My grandfather was a serious man. A quick look from him was enough to keep my sisters and me in line. ______ every summer I looked forward to seeing Grandpa in his farm. We enjoyed every moment of feeding and washing the animals.

Grandpa was a man who didn’t show his ______easily. There were times he caught us touching some of his personal things or exploring places that we weren’t ______ to. His quiet scolding(责备) left us ______ for the rest of our stay.

One morning I heard “clickety-clack, clickety-clack, ping”. I stopped and found where the sound ______: Grandpa in his study, typing a letter. I leaned ________ to see better when I fell through the door. For a while I ______ on the floor of the study. I stood up and went red in the face, hoping the scolding would be short.

Grandpa’s eyes shone. He called me over. I went to him _______ with my eyes looking at the floor. He asked what I was doing, and I told him that I was drawn by the ______ of the typewriter. I only wanted to get a better _____. I wasn’t going to touch anything, I _____.

The rest of the summer I stood near his elbow watching him type. How I wished to _____ the beautiful yellow keys with steel rims.

After going home, I spent the year writing poems, letters, and stories in my notebooks and ________ myself to use Grandpa’s typewriter to write novels.________, I planned to be a writer, and writers used typewriters.

The next summer, I’d hear the sounds of typewriter keys and walk toward them, admiring the ________ of the words forming on the page. I wished he would offer me a chance to try it. But he never did.

On returning home that year, I got a parcel. I found the typewriter in the box! My serious grandfather!

1.A.So B.Otherwise C.Then D.Yet

2.A.spirits B.feelings C.courage D.strength

3.A.afforded B.regarded C.supposed D.known

4.A.well-dressed B.well-organized C.well-behaved D.well-balanced

5.A.came across B.came over C.came out D.came from

6.A.farther B.longer C.higher D.lower

7.A.lie B.lied C.lay D.laid

8.A.excitedly B.slowly C.quickly D.proudly

9.A.appearance B.movement C.voice D.sound

10.A.expression B.impression D.look

11.A.accepted B.promised C.agreed D.wished

12.A.touch B.fall C.move D.attack

13.A.imagining B.remembering C.reminding D.mentioning

14.A.After all B.As usual C.At last D.Above all

15.A.advantage B.wonder C.memory D.step

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