroom.

3. 4.

Through experience, travel can really help you reflect on who you are as a person, what sights your heart responds to and what cultures have powerful influences on you. You begin to realize through the different experiences you find just how capable you really are. Traveling is not about the journey to the destination; it’s about the journey you take into yourself. 5.

A. Discover yourself.

B. Experience something new.

C. It continues throughout your travels.

D. Travel can be experienced in the next city, state or country.

E. You become equipped with a new pair of eyes and a more accurate sense of self.

F. What I want to share with you is that travel is not experienced by your destination.

G. You can’t learn to see the beauty within them unless you view them with an open mind.

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