As a teenager, I got angry quite easily and was not good at communicating with others.

Because of that, I often made them feel uncomfortable. And now I often_______my bad action.

I still remember it was early _______. Some leaves started to turn yellow and the weather became cool. One day, as I was getting ready _______school, my mother carelessly handed me my father's vest(背心) instead of mine. At that time, I was getting to have a_______size than my father, so when I _______ the vest, I felt as if I wasn't able to breathe! I realized that it was a small mistake which was _______ by my mother, but somehow the breathless feeling was so strong that it made me very angry. My mother said sorry with a smile, _______I didn't think much and shouted at her loudly. I was almost mad. I got it off my body so wildly that I made a hole in it. I put on my own vest and_______out of the house before my mother could stop me.

Later, my mother shared her bad feelings with my father, “See what your_______has done.” I got afraid because I didn't know________he would do to me. Instead of saying he would blame or beat me, my father________asked my mother to mend the vest.

Later when my mother told me about my father's response, I felt terribly________for my bad behavior. My father's gentle kindness taught me a________which I would never forget.

On that day, I decided not to let anger________me any longer. Of course, there are times when I am angry. However, whenever that happens, I will try to remember my father's ________.

It always reminds me to think about others' feelings when I get angry. B.repeat C.realize D.regret

2.A.spring B.summer C.autumn D.winter

3.A.for D.with

4.A.thinner B.smaller C.larger D.shorter

5.A.put up B.put away C.put in D.put on

6.A.given B.made C.shown D.chosen

7.A.but B.and D.then

8.A.looked B.walked C.rushed

9.A.daughter B.son D.cousin

10.A.what C.when D.where

11.A.sadly B.angrily C.bravely D.quietly

12.A.funny B.lonely C.crazy D.sorry

13.A.story B.lesson D.joke

14.A.forget B.leave C.control

15.A.cap B.vest C.sweater D.jacket

During the war against virus, China set a good example for the world. To stop the spread of the virus, Wuhan, a city with a population 1.3 times that of New York was locked down and movements in many other cities in China were restricted.

In Wuhan, China built a 1000-bed hospital within ten days and a second one followed. China also offered free test kits and free treatments for its people. The nation sent 330 teams with more than 41,000 doctors and nurses to the virus hit Hubei Province. The Chinese Air Force sent cargo planes carrying over 1,400 doctors from the army. Over 6.000 medic from across the nation arrived in Wuhan on one single day. More than 3,000 medical were infected and some of them sacrificed their lives due to the deadly virus.

China also beat the shortage of the medical supplies, “Made in China” showed its great power. This was shown by the mask production which was raised from 8 million to 50 million every single day. We also donated masks and other medical supplies to other countries.

Now the war is nearly coming to the end in China.

1.What kind of the virus is talked about in the passage?

A. B.

C. D.

2.How many doctors and nurses were sent to Hubei Province during the war?

A.About 1,400. B.Around 3,000. C.About 6,000. D.Over 41,000.

3.What can you learn from the third paragraph?

A.China could make plenty of medical supplies.

B.All the medical supplies were made in China.

C.China helped lots of countries with the patients,

D.Masks made in China sell well around the world.

Nearly thirty years have passed since the American TV series. Friends, was shown for the first time in 1994. However, it is still making friends. Many Chinese teenagers love it. Through watching the show, they can not only learn about American culture but also improve their English.

Perhaps you haven't seen the series. It's a story of six young people. They came to New York City to find love, success, adventure and fun. Each of the characters had a different personality. However, they were able to overlook(忽略)their differences and became good friends. There was no social media at that time, but they always “liked” and supported one another. “I'll be there for you.” says the opening song, “because you're there for me, too.”

New phrases and strange pronunciation are two things that make learning English difficult So, watching TV series such as Friends is really helpful. You can write down the words and phrases you don't understand. Translate them and then imitate the pronunciation. And, to make it more fun, think about the life lessons you can learn from the show. Practice being “Friends” with your own friends.

1.Why does many Chinese teenagers love watching Friends?

A.Because they want to know the story of the series,

B.Because the TV series has a long history of over twenty years.

C.Because they can practise being “Friends” with their own friends.

