Have you heard of Maria Montessori? She is a famous Italian educationalist, whose method of teaching has _______ people all over the world.

Born in Italy in 1870, Montessori became the first woman doctor in her country after she graduated from _______ school in 1896. She did many operations for poor children. Later, she _______ a "Children House" in Rome in 1907. The rooms were bright and colorful. This was the place where she developed the Montessori Method, which was formed during 1908-1913.

Maria thought that children must be free to learn _______ being criticized (批评) or limited. She let the children make their own _______ of what they wanted to do and work with their own speed, not the rest of the class or the teacher. As a result, children love learning and this gives them confidence. Very young children learn to dress _______ and to put their toys away so they can become independent (独立的). Children are _______ to repeat activities as often as they wish, and they develop their observation (观察) skill by doing different activities.

In addition, the Montessori Method thinks that a teacher is a _______, not a leader of the classroom, helping to open students' eyes to wonder around them.

A typical room in a Montessori school has many things children can use. The furniture is _______ so they can arrange (安排) it as they wish. Because the environment offers many activities, children like to work together and they develop a social life based on cooperation (合作) instead of ________.

Maria Montessori travelled around the world to train teachers to use her method. In 1950, she received the World Peace Education Badges.

1.A.influenced B.controlled C.organized D.praised

2.A.business B.medical C.language D.art

3.A.put up B.took up C.turned up D.set up

4.A.by B.after C.with D.without

5.A.choices B.promises C.mistakes D.suggestions

6.A.itself B.it C.themselves D.them

7.A.refused B.forced C.warned D.encouraged

8.A.manager B.guide C.controller D.pioneer

9.A.light B.expensive C.heavy D.large

10.A.conclusion B.conversation C.competition D.contribution

Animals have their special ways to deal with hard times in nature. The superb fairy-wren, one kind of bright-blue bird in Australia, is one example. This year, a ten-year study showed that this small bird has eggs of different sizes in different kinds of weather. When the weather is hot and dry there is less food for young superb fairy-wrens, and they die easily. So the mother bird will make larger eggs to help her babies grow stronger inside before they break out of the eggs into the "hungry" world.

However, not all mother birds are able to do this. Only those with at least one male child can. When the weather is "good", the mother will make smaller eggs, and her sons will bring food back for their baby brothers and sisters from the eggs. With her sons' help, the mother can save more energy to make larger eggs when the weather is bad. Isn't this amazing?

1.Which is the best title of the passage?

A.The Best Place for Birds.

B.The Hard Times in Nature.

C.Larger Mother Birds Have Larger Eggs.

D.Mother Bird Fights Weather Changes.

2.What does the underlined word "this" mean in the passage?

A.Having eggs of different sizes.

B.Growing stronger inside the egg.

C.Saving food for weaker baby birds.

D.Helping baby birds break out of the eggs.

3.What can we learn about superb fairy-wrens from the passage?

A.Baby birds grow well in hot, dry weather.

B.Male birds can usually live for over ten years.

C.Young male birds share the job of feeding the baby birds.

D.Mother birds make smaller eggs when there is less food outside.

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