Art is considered by many people to be no more than a decorative means of giving pleasure.This is not always the case,however,at times,art may be seen to have a purely functional side as well.Such could be said of the sandpaintings of the Navaho Indians of the American Southwest;these have a medicinal as well as an artistic purpose.

According to Navaho traditions,one who suffers from either a mental or a physical illness has in some way disturbed or get in touch with the supernatural—perhaps a certain animal,a ghost,or the dead.To break away from this,the ill person or one of his relatives will employ a medical man called a "singer" to perform a curing ceremony which will attract a powerful supernatural being.During the ceremony,which may last from 2 to 9 days,the "singer" will produce a sandpainting on the floor.On the last day of the ceremony,the patient will sit on this sandpainting and the "singer" will rub the sick or injured parts of the patient's body with sand from a specific figure in the sandpainting.In this way the patient absorbs the power of that particular supernatural being and becomes strong.After the ceremony,the sandpainting is destroyed so its power won't harm anyone.

The art of sandpainting is handed down from old "singers".The materials used are easily found where the Navaho settle: brown,red,yellow,and white sandstone,which is ground(研磨)much as corn is made into flour.The "singer" holds a small amount of this sand in his hand and lets it flow between his fingers onto a clean,flat surface on the floor,with a steady hand and great patience.He is thus able to create designs of stylized people,snakes and other creatures that have power in the Navaho belief system.The traditional Navaho doesn't allow copying sandpaintings, since he believes the supernatural powers that taught him the craft have forbidden this;however,such reproductions can in fact be purchased today in tourist shops in Arizona and New Mexico.These are done by either Navaho Indians or by other people who wish to preserve this craft.

1.Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

A. The Navaho Indian B. The Ancient "Singer"

C. Functions of Art D. The Navaho Sandpaintings

2.How did the "singer" treat the patient according to the passage?

A. By passing his supernatural power on to the patient.

B. By applying a magic substance to the patient's body.

C. By rubbing the patient's sick parts with sand from a sandpainting figure.

D. By destroying the sandpainting figure.

3.The traditional Navsho does not allow copying of sandpaintings because .

A. anything copied has no effect

B. the craft only belongs to the supernatural

C. it's against Navaho belief system

D. the copying may do harm to other Navahos

4.That the reproductions of sandpaintings are now commercially available shows .

A. people have realized the artistic value of sandpaintings

B. patients have benefited from the powerful effect of sandpaintings

C. more people have come to believe in supernatural power

D. modern technology has helped the production of sandpaintings

When people introduce themselves,I always hear them say "I'm just a housewife".I don't understand why their introduction is always filled with regret and self-pity.Is it,really a crime to be a housewife?Is it really embarrassing when you choose not to work outside and instead choose to work in your home?

How could you be "just a housewife" when the basic social unit of society depends on you and your service?A housewife works for the longest hour,supporting your husband,child studies,caring for elders,managing finances, paying bills,grocery shopping,cooking according to individual taste,cleaning,etc.A housewife could be anyone: daughter,wife,mother,teacher,financial advisor,fashion designer and nurse,gardener,driver,cook,and so on.Don't think you are not being paid for it.You get the reward that no money can offer—the love and affection of your family,their trust for you,a happy home and your own satisfaction.

It is you who choose to be in this occupation,willingly or for any other reason.After a busy day,all wait to return to the comfortable home set by you.They know you will be there to absorb all their stress and tiredness and relax them.Would the life have been the same had you been working outside to earn some money?Would you along with your family have been able to buy all the content in life that you are enjoying now with that money?

Respect yourself for what you are.Introduce yourself to the world with the same dignity.The world understands the importance of your job;it's time to make them accept it.Introduce yourself with pride and with twinkle in your eyes "I am a housewife".Kick that "just" out..

1.How do people feel when they say "I'm just a housewife"?

A. Satisfied. B. Proud.

C. Regretful. D. Anxious.

2.Listing the housewife's duties,the author implies a housewife .

A. usually leads a terrible life

B. plays a more important role

C. does not always get her reward

D. makes a great contribution to the family

3.If a housewife worked outside,she would .