D.Because the TV series can help them with American culture and English.

2.Where does the story of the TV series Friends take place?

A.In Hollywood. B.In Washington. C.In New York City. D.In Atnanta.

3.What does the underlined sentences in the second paragraph probably mean?

A.We should like and support each other.

B.We should not keep others waiting.

C.We should share happiness with our friends.

D.We should be polite to our friends.

Mrs. Li is over seventy years old, and has lived in Yancheng all her life. Jenny, a reporter, asked her a few questions.

Q1: Tell me about your parents, brothers and sisters.

My parents, my sister and three brothers lived in a tiny house with a toilet we shared with our neighbours. There was no electricity. The house was lit by candles. We weren't very rich, but we were happy. My sister was the oldest child and she left school when she was only twelve to help my mother at home.

Families have changed a lot since I was young. They were much bigger in those days. Today most people only have one child!

Q2: Did your parents have jobs?

My father was a postman, and he often worked twelve hours a day. My mum was a teacher before she met my father. But looking after us was a full-time job, so she stayed at home. Today the position of women has changed. It's usual for married women to go out to work, but it was less common in the past. My father had the same job the whole of his working life. These days people change their jobs much more often.

Q3: ______________

Well, I remember the family meals, three times a day. My mother was always cooking for us. The food was always freshly cooked, with lots of fish—my grandfather was a fisherman, and my mother never bought ready-made food as people do today, so it was much better for us. And we didn't have television, so we played games together a lot after supper. Our life is better now. One day I'll be talking to my grandchildren.

1.Mrs. Li's sister left school when she was only twelve because _______.

A.they weren't very rich B.they lived in a tiny house

C.she had to help her mother D.she was the oldest children

2.The underlined word “position” in Paragraph 4 probably means _______.

A.idea B.role C.view D.power

3.Which is probably the third question Jenny asked?

A.What did you eat for meals? B.What did your grandfather do?

C.What did you do after supper? D.What was life like at home?

4.What do Jenny and Mrs. Li mainly talk about?

A.The families in Yancheng. B.The changes in Yancheng.

C.The life in the past. D.The people in the past

Everybody went home for lunch, but Tom and Becky only pretended to go home. They did not go home. They came back to the empty school. They talked to each other about things they liked and things they didn't like. They both liked sweets, and they both liked circuses, but Becky didn't like dead rats.

“Have you ever been engaged?”asked Tom.

“I don't know. What's engaged?”

“It's when you promise you love somebody and that you will never love anybody else. And then you kiss. Then one day you marry. Anybody can do it.”

They decided to get engaged.

“I like being engaged, Tom.”

“It's good fun. Amy Lawrence and me”

Tom realized that he had made a mistake.

“You've been engaged before!” Becky began to cry.

“I don't love her now. ”

“Yes, you do!”

Becky would not speak to him. Tom tried to give her a brass door handle, but she would not take it. She threw it on the floor, Now Tom was angry. He walked out of the room and out of the school. After a while Becky went out to find him. She wanted him to come back, but he did not come back that day.

Tom ran out of town and into the forest. He went to his secret place and sat down. He thought about Jimmy Hodges, who died a few weeks ago. Life was so difficult. It seemed easier to be dead. You didn't have to think about girls then. What should he do about Becky? He would make her sorry! Perhaps he would go away and never come back. That would make her sorry!

Perhaps he would become a soldier and come back a famous war hero. Perhaps he should be an Indian and hunt buffalo and come back a famous chief.

Then he thought about being a pirate. That would be best of all. He had read some pirate stories. He knew that people were always afraid of pirates, He would become a very famous pirate, and everybody would know his name. Then when he came back, Becky would be sorry and would want to be his friend again.

1.When did Tom and Becky went to the empty school?

A.In the morning. B.At noon C.In the evening. D.At night

2.Why was Becky angry with Tom?

A.Because he had a dead rat.

B.Because he didn't go home for lunch.

C.Because Tom's present was worthless.

D.Because Tom had been engaged before.

3.In what way did Tom decide to choose to make Becky feel sorry for him?

A.Being an Indian. B.Being a pirate. C.Being a soldier. D.Being los

4.Which is the right order of what happened in the story?

