China is running ahead in 5G. Last month, the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station _______ the world’s first “5G railway station”. Now it _______ only 20 seconds to download a long movie there.

We are moving closer and closer to the 5G world. However, the new technology is still _______ to most of us. What is 5G, after all? The first feature of 5G is obvious — it is _______. 5G will not only be faster than the current 4G networks. It will _______ be much faster than the broadband(宽带) connection we have at home!

The first 5G modem(调制解调器) of the IT company Qualcomm supports the _______ of up to 5 gigabytes(千兆字节) per second. Most of us have never experienced _______ close to that speed. And we are only talking about the first generation of 5G modems. Future modems are likely to be even faster.

_______ 5G is not all about speed. Have you ever been to a large event where your data(数据) connection slowed down? That is _______ 4G networks can only support a certain number of devices(装置、设备) per square kilometer. 5G networks will be able to do much ________. They can support up to a million devices per square kilometer.

Now, you begin to ________ why 5G is a huge upgrade over 4G. The technology is not just for the smart phone. It has a strong ________ on every connected device. ________ 5G self-driving cars will be able to communicate with the world around them as quickly as possible. They will be ________ independent. Wearables(可穿戴设备), PCs and smart home appliances will be able to be ________ as well. Are you looking forward to it?

1.A.described B.became C.connected D.caused

2.A.takes B.spends C.costs D.pays

3.A.successful B.harmful C.strange D.good B.slow C.common D.unusual

5.A.too B.either C.also D.neither

6.A.task B.speed C.weight D.height

7.A.anything B.something C.nobody D.anybody

8.A.So B.But C.And D.Or

9.A.while B.since C.because D.whether

10.A.better B.worse C.well D.bad

11.A.mention B.understand C.doubt D.prove

12.A.chance B.level C.influence D.mind

13.A.With B.From C.For D.To

14.A.completely B.simply C.mostly D.nearly

15.A.discovered B.happened C.improved D.begun

The year 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of the start of diplomatic (外交) relations between China and the United States. When the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations《中美建交公报》went into effect on Jan 1, 1979, the two countries began a friendship that stays deep to this day. Whether it's stepped-up trade, shared entertainment markets (娱乐市场) or simply people-to-people exchanges, China and the US have helped each other grow and succeed.

Trade and economy (经济)

As the largest and second-largest economies in the world, the US and China have a strong economic relationship. They are both major trade partners for each other, exporting (出口) and importing (进口) billions of dollars worth of goods every year. As of October 2019, the total value of trade between both countries was nearly $468 billion (3.26 trillion yuan), according to US Census Bureau. Certain US products, such as high-end (高端) clothing and electronics brands (品牌), are in high demand (需求) in China. Likewise, China exports large amounts of manufactured (制造的) goods to the US, including clothing and industrial equipment (工业设备).


As the world's fastest-growing film market, China is Hollywood's top target (目标) at the moment, with new releases in China earning millions of dollars. Avengers: Endgame 《复仇者联盟4:终局之战》 for example, earned $614 million (4.28 billion yuan) in China last year, according to Box Office Mojo. China, for its own part, is working to develop its own movie industry and send its films abroad. The sci-fi film The Wandering Earth 《流浪地球》, which came out last year, did quite well in the US. It became China's third highest-grossing (票房最高的) film of all time with total worldwide earnings of nearly $700 million (4.88 billion yuan), according to Box Office Mojo.

People-to-people exchanges

The US is a top choice for many Chinese students who wish to study abroad. US universities have welcomed record numbers of Chinese students in recent years, with the total number of students reaching 360,000 as of June 2019, according to the BBC. This has allowed students from both countries to gain a greater understanding of each other's cultures. And, of course, there are those on both sides who choose to live and work in each other's countries. Many Chinese researchers work in US labs (实验室), while in China, there are many US citizens working in fields ranging (范围) from journalism (新闻) to English education.

1.China and the US formally established diplomatic relations in _________.

A.1949 B.1971 C.1979 D.2019

2.The total value of trade between China and the US shows us that _________.

A.the two countries have a strong economic relationship

B.the two countries are the strongest economies in the world

C.China's economy is going to surpass the US economy

D.people around the world rely on Chinese products

3.People-to-people exchanges help to improve _________.

A.the development of tourism in both countries

B.the development of the education industry in China

C.cultural exchanges between both countries

D.the sharing of scientific discoveries between both countries

4.The article describes China-US relations in all of the following areas except _________.

