When Ben delivered (递送) milk to my home one morning before Christmas, he was not his _______ sunny self. He told me one of his _______ had left without paying the bill, $79, nor leaving her new address. So it meant that he had to cover the loss.

“She was a very pretty woman,” he said, “with six children and _______ on the way. She was _______ saying, ‘I’m going to pay you soon after my husband gets a second job.’ I believed her, but she left. Isn’t that annoying (令人生气的)?”

“Don’t be so angry. Just make it a Christmas present to the kids.” I said.

The holidays came and went. On a sunny January morning two weeks later, Ben was rushing to deliver milk when he saw a woman running down the street, waving some _______. He recognized (认出) her at once – the woman who didn’t _______ her bill.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, “but I really have been meaning to pay you.”

She _______ that her husband came home one night and said he found a _______ apartment. He also got a new job. As a result, she _______ to leave the new address. “But I’ve been saving,” she said. “Here’s the money towards the bill.”

“That’ s all right,” Ben ________. “It’s been paid.”

“Paid!” she exclaimed (惊叫). “What do you mean? Who paid it?”

“I did,” Ben said. “It went to the children as a Christmas present!”

1.A.old B.unusual C.usual D.past

2.A.children B.customers C.neighbours D.actresses

3.A.another B.other C.the others D.others

4.A.usually B.often C.always D.sometimes

5.A.head B.hands C.milk D.money

6.A.spend B.pay C.take D.cost

7.A.explained B.complained C.confirmed D.remembered

8.A.bigger B.worse C.farther D.cheaper

9.A.forgot B.remembered C.decided D.had

10.A.praised B.repeated C.cried D.replied

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