We sometimes call the lion “the king of the forest” , because it is stronger and more dangerous than other animals. It can _____________ faster than many animals and hunt the best. It is the highest animal in the_________ food chain.

In the sea, the shark is one of the animals at the top of the food chain. It can swim faster than _______________ other sea animals, and it can use its big teeth to eat them.

What is at the top of the world’s food chain? People are! We are not the biggest or fastest, but we are the_____________. We could not run faster than cheetahs ( 猎 豹 ), so we _________ cars and now we can move the fastest. We could not fight better than lions, so we invented guns. Now we can hunt the best.

People’s inventions are clever, but they can be ___________, too. For example, people built _____________, and now they make the air and rivers dirty. This can make terrible changes._______ rivers kill fish. Then bears cannot eat the fish. If we kill one part of the food chain, other parts will also die. Remember that we are a part of the food chain, ___________we are in danger, too! If we protect animals, we are protecting ________________! We could and we should do something for the world!

1.A.walk B.swim C.run

2.A.sea B.land C.mountain

3.A.most B.another C.any

4.A.strongest B.cleverest C.most important

5.A.used B.drove C.invented

6.A.interesting B.dangerous C.helpful

7.A.factories B.hotels C.schools

8.A.Dry B.Deep C.Dirty

9.A.or B.so C.but

10.A.ourselves B.oneself C.yourselves

My grandfather had a small farm. He also worked in a factory.

One autumn, he promised to help his neighbor harvest(收获) his corn. But after harvesting his own corn, Grandpa's little machine broke down. At the same time, the factory where Grandpa worked began to require overtime(加班). He had to leave the farm early in the morning and didn't get home until after sunset. It now seemed impossible to help out his neighbor.

One night, Grandpa decided that he wouldn't let his neighbor's harvest rot(腐烂) in the field. Without a machine, he would harvest it by hand.

“When do you think you'll have time to do it?” asked my grandma. “Besides, it'd be too dark.” “There's still one more full moon in October. If the weather is clear, I think I can do it,” he said.

And so a few days later, after lots of busy work at the factory, my grandpa made his way to the field. The weather was cold but clear, and the moon was glowing(发光). He worked through the night to keep his word.

Sometimes, when I want to put off responsibilities(责任), I'd see my grandfather cutting corn in the light of the harvest moon.

1.The writer's grandpa found it hard to help with his neighbor's harvest because ________.

①he was too tired to work

②he had so much work in the factory

③his machine for picking corn didn't work

④the weather was not clear enough

A.①② B.②③ C.③④ D.①④

2.The writer's grandpa helped his neighbor harvest the field ________.

A.after sunset B.early in the morning

C.with a full moon D.on a dark night

3.From the story, we know that Grandpa is ________.

A.honest and helpful B.lazy and silly

C.busy and crazy D.Independent and clever

4.What can we learn from the story?

A.A friend is easier lost than found. B.Actions speak louder than words.

C.Helping others is helping yourself. D.A man should keep his word.

“To raise snails(蜗牛) well, you need to spray(喷) water to the container(容器) every morning and evening, change soil every two weeks, and feed them with vegetables and sweet fruits,” said Sun Youxiang after raising snails for one year. He is a fourth grade primary school student in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. From three white jade snails at the very beginning to more than sixty snails of four generations now, he has done a great job for his science class.

Watching the reproduction( 繁 殖 ) of animals is an uncommon experience for kids. Their creativity, patience and respect for life will be developed as they learn to take care of animals on their own. Sun’s teacher said the job served as a good example of life education. Practice is a necessary step in learning and it will benefit the kids for a life time.

Life education allows kids to know how to live with nature and creatures in a friendly way. Starting from this year, science will become an important subject as Chinese and math in primary schools in order to improve students’ knowledge about the things around us. Because of curiosity(好奇心), more kids will be willing to watch and think through practising. It will add to our knowledge of the world in the long run.

1.Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Sun Youxiang?

A.He is good at raising snails.

B.He makes a lot of friends by raising snails.

C.Raising snails is an interesting experience for him.

D.He becomes creative and patient through taking care of snails.

2.What does the underlined word “benefit” in Paragraph 2 mean?

A.Be aware of. B.Be harmful for. C.Be good for. D.Be popular with.

3.According to Paragraph 3, what can we learn from life education?

A.Nature and creatures are friendly to kids.

B.Life education can make kids more friendly.

C.Life education tells kids how to make friends.

D.Life education tells kids how to get on well with nature and creatures.

4.What is the main idea of the passage?

A.How to raise snails B.Patience, the key to success

C.The importance of life education D.How to think through practising

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