What did you do to celebrate the new year? For many, there's no better way than watching _______ with heart-warming holiday vibes (气氛). Adoring, a comedy-drama released on Dec 31, is such a film.

The movie tells a story through the eyes of the _______ center owner Vivan, who _______ medical care for all pets in her community. She witnesses (见证) six heart- warming stories among the pets and their owners. In one moving scene, an old dog is _______ but wants to see its beloved owner for the last time.

The film's producer, Xu Zheng, said that Adoring is a movie that "explores different relationships", brings the warmth of love" and _______ attracts young people. Indeed, pets are becoming popular among young Chinese people. According to a report on the 2019 Singles' Day shopping festival, _______ food is the most popular, even surpassing (超过) milk for babies. The total sales reached 18,000 tons of cat food and 14,000 tons of dog food.

Besides food and daily necessities, young pet owners also buy _______ products, like automatic feeders and high-tech pet monitors to take care of the pets while they are not at home. Other pet _______ include training, grooming, medical treatment and funerals for pets passing away.

The increase is partly because of people's attitudes towards pets, as more and more youth treat pets _______: companions or family members. It is natural to spend money on their family members," Liu Bo, a professor at China Agricultural University told Xinhua News Agency. This pattern of behavior ________ people's need for a better spiritual life."

1.A.movies B.TV C.concerts

2.A.teaching B.babysitting C.pet

3.A.provides B.offers C.gives

4.A.dead B.dying C.death

5.A.accidentally B.especially C.never

6.A.baby B.plant C.animal

7.A.normal B.traditional C.smart

8.A.presents B.jobs C.services

9.A.as B.with C.in

10.A.drives B.meets C.requires

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