A. have the same life like before

B. set a comfortable home for her family

C. absorb her family's stress

D. lose the content that she is enjoying

4.What is the author's attitude toward housewives

A. Supportive. B. Doubtful.

C. Opposed. D. Tolerant.

Etiquette,or good manners,used to be the glue that held society together.1.Sadly,these days it has mostly gone by the wayside.This list is several best rules of etiquette that have now disappeared.

Opening the Door

In days gone by,a gentleman would always open doors for ladies.2.This has now almost entirely disappeared and it is not entirely the fault of the men.I have seen women laugh at men for opening a door for them.They seem to be confusing manners with chauvinism(大男子主义).

Writing Thank-You Notes

In days gone by,whenever a person received a gift,they would write a thank-you note as soon as possible.3. Parents would sit children down after a birthday or Christmas and coach them in their first thank-you note.It is a shame that gift giving has now become a virtual obligation and the idea of a thank-you note would be laughed at.


We seem to have completely lost the concept of correct timing when it comes to parties these days.5.After all,a party normally has a guest of honor-this is usually the oldest woman present.It was considered extremely rude in the past to leave a party before the guest of honor-and once the guest of honor left,it was a signal to all that they should begin their own preparations to leave.

A.Arriving on Time.

B.Leaving at the Right Time.

C.People leave with various excuses.

D.It enabled people to get on well with each other.

E.This rule was true even if the giver was a relative.

F.It could be the lady they were driving,or a stranger.

G.We've thrown away the concept of a guest of honor at will.

I've read lots of stories about family memories.In those____,I've found voice of sadness and longing.It's true that so much in our daily lives makes us____all the time.We find ourselves with less and less time to spend with our ____and friends.I've had the same____myself.

I used to have____times with my grandfather when we lived together.When I was very often enjoyed spending time in his____,watching the flowers and watering the fruit trees.But as I grew up.I____became "selfish".

Once,when I was 6,we went shopping together.As we took the wrong bus and ended up getting_______, unable to find our way back,I couldn't stay____and shouted rudely in his face.I was so stubborn that I wouldn't say sorry____ returning home,thinking I had done nothing wrong.

Now I____how ridiculous(荒唐的)I was at the time!And I also realize how____it was when I finally admitted I was____!When I truly wanted to express my____,my grandfather had left us____,leaving me with no more chance to____my mistake.I couldn't____say to him the three words—"I am sorry."

We are spending more and more time outside,with less and less time to____with our families at home.So____ the most of every second you have with your loved ones,because time____going,waiting for no one.

1.A. books B. stories C. reports D. films

2.A. crazy B. easy C. busy D. angry

3.A. families B. classmates C. colleagues D. employers

4.A. adventure B. research C. exploration D. experience

5.A. good B. hard C. sad D. bitter

6.A. kitchen B. garage C. house D. garden

7.A. frequently B. rarely C. gradually D. finally

8.A. confused B. lost C. hurt D. puzzled

9.A. calm B. awake C. firm D. happy

10.A. while B. unless C. until D. after

11.A. learn B. imagine C. realize D. agree

12.A. early B. late C. nice D. guilty

13.A. innocent B. nervous C. wrong D. painful

14.A. concern B. worry C. opinion D. regret

15.A. forever B. somehow C. alone D. instead

16.A. care about B. apologize for C. think of D. put away

17.A. again B. often C. even D. still

18.A. spare B. save C. take D. kill

19.A. follow B. receive C. divide D. make

20.A. needs B. keeps C. delays D. stops

1.Xie Lei's preparation course is helping her to get used to the academic r______(要求)of a Western university.

2.Xie Lei highly r______(推荐)it.

3.But I was also very nervous as I didn't know what to expect,"Xie Lei told me when I saw her waiting in a q_______(队伍)at the student cafeteria between lectures.

4.Made me very thoughtful and t______(感激)for my life today.

5.The industry b______(繁荣)attracted Europeans including many Jewish people.

6.From 1882 to 1940 Angel Island was a famous immigration station where many Chinese people a______(申请)for right to live in USA.

7.By the time California e______(选举)to become the thirty-first federal state of the USA in 1850,it was already a multicultural society.

8.Firstly,gardeners use it all the time to produce c______(商业的)quantities of plants.

9.Cloning plants is s______(直接的)while cloning animals is very complicated.

10.But at last the determination and patience of the scientists paid off in 1996 with a b______(突破)-the cloning of Dolly the sheep.