①Tom ran out of town and into his secret place.

②Becky went out of the school to look for Tom.

③Amy Lawrence made friends with Thomas Sawyer.

④Tom and Becky shared their likes and dislikes with each other.

A.③④①② B.④③②① C.③④②① D.④③①②

5.What might happen later according to the story?

A.Tom and Becky became friends again.

B.Tom went out and came back as a pirate.

C.Tom went to school and played with his friends.

D.Tom left Becky and made friends with Amy again.

On June 28, my parents celebrated 70 years of marriage. Mum and Dad live in Calve. They have been through years of hard work and good times always supporting each other.

As a child, I remember my parents working side by side for spring, fall, winter, and summer cleaning or working in the yard, or painting, and wallpapering.

My parents bought a house in Eimont. They never believed they’d be able to own their own home, and to them, it was their castle. They worked hard to decorate it and kept it looking beautiful. They taught us to work hard and to enjoy everything we had.

Mom likes everything-sightseeing, clubs, anything. And everything Dad, even today, can't understand why she always wants to go out! Mom is still active with the Red Hatters women's group and her gardening club. Dad spoils her by taking care of the house, but also watches a lot of baseball and does jigsaw puzzles.

The key to their successful marriage is that they respect each other. With the help of my brother, they also stay current with new technology, Their latest acquisition is an iPad.

My brother, who is 67, and I (now 69),have always known we are lucky to have such great parents. They have shown us what love is, what hard work is, and what respect is all about.

My daughter and I try to see them almost every weekend when we play cards together and catch up on the week's news.

My parents are the glue that holds our whole family together, making holidays and ordinary days special to us all.

I know we are lucky to have them both, I even save all of their voice-mail messages, just so I'll have their voice to hear when they are not here, But Mom keeps telling us all she's certainly going to live to be 100. So we will have a few more holidays, birthdays, and memories to experience.

The secret to a happy1.

My parents just 2.70 years of marriage.

The key to my parent's successful marriage is that they3. each other.

They've been through years of hard work and good times always4. each other.

They always worked side by side in the yard and in the house.

5.Dad doesn't understand Mom's hobbies, he spoils her by taking care of the house. So she has time for her6., like sightseeing and clubs.

My parents are the glue that 7. our whole family.

Both my younger brother and I feel 8. to have such great parents.

My brother helps them stay current with new technology.

My daughter and I try to see them every weekend. We spend time 9. cards and catching up on the weeks' news.

My parents have shown us what love is, what hard work is, and what respect is all 10..

“Please don't go to Wuhan unless it's really necessary,” Zhong Nanshan, a famous doctor, said to the public when the coronavirus hit Wuhan. But Zhong, 84, rushed on an overnight train to Wuhan to fight the disease.

Many Chinese know Zhong as the hero who defeated SARS in 2003. People share his photos and words online, saying they “trust every word of Zhong”. He has given Chinese people confidence in winning this battle. Zhong grew up in a family of doctors. His goal has always been to save as many lives as possible. In 2003, when SARS hit China, he volunteered to treat patients and asked other doctors to send their most serious cases to him. After months of efforts, his treatment plan for SARS was adopted by China and then the whole world, which saved thousands of lives.

Seventeen years later, Zhong is once again leading an expert team to deal with the coronavirus. This new virus is known to be more dangerous to old people, but Zhong worries little about his own safety.

On January 18, he took a high-speed train from Guangzhou to Wuhan. Two days later, he became the first expert to tell the public that the virus can be spread between humans. On January 29, he and his team spent over four hours online checking five patients who were in serious condition. The next day, he chose a treatment plan for those patients. Under his guidance, his team developed a quick test kit for the disease that can show results within 15 minutes.

As People's Daily wrote, “the 84-year-old Zhong Nanshan shows his professionalism as a doctor, courage as a soldier, and a sense of duty as the backbone of our nation. “


1.How did he go there when the coronavirus hit Wuhan?


2.Why is Zhong Nanshan thought to be a hero in 2003?


3.What kind of people is easier to get the coronavirus?


4.When did he tell the public the virus can be spread between humans?


5.What do you think of Zhong Nanshan?


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