A healthy lifestyle is important to our lives. If we have unhealthy lifestyles, we may not be able to enjoy what life offers to us. So how we live has a direct effect on our health.

Remain active

This is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Remain physically active. Walk, run, play, swim, climb and jump, which can keep you physically fit. Avoid using vehicles as much as you can. If your job requires long hours of sitting, take breaks often, get up often and stretch, clean the house, do gardening, go cycling and So on. Do not let laziness hurt your body and mind.

Keep clean

Keep your surroundings clean. Tidy and well organized places are good for a healthy mind and body. Unclean and untidy places can not only trouble you but also make you sick.

Eat healthy food

What you eat has a direct connection to your body and mind. The healthier the food is, the healthier your lifestyle will be. If you like eating junk food, you are risking damaging your health. Choose well cooked food that includes most of the healthy nutrients(营养) .

Live naturally

This is probably the easiest way to live a healthy lifestyle. Be among nature as much as you can. Plant trees around your house. Avoid using harmful things to the environment, like plastics, chemicals and other man-made equipment. A natural lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Protect our nature and nature will protect us.

1.What will happen if we have unhealthy lifestyles?


2.Why should we keep our surroundings clean?


3.What is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle?


4.The healthier the food is, the healthier your lifestyle will be, isn't it?


5.Can you give us other suggestions about a healthy lifestyle? Write one or two.


Helen has always been interested in helping her community. Her first volunteer experience was for the American Red Cross when she was in high school.

When she was a school teacher, she also found time to volunteer. After she retired, she started volunteering to help the old. When her father was older, he was not able to see as well as he used to, which made her sad because he had always enjoyed reading. She decided it would be fun to read to elderly people in her community.

She also helped one woman write her stories. Ann was almost 100 years old, and Helen wrote down information about her life when she visited her. She put the information in a book and got it published. Ann was very excited to share her life story with her children and grandchildren.

After a strong storm destroyed some southern cities, Helen volunteered again for the American Red Cross. She prepared food and answered phones in a care center.

One day Helen read an article in the newspaper about refugees(难民) who needed to learn English. Now, she meets once a week with Sarah, a 38-year-old woman from Somalia. Helen gave Sarah a camera and asked her to take pictures of her daily life. She developed the pictures, and then asked Sarah questions about them. In the end, they wrote a book together and used the photos in the book. This helped Sarah learn many new words about her everyday life.

Helen says, “The real value of volunteer work is becoming friends with the people I help, They enrich my life as well as I enrich theirs."

1.When was Helen's first volunteer experience for the American Red Cross?

A.When she was in high school. B.When she was a school teacher. C.After she retired.

2.What did Helen do after she retired?

A.She started volunteering to help the refugees.

B.She started volunteering to help the old.

C.She started volunteering to help Sarah.

3.Why was Ann excited when her book got published?

A.Because Helen wrote down information about her life.

B.Because Helen put the information in a book and got it published.

C.Because Ann could share her life story with her children and grandchildren.

4.Where did Helen work when she volunteered again for the American Red Cross?

A.In her school B.In a care center. C.In her community.

5.What can you learn from Helen?

A.To be kind. B.To be creative. C.To help others.

The world uses about a thousand million (百万) tons of water a day. Water is a human right and everyone should have their share. Yet more than 700 million people around the world have trouble getting clean, safe water.

Treating waste water is a good way to provide fresh water for us. And it also helps the environment by keeping waste out of rivers and oceans. 80% of waste water around the world is not treated at all, and it is running into oceans. But now we have got the technology to treat and reuse the waste water. While 75% of our planet is covered with water, only about 2% is freshwater- that comes from rivers, lakes, ice and snow. The rest, 98% of the water, is in seas and oceans. It is too salty to drink. Then desalination businesses come in. More than 19000 factories have been built around the world, mostly in coastal countries. They process (加工) more than 92 million tons of water every day. But the technology they use requires a lot of energy.

Scientists are working to create a less costly technology. They want to produce 20 times more clean water and make sure everyone has enough. But for now, the world still faces each day with not having enough water for everyone.

1.How many people have trouble in getting clean water around the world?

A.Under 700 million. B.Over 700 million. C.About 92 million.

2.Treating waste water helps the environment by________.

A.storing waste in ice and snow

B.letting waste run into oceans

C.keeping waste out of rivers and oceans

3.What does the underlined word "desalination" in Paragraph 3 mean?

A.远洋运输 B.食盐销售 C.海水淡化

4.At present, the technology to process water________.

A.needs much energy B.saves much money C.satisfies everyone

5.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A.Everyone has enough clean water.

B.The water problem is still serious.

C.Our planet is covered with water.

Feng Shaotao _____________ into such kind of anxiety and can’t get out of it. ___________ his eyes, the college entrance exam cuts everyone apart and isolates (分离)him ___________ the society. The childish faith tells him ___________ taking part in the college entrance exam is growing up. The recognition(认知)of ___________ a high school senior tells him that one has to pay to grow up, and the anxiety and hesitation(犹豫)at present ___________ the price.

Feng Shaotao sets ___________ a goal of getting 750 points in the college entrance examination. The result comes really _________ to that ___________ he has still achieved his dream of going to ______________ university of Shanghai.

There are lots of __________ kids like Feng and __________ they will understand that the worries ______________once trapped them are the colors they ______________see on the road of life.

In the battlefield of ____________, growth is a battle where you will never come back. Being young means to strive.

1.A.trapped B.traps C.is trapped D.is trapping

2.A.Of B.In C.To D.For

3.A.out B.into C.from D.away

4.A.that B.what C.if D.whether

5.A.is B.to be C.are D.being

6.A.will be B.are C.was D.is

7.A.himself B.him C.his D.he

8.A.closed B.closing C.close D.closes

9.A.though B.because C.however D.but

10.A.a B.an C.the D./

11.A.others B.other C.another D.the other

12.A.at the end B.at the end of C.in the end D.in the end of

13.A.which B./ C.what D.whom

14.A.could B.should C.needed D.must

15.A.young B.be youth C.be young D.youth

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