Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the news a lot lately. And according to a recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute, about half of today’s work activities could be automated(自动化的) by 2055. Could “teaching” be on that list?

The teacher in the classroom is a human model. When a human teacher is able to show the advantages of learning, learners are more likely to be inspired to work harder and make progress. Even AI with advance technology can’t do this.

So, the chances are that your job is safe for the near future. But it is going to change, and robots will join us quite soon, as teaching assistants.

Recently, a Georgia Tech professor has used an AI teaching assistant in his classroom, which allows him to more effectively manage over 400 students. His AI teaching assistant helps him answer more routine questions, freeing him to deal with some complex problems which are difficult to solve from students.

AI is also being used in South Korea and Japan to help with language learning. Students can go through any variety of conversational practices, and AI can correct mistakes in usage and pronunciation. In fact, research shows that these programs can help solve problems like shyness and frustration(挫败) that can appear when children practice repetitively with a teacher. After all, a robot will not get tired or annoyed no matter how many mistakes a child makes.

This will be the future of AI in the classroom. Should you start packing up your desk? Absolutely not. The bottom line is that these technologies work best when paired with an active human teacher. But it certainly could make your job easier and more efficient.

1.What is the second paragraph mainly about?

A.The present teaching conditions.

B.The advantage of human teachers.

C.The purpose of using an AI teaching technology.

2.What does underlined word “complex” means in Chinese?

A.复杂的 B.普遍的 C.完整的

3.In what way is a robot better than a human teacher?

A.It is more patient. B.It is more creative. C.It is more convenient.

4.Who is the passage probably written for?

A.Students. B.Teachers. C.Parents.

5.Which can be the best title for the passage?

A.What will teachers be like in the future?

B.The benefit of using teaching assistants.

C.Could AI take the place of human teachers?

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