"Look at the moon," my son shouts excitedly. Our son's best friend joins in the celebration, and soon the whole room is looking out of the window, enjoying this simple sight.

It's not the first time we've _______ our love of the moon as a family. Last time we celebrated as we sat in a taxi after a meaningful day trip. Both our son and little daughter were jumping around with _______ in the back of the cab at the sight of the big golden October harvest moon. The driver couldn't help but join in the simple joy.

In order not to _______ the moon whenever it appears, we even _______ our bedroom to the back of the house. So our son has a _______ from Bath in the East to the Forest in the West. It has paid off as he often now shouts down to us about sunrises, sunsets, rainbows or a storm.

I'm not sure if he knows just _______ this pleases me. At seven, it feels like he is starting to understand more about the rhythm of life, the passing of time, and how it _______ us humans. He knows that the sun doesn't _______ rise in one place, that it travels _______ the sky. He knows that clouds will gather near hills or mountains and a rainbow often ________ rain. It feels like he is developing a ________ connection with the earth through the ________ he spends sitting on his windowsill.

He then understands what he is enjoying is temporary (短暂的). The ________ doesn't stay full for long and rainbows disappear quickly. ________, he's catching those moments with both ________ and holding them in his arms. And what I love about this the most is that his first thoughts are always to share this joy with those whom he loves.

1.A.shared B.developed C.wanted D.accepted

2.A.hope B.joy C.courage D.peace

3.A.see B.welcome C.lose D.miss

4.A.decorated B.changed C.prepared D.bought

5.A.view B.trip C.dream D.memory

6.A.how long B.how often C.how much D.how

7.A.influences B.tells C.worries D.warns

8.A.really B.even C.just D.ever

9.A.through B.above C.across D.under

10.A.appears B.follows C.invites D.brings

11.A.softer B.harder C.lighter D.deeper

12.A.thoughts B.moments C.efforts D.money

13.A.clouds B.rainbows C.sun D.moon

14.A.Moreover B.Otherwise C.Suddenly D.However

15.A.hands B.eyes C.ears D.feet

The Huawei Mate Xs seems like the first truly model of foldable (可折叠的) phones. It's a huge-screened smart phone that fold with the screen on the outside. Unlike the competition, this is a killer phone. _______

This phone catches a lot of attention-- unfold it and people will be amazed._______We've been stopped in the street, interrupted on a train and watched by a waiter while using it.

With a battery in each half, the Mate Xs have 4500mAh of power and charges very quickly—over 80% in 30 minutes. Open the Mate Xs out and you can multitask (多任务) across three different apps on the screen at once. With the help of a sidebar, you can drag one to the right and one to the left.

_______ First, the screen. It's plastic, as on most foldable phones, so more fragile (易碎的) than glass ones. Next, the software. As it was not allowed to use Google, many apps you use in your daily life may just don't work properly on the Mate Xs. _______ There's a lot to weigh up here, especially that price—?2299, but there's no doubt the tech in this thing is great and surprising.

1.Which is TRUE about Mate Xs according to the passage?

A.Mate Xs has only a battery of 4500mAh of power.

B.All the apps we like can work very well on the Mate Xs.

C.The huge screen on the Mate Xs is made of glass and hard to break.

D.Mate Xs allows us to watch videos and send messages at the same time.

2.The sentence "But three things put the Mate Xs in question." should be put in _________.

A.① B.② C.③ D.④

3.What does the author thinks of the Mate Xs?

A.It is well worth buying. B.It is surprising but too expensive.

C.It runs out of power quickly. D.It is just a phone with a huge screen.

4.The passage is most probably from ___________.

A.a technology magazine B.a leaflet

C.a fashion magazine D.an advertisement

Lots of times, Pap would lock me in the wooden house and go away. Pap was pretty careful not to leave a knife or anything in the cabin while he was gone. But I finally got something — a saw, and started sawing hard to help myself out. As soon as I heard Pap coming up from town, I hid the saw and waited. He came in angrily, "Get out to the boat and get what I brought from town."

