When you are talking about someone, but at that time you can't remember his or her name. What should you do then? Don't worry! In English, you can use other names to replace (代替) their real (真实的) names.

In the US, if you forget someone's name, you can just use the name John Doe for a man or Jane Doe for a woman. For example, "Did you see that boy who was running in the rain?" "Ah, yes, poor John Doe."

People use these names in US courts (法庭). This is to keep the person's identify (身份) a secret (秘密). People use the name so often that there was even a film in 1941 called Meet John Doe.

But in the UK, unknown people are called John Smith. This name is used so often that John is one of the most common first name in English, and Smith is the most common family name.

So next time you forget someone's name, you know what to say.

1.When Americans can't remember a woman's name, they call her ________.

A.John Doe. B.Jane Doe. C.Jane Smith

2.John Smith is used among unknown people in ________.

A.America. B.the UK. C.Canada.

3.In US courts, people don't use real names because ________.

A.using real names is not allowed (允许)

B.they think using real names may bring them bad luck

C.they just want to keep their identify a secret

4.The meaning of the underlined word "common" in paragraph 4 is ________.

A.普通的 B.普遍的 C.共同的

5.The passage is mainly about ________.

A.why people sometimes can't remember others' names

B.differences in names between the UK and the US

C.the names American and British people use when they forget someone's name

Can you travel with your house? Some people in the US may say "Yes!"

During the holidays, some US families often get into their RVs (房车) and go on a road trip around the country. People call RVs the houses on the wheels (车轮). From a kitchen and bathroom to a bedroom, you can find most ordinary (普通的) rooms here. How cool is that!

These homes on the road are small. But with them, your trip becomes easy. You can drive as long as you like. Or you can just stop somewhere nice and stay there for a few weeks. On the road, you may also meet other traveling families. Together, you take out your tents (帐篷) and snacks. It's happy camping time!

But these moving homes also have their problems. Sometimes they break down on the road and people have to repair (修理) them. But this kind of road trip is still very popular. People can go anywhere, any time.

1.We can't find ________ in RVs.

A.bathrooms B.gardens C.kitchens

2.What do we know about RVs?

A.It's difficult to travel in RVs. B.They don't have real wheels. C.A trip with them is easy and relaxing.

3.With RVs, people can do many activities EXCEPT (除了) ________.

A.going anywhere they like without any worries (顾虑)

B.stopping somewhere beautiful for some weeks

C.camping with other families on the road

4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.People don't like traveling in RVs because it sometimes has problems.

B.The RVs can't go very far because it is too big and heavy.

C.Most American people like these moving homes.

5.The title (标题) of this passage is ________.

A.A New Kind of House B.Traveling in RVs C.American People's Daily Lives

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