A.diplomacy B.entertainment D.military affairs

5.The title of this article may be_________.

A.China and the US have been partners for 40 years.

B.The great achievement in trading between two countries.

C.T The great achievement in culture between two countries

D.The great achievement in diplomacy between two countries.


I had hidden the long black bag in the garage for the past two days.Tonight,in the dark,I would finally take it away.If everything went OK,it would be done by morning.But I had to be sure no one,not even my wife,saw me.

It was more difficult to get away from the party than I expected.I said that the children were tired and needed to get to bed.It was partly true.But the main reason for leaving was that I wanted to complete my plan.

First I had to get the kids to sleep.That was never easy at any time and tonight it was even more difficult.The eldest one wanted to know why we left the party early.I told him 10:30 pm was not early.As usual,I read them a bedtime story,but I had to stop myself reading too quickly or they would learn my secret.

Silence finally came,and feeling like a thief in the night,I went out of the house and into the garage.Taking one end,I dragged the bag out from its hiding place and took it into the garden.I was worried that my neighbours might see me and call the police.

It was already eleven o’clock.By the light of the moon I started working,trying to make as little noise as possible.And that was not easy with a saw(锯子)and a hammer.

After much effort,my work was finally completed.I looked down at my watch.It was exactly 4:00 am.Then I went inside to have a shower and get a few hours of sleep.It wouldn’t be long now before the kids would rush into my room and wake me up to tell me about the new tree house Father Christmas had brought them this year.

1.Why did the man feel nervous?

A.He left the party too late.

B.He was afraid of the darkness.

C.He didn’t know where the black bag was.

D.He worried that others would discover his secret.

2.The underlined word“they”in Paragraph 3 refers to________.





3.In what order did the man do the following?

a.Read the kids a story.

b.Had a shower.

c.Worked in the moonlight.

d.Dragged the bag from the garage.

e.Went to a party.





4.What did the man want to do after finishing his plan?

A.Go to sleep.

B.Wake up his children.

C.Open the bag.

D.Call the police.

5.How would the children feel when they saw the man’s work?





Last year in the UK at least 45 people died and 900 more were injured in car accidents where drivers were using their mobile phones. Yet many people continue to use them while driving even though it's dangerous.

Research has shown that it is difficult to concentrate on driving and talking at the same time. It can even be more dangerous than driving after drinking too much. A recent study found that when drivers were talking on their mobile phones, their stopping times were 30 percent slower than when they had drunk too much—and nearly 50 percent slower than when they were driving normally. It also found that drivers talking on mobile phones were less able to control their cars than drunk drivers.

And talking isn't even the most serious problem, texting is. Unbelievably, another recent study reported that 22 % of adults admitted they had sent a text message while driving at least once in the past month. An average text message takes 90 seconds to write and send. That means for one and a half minutes a driver is looking at their phone's screen and not at the road. The arrival of new smart phones such as the iPhone will only make matters worse as they will allow users to do more things than ever before.

Using a mobile phone while driving puts others' lives at risk. No matter how well we drive, if another driver is not being professional or careful, we are put in danger by their actions. Such drivers are selfish, careless and should have their driving licences (驾照) cancelled.

There is no doubt that mobile phones call be fun and are extremely useful, especially when you're in trouble. But there is no need to use them while driving. Just wait until you stop or you will probably get into trouble of your own.

1.The underlined word "them" in paragraph 1 refers to __________. users phones C.drivers D.ears

2.According to the passage, if a driver needs 10 seconds to stop when driving normally, they will need __________ seconds to stop when talking on a mobile phone.

A.12. B.13. C.14. D.15.

3.According to the passage, in what order do the following activities influence driving?

Dangerous→More dangerous→Most dangerous

A.drinking→talking on phone→texting B.texting→talking on phone→drinking

C.talking on phone→texting→drinking D.drinking→texting→talking on phone

4.Why will new types of mobile phones make the driving problem worse?

A.It will take longer to send text messages.

B.People will want to talk on their phones more often.

C.There will be more things for people to do with their phones.

D.People think the new phones are easier and safer to use.

5.According to the writer, what should be done to people who use mobile phones when driving?

A.They should be put into prison. B.Their cars should be taken away.

C.Their phones should be taken from them. D.They should not be allowed to drive any longer.

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