Captain Nemo invited me and my friends to go hunting with him in the forests of Crespo Island. I asked him why he was so interested in Crespo Island. “I thought you preferred the sea to being on land.” “I do,” replied the captain. “But these forests are under the sea.”

After going through a door, we were about ten meters under the water. The light from the sun reached us. Everything looked very colourful. We were going deeper and deeper. At 100 meters deep, we could see quite well, and Captain Nemo stopped and pointed to some dark shapes. This was the forest. “The trees” in the forest were giant seaweed, and all their “branches” were vertical(垂直的). We could not stop looking at them. Fish swam around the branches like birds in a forest.

Suddenly, I saw a large sea spider about a meter tall. It was going to attack me. Captain Nemo's man killed it with his gun, but it reminded me that the sea could be as dangerous as it was beautiful. When we reached 150 meters, it was dark. The sun's light could not reach this depth. We turned our lights. We could see about 20meters around us. Finally, we found Crespo Island—where a steep rock wall rose in front of us.

We could go no further, so we walked back toward the Nautilus. Suddenly, Captain Nemo stopped and shot an animal with his gun, it was a beautiful and rare sea otter. At last, we could see the Nautilus. Several large sharks swam over us. Luckily they didn't see us. We re-entered the Nautilus safely. I was tired but amazed by what I had seen.

1.The writer thought Captain Nemo preferred ________.

A.the forest on land B.the sea C.the land D.the Nautilus

2.What do "The tress" in Paragraph3 refer to?

A.Birds B.Giant seaweed C.Fish D.Branches

3.When they reached 150meters, how could they see things around?

A.With the help of the sun's light

B.The rock's light helped them

C.They used their own lights

D.With the help of the light from the Nautilus

4.According to the passage, which is the correct order?

①Captain Nemo's man killed a sea spider.

②The men returned to the Nautilus.

③The men went to the forest.

④Captain Nemo invited us to go hunting.

⑤Captain Nemo shot an otter.

A.③④①⑤② B.③④②⑤①

C.④①②⑤③ D.④③①⑤②

5.What is the best title of the story?

A.A visit to a Sea Forest B.Rocks Under the Sea

C.Captain Nemo and the Nautilus D.Attacked by Giant Spiders

Every year, wildfires destroy much forest land. Homes are broken down, and thousands of people die. Smokejumpers are helping to stop this.

Smokejumpers are a special kind of firefight. They jump from planes into areas that difficult to reach by car or on foot, such as the middle of a mountain forest. They race to put out fires as fast as they can.

At a fire site, smokejumpers first examine the land and decide how to fight the fire. Their main goal is to stop fire from spreading. Using basic tools such as shovels and axes, smokejumpers clear land of burnable material like plants and other dry material. They carry water with them too, but only a limited amount.

Although most smokejumpers are men, more women are joining. Most important are your weight and height. Smokejumpers employed in the U. S. For example, must be 54 to 91 kilograms, so they don't get blown by the strong winds or get hurt when they land.

Smokejumpers must own necessary qualities to survive in the wilderness. In Russia, many smokejumpers know how to find food in the forest and even make simple furniture from trees.

The work is dangerous, the hours are long. But for these firefighters, smokejumpers isn't just a job. They love being able to jump out of planes, fight fires and live in the forest. As 28-year-old Russian smokejumpers Alexi Tishin says, “This is the best job for tough guys.”


1.What are smokejumpers?


2.Where do they jump from?


3.What's their main goal?


4.Why should they have proper weight?


5.What do you think of working as a smokejumpers?


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