On a trip to California, my family stopped for lunch. As we walked toward the entrance to the _______, a man with a dirty face jumped up from a chair and opened the door for us and greeted us in a friendly way.

Once _______, my daughters said in a low voice, “Mom, he smells.” After we ordered our lunch, I explained, telling the kids to look _______ the appearance. The day I became a mother, I had made my mind to set a good example for my _______. But sometimes being a good example was _______. When our meal arrived, 1 realized I had left something important in the truck. With the windiest trip ahead, the kids needed it, so I went back to the truck _______ it.

Just then, the “doorman" was opening the door for a couple. They rushed past him without even noticing him. Letting them in first, I said a loud " _______ " to him as I went out.

When I returned, we talked a bit. He said he was not _______ inside unless he bought food. I went back and told my family his _______. Then I asked our waitress to add one soup and sandwich. The kids looked ________ as we had already eaten, but when I said the order was for the "doorman”, they smiled. When it was time to ________ our trip, I noticed the "doorman" enjoying his meal. Upon seeing me, he stood up and thanked me heartily. He then ________ his hand for a handshake and I gratefully accepted. I suddenly noticed his tears in ________.

Though we can I choose many things in life, we can choose when to show thanks. I said thanks to a man who had ________ helped open a door for me, and also said thanks for that ________ to teach my children by example.

1.A.post office B.bank C.restaurant D.hospital

2.A.upstairs B.downstairs C.outside D.inside

3.A.beyond B.at C.around D.into

4.A.cousins B.brothers C.sisters D.kids

5.A.necessary B.strict C.easy D.difficult

6.A.for B.of C.with D.without

7.A.Excuse me B.I'm sorry C.Thank you D.Happy New Year

8.A.praised B.allowed C.understood D.protected

9.A.situation B.purpose C.habit D.method

10.A.worried B.tired C.surprised D.bored

11.A.make B.start C.take D.continue

12.A.reached B.washed C.raised D.gave

13.A.ears B.eyes C.mouth D.nose

14.A.carefully B.simply C.specially D.patiently

15.A.journey B.wisdom C.chance D.challenge

Library Cards are free to all citizens in California. They allow you to borrow books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from our library. They also allow you to use the computers at the library.

Click here to ask for a Card

You must show your photo ID in person at the library.

You must be present to receive a Card or renew an expired (过期的) Card. Library Cards will expire in four years.

You can change your address, phone number and email online.

Tell us at once if your Card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for all items checked out on your Card.

Cards for kids and teens

On the cards, the name of a parent is needed for children (aged 13 and under). The parent must also provide a photo ID. Teens (aged 14 to 17) use the same way. However, teens who already have their own photo IDs can borrow books without a parent's name on them.

Borrowing items

A Library Card allows you to borrow 25 items at most. You can keep each borrowed item for no more than 60 days.

The library has a fine for items not returned within 60 days. The fine for books and magazines is $1.00 each a day. The fine for CDs and DVDs is $ 2. 00 each a day.

The library has an extra cost for items that are damaged. The borrower will pay the price of the item.

1.What can we infer from the "Click here to ask for a Card" part?

A.You must go to the library with your parent.

B.You can ask your friends to get the card for you.

C.You can change your phone number left on your Card.

D.You may send your photo ID to the library.

2.Who doesn't need to have a parent’s name on the Card?

A.10-year-old Tim. B.13-year-old Joe.

C.14-year-old Andy, with a photo ID. D.16-year-old Ted, without a photo ID.

3.Which of the following is WRONG according to the information?

A.You will be fined if you don't return your borrow items after expiring.

B.You should return each of your borrowed items within two months,

C.You can use your Library Card to borrow 25 items at most.

D.If you damage your borrowed items you have to pay the double price of them.

Happy Birthday to Wally

Welcome to Formosa Zoo!

Our beloved Llama, Wally,will be 5 years old on Nov.14.

Come and join us to celebrate his birthday.Welcome to Formosa Zoo!

Grandpa Lin’s Story Time

Where is Wally from?

What is Wally’s favourite food?

Is Wally married?

Want to know more about Wally?

Let Grandpa Lin tell you!

Time: 10:30 a.m-11:30 a.m

Place: The Little Theatre.

Picture Drawing

Let’s decorate Wally’s home together.

Elementary School students are invited to draw pictures of Wally.

Time:12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Place: The Children’s Park.

The Birthday Party

Wally will be happy to see you at his birthday party

from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Children’s Park.

Come and enjoy cakes, drinks and music, and take pictures.

Special presents for people who were born on Nov. 14

Best Wishes to Wally Write down your best wishes for Wally.


1.What is Wally?

A.A zoo. B.A girl. C.An animal. D.An important day.

2.Who can be invited to draw a picture of Wally?

A.Linda, a high school student who loves drawing.

B.Tony, a father who loves drawing animals.

C.Tom, a primary school student who loves drawing.

D.Susan, a college student who studies Art.

3.How long will Wally’s birthday party last?

A.One hour. B.Two hours. C.Three hours. D.Four hours.

4.The Browns will visit Sunshine Zoo on March 9. Who can get a special present?

A.Ted. He will draw a picture of Wally.

B.Susan. She will send an email to Formosa Zoo.

C.Mrs Brown. She will help make cakes for Wally’s party.

D.Mr Brown. He has the same birthday as Wally.

5.Stella wants to learn a lot about Wally’s life and history. Which activity should she join?

A.Grandpa Lin’s Story Time. B.Picture Drawing.

C.The Birthday Party. D.Best Wishes to Wally.

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