11.On the other hand,Dolly's appearance raised a storm of o______(反对)and had a great impact on the media and public imagination.

12.The advantage is that if there is a new illness some of these animals may die,but others will survive and pass on the ability to r______(抵抗)that disease to the next generation.

13.All efforts of cloning an animal will be in v______(徒劳)if there is not enough diversity in the group to overcome illnesses.

14.Here was a chance for me to distinguish myself by inventing something m______(仁慈的)that would catch snakes but harm them.

15.Of the first Spanish to go to California,the m______(大多数)were religious men,whose ministry was to teach the Catholic religion to the natives.

Napa&Company has announced the schedule for its popular Fall Wine Class Series.It kicks off on October 10 with "Fall Wine&Food Pairing Guide."It costs $45 per person,plus tax and tip.Classes start at 6:30 pm and typically include 6 wines paired with 3 small plates.

Chef Prasad and India New Canaan will host Black Hog Brewing Company for a 5-course beer dinner on October 11.Tom Sobocinsk,the brewery owner,will guide you through the beers and how they complement the dishes. 7~9 pm and costs $60 per person,plus tax and tip.

Ghost Tour meets pub crawl on October 12."Pints 2 Poltergeists" includes a ghost tour of Mystic,CT,3 stops for a beer along the way,and take home treats from Two Roads Brewery.It costs $35 per person.

The New London Food Stroll takes place on October 12 from 5:30~8:30 pm.A $30 ticket gives you the opportunity to wander through downtown sampling bite the samples and drinks from popular restaurants in the area. There will be live entertainment as well.

The 4th Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival returns on October 15 from 6~9 pm.This year,it takes place at the Hartford Golf Club.There will be over 200 bourbons and scotches as well as cigars,food,a "restaurant battle,"and a raffle.Tickets start at $ 40.

1.To enjoy the Fall Wine Class Series,how much should a man and his twin sons pay?

A. $45. B. $90.

C. $135. D. $150.

2.Which of the following should you choose to go to if you just have $30?

A. Chef Prasad and India New Canaan. B. The New London Food Stroll.

C. Ghost Tour. D. The Griswold Inn.

3.When does The 4th Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival open?

A. On October 15. B. On October 12.

C. On October 11. D. On October lo.

The 30 miles of road winds its way through the mountains of Logan Canyon.It is enough to make most drivers frightened.

But Roger Andersen,a 46-yearold father of four,hadn't expected any trouble on the road on last New Year's Eve when he set off for a ski trip to the Bear River Mountains with his three children.The weather was good for traveling on the slopes(坡),but the higher they drove,the steeper(陡峭的)the roads became.All of a sudden,the car ran toward the cold Logan River out of control and sank into the water.

There was no time to tell the kids what to do.Within seconds,the car was filled with water."It was frightening that we were completely underwater so fast,remembers Andersen.Confused about the directions,Andersen began to search the freezing water for the kids,but however hard he tried he couldn't find them."If I don't get out,maybe none of us are able to get out."Andersen got out of his seat belt,swam through a broken window to the surface.That was when he saw a group of men,about ten in all,appear on the road.One after another,they raced down and jumped into the water,shouting,"Who else is in the car?"Andersen says thankfully,"It was like the sight of angels."

As the kids fully recovered in the following weeks,Andersen felt eager to thank the men who had saved them.He was surprised to learn that the group was a search-and-rescue team,who knew how to help the kids stay alive.

"It's just unbelievable that you'd have so many people there who knew how to do it,"says Andersen."Many people have asked me,'Did you witness a miracle(奇迹)there?' I always say,'I witnessed dozens.'"

1.At the beginning of the ski trip,Roger Andersen .

A. started his travel with a good feeling

B. was too tired to drive his car

C. was afraid of driving on the steep road

D. prepared for the possible trouble on the way

2.Roger Andersen drove into the Logan River because of .

A. the broken car B. his carelessness

C. the bad weather D. the dangerous road

3.What does the third paragraph mainly talk about?

A. How Andersen ran into danger.

B. What Andersen saw underwater.

C. What the children did to help Andersen.

D. How Andersen tried to save his children.

4.Andersen calls the experience a miracle to .

A. stress the frightening accident

B. express his thanks to the rescue group

C. show the danger of driving on mountains

D. show his wish to help those people in need

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