It was good to be outside again, even if it was for just a few minutes. If I wanted to, I could take off running right now. I'd just run away, but that's when Pap yelled, "Boy, are you asleep or drowned?"

At dinner time, Pap'd drank too much and fell asleep on the floor. I thought about taking the key from his pocket quietly, but he was having a restless sleep. I waited for him to settle down, but then I got too tired and fell asleep.

It was after sunup when Pap woke me. "Get out there and catch us some fish," he ordered. I headed out and saw something else floating toward me in the river. It was a canoe (独木舟). I jumped in and swam over to it. It was empty inside, then I had a good idea. I pulled that canoe up and hid it behind some bushes. When I had my chance, I'd go down the river in the canoe. No one would ever find me.

Pap got angry when he saw me back, wet all over. So I got locked inside the cabin again. Once Pap set off for town, I had my chance.

When I was ready to run off through the hole I cut with the saw, I realized Pap would know I'd run away. So I smashed the door with an ax. Then I found a wild pig lying dead in the woods and dripped some of its blood on the cabin floor. I pulled out some of my hair and dropped it on the floor, too.

1.According to the story, Pap is ____________.

A.rude and impatient B.careless and selfish

C.serious and hardworking D.lazy and forgetful

2.What can we learn from the story?

A."I" was quite good at hunting wild pigs.

B."I" planned to escape with the help of the canoe.

C.Pap left nothing sharp in the cabin to protect "me".

D.Pap asked "me" to wait for him to wake up after dinner.

3.What does the underlined word "restless" mean?

A.打鼾的. B.辗转反侧的. C.香甜的. D.平躺的.

4.It is suggested in Paragraph 6 that "I" did all these things because ____________.

A."I" was very naughty and was playing a trick

B."I" wanted to make Pap worried and care for "me"

C.Pap would think "me" dead and stop looking for "me"

D.Pap would be afraid and not lock "me" in the cabin any more

Day Zero is a topic you might hear in a Hollywood disaster film, but in Australian towns influenced by drought (干旱), Day Zero comes when the government finally shut down the local water supply after years of drought. To some Australian towns under The Big Dry, that day arrived earlier in the last year.

Australia is not the only country that has such water problems. More water is used all over the world and drought happens more often and lasts for longer time. Australia, South Africa and India are all influenced seriously. According to the UN, more than four billion people don't have enough water for at least one month a year because of the world's rising population in cities and a warmer climate. And the problem will be even worse in the coming years.

There are too many dry rivers in Australian towns now. In New South Wales, the 32 months from January 2017 to August 2019 were the driest on record. The situation is so serious that in August 2019, the government prepared to spend ten million dollars saving fish. The year before that they had relaxed rules for shooting kangaroos because increasing numbers of kangaroos came to farmland to look for water and food.

It happened on Monday 13 January 2020. The water ran out in Stanthorpe. To satisfy the water needs in town, trucks carried water from another dam (水坝) near Warwick every day, which cost $800,000 a month. But this couldn't solve the problem.

"This is the worst drought on record," said Tracy Dobie, who has been Mayor of the Southern Downs Region since 2016. "When you see a blue sky without clouds, dry land, and dead plants, it is hard to be positive."

Scientists are trying to find ways to solve the problem, developing new technologies that could get drinking water from even the world's driest water taps.

1.Drought happened mainly because ____________.

A.the government shut down water supply

B.the government didn't store enough water in dams

C.serious pollution leads to drought all over the world

D.increasing population and warmer climate costs more water

2.What does the Australian government do to deal with the water problem?

① Protect kangaroos from being killed.

② Carry water in trucks to places in need.

③ Help to save fish in rivers from dying.

④ Look for more water in farmland.

A.②③ B.②④ C.①②③ D.②③④

3.We can infer from the passage that ____________.

A.scientists have found ways to solve the problem

B.the water problem will be less serious next year

C.Australia has the most serious water problem in the world

D.Stanthorpe is still in drought though much money is spent

4.Which can be the best title for the passage?

A.Day Zero B.Saving water

C.Drought in Australia D.Why drought happened

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