A dog was found swimming more than 220 kilometers off the coast of Thailand, and it has been returned safely to land.

Late last week, workers on an oil ______ noticed the animal, all alone, in the water. It began to swim towards the side of the ship. The dog was able to get itself onto a solid area. It looked cold, ______ and scared. It barked at the workers but it was too weak to be heard. The workers lowered a rope around it and worked together to ______ the animal up to safety.

The workers who saved the dog quickly gave their new friend a name: Boonrod. The name means something ______ to "survivor" in the Thai language.

One of those workers was Vitisak. He kept on writing the stories of Boonrod on his home page. He said it was lucky that they noticed the dog in the ______. If there had been waves, he said, the animal likely would not have been seen.

No one knows how Boonrod ended up all alone at sea, or ______ he had been out there. But Vitisak and others have suggested the animal might have fallen ______ a fishing boat.

On Monday, Boonrod arrived at the Songkhla port (码头) in the southern Thai province. A team of animal doctors was waiting for him there. Local people also ______ the dog with neck rubs and a special necklace made of yellow flowers. Many people took pictures with the lucky dog.

Vitisak wrote on his home page, "Today, ship and Boonrod arrived onshore at around 10 a.m. His health ______ has improved. He is getting a bit stronger and can smile."

The dog is now under the care of an animal doctor. On Tuesday, the group published pictures of Boonrod getting washed—______ getting plenty of love and attention.

Vitisak says that if the dog can't find its owner, he will take him with him to his home in northeast Thailand.

1.A.plane B.ship C.train D.underground

2.A.excited B.energetic C.tired D.thankful

3.A.pull B.push C.lift D.carry

4.A.difficult B.different C.familiar D.similar

5.A.ship B.bottom C.island D.sea

6.A.how far B.how long C.how soon D.how often

7.A.away B.down C.off D.onto

8.A.welcomed B.protected C.shared D.invited

9.A.tradition B.position C.action D.condition

10.A.and B.but C.so D.or

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