Seeing blood in a horror movie might make you cover your eyes, but real blood isn't scary at all. In fact, blood is the gift of life and keeps us alive. That's why blood donors are considered lifesavers.

Blood donors are those giving blood—usually about 200ml at a time—to blood banks or blood donation(捐赠) centers. Then the blood can be used for people in need. For example, someone may have lost blood in accidents, or have a serious illness that requires his blood to be replaced. Hospitals and blood banks store the blood and try to keep enough on hand.

Donating blood is not difficult. Medical workers ask donors several questions to make sure the blood is safe to use. Then the donors relax, often reading a magazine or talking as their blood is drawn. Afterward, the donors may receive some juice or water and maybe fruit to give them energy. The process is simple, not scary. Most people are able to donate blood again in several months if they wish.

To give blood, a person must be at least 18 years old and must meet certain other requirements. Students of all ages, though, can learn more about the donation process by visiting a local blood donation center. Donating blood is not only one of the easiest ways to save lives. It is also an easy way to help a community.

1.Why are blood donors considered lifesavers?


2.Who are blood donors?


3.Is Donating blood difficult or easy?


4.What may donors receive to give them energy after donating blood?


5.How can students learn about the donation process?


Once upon a time, a wealthy old man lived alone in a big house. He was growing weaker day by day and was unable to take care of himself, so he decided to hire a nurse to help with housework and take care of him, One day, the old man interviewed two nurses—Anthony and Peter. Anthony happened to be a handsome young man, while Peter looked quite ordinary. The old man asked Anthony to make tea for him. After Anthony left, the old man turned to Peter and said, “Anthony has given me a very bad description of you. He said you are rude and untrustworthy. Is this correct?”

Peter thought for a minute and said, “If Anthony has a bad opinion of me, there must be something wrong with me. I should take some time to change these things.” The old man was very impressed by Peter's character. Meanwhile, Anthony returned with a cup of tea for the old man. The old man sent Peter to make breakfast for him. He then turned to Anthony and told him, “Peter spoke very poorly of you while you were gone. What do you think about this?” After hearing this, Anthony became angry and started cursing(咒骂).

In the end, the old man hired Peter. Although Peter looked quite ordinary, he had impressive inner (内在) beauty.

1.What did the old man want a nurse to do?

A.Help with housework and look after him.

B.Help with housework and look after his wife.

C.Work as a doctor.

2.What did Anthony look like?

A.Ordinary. B.Handsome. C.Old.

3.The old man told Peter that Anthony _________.

A.had had some bad words of him B.had praised him C.did not trust him

4.How did Peter react(反应) when he heard the old man's words?

A.He was angry. B.He took it seriously. C.He blamed Anthony.

5.What can we learn from the passage?

A.Ordinary people are more trustworthy.

B.Handsome men must be good men.

C.Inner beauty is more important than appearance.

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