Do you know someone who has never been troubled by tests? Yeah, some people are lucky like that. But for most of us, taking tests can cause lot of bad feelings, Such as low confidence, being nervous, feeling down on yourself, trouble breathing, trouble sleeping or cold hands.

Spend moment thinking about a test you have to take. Do you have any of these feelings? If so, that might mean you're having some trouble dealing with the stress of the test.

Now that we know what stress feels like, let's talk about where test stress comes from. Here are a few of the biggest causes of test stress:

●Pressure from yourself. It's important to do your best and study hard, but if you feel like you just can't stop pushing yourself to prepare or you won't be happy with anything but a high grade, that pressure can't be hard to deal with.

●Pressure from parents and teachers. Most parents want to see great report cards, and they can start pushing when test time comes around. For teachers, many schools want to show high test grades from their students. So they have high expectations for the teachers, then the teachers have expectations for the students!

●Competition with friends. You love your best friends but she's always asking you how you did in the test you both just took. This is normal, but can add to some of the pressure you're already feeling.

●Past experience. If you had a bad time with a test in the past, or if you've done poorly in one or more tests, you could feel anxious (焦虑的) about the next one.

●Negative (消极的) thinking. If you think you're going to fail, or you keep beating yourself up with thoughts like "I'm not smart enough" or "I never do well", this can add a lot of stress.

1.What's the main idea of the first paragraph?

A.Tests may cause the changes of feelings for most of us.

B.How we find someone who has never been troubled by tests.

C.Some people will have some trouble in dealing with the stress of tests.

D.Talk about the cause of test stress.

2.What can be a suitable title for the passage?

A.Pressure from Oneself B.Pressure from Parents and Teachers

C.Where Test Stress Comes from D.Negative Thinking

3.The direct reason why you feel anxious about the next test is that ________. are always expecting to take the first place in taking tests didn't do well in the past one or more tests are always too lazy are not sure of your study ability and skills

4.Which one of the following is most probably to be talked about next?

A.How to deal with the stress of tests. B.How to prevent pressure from parents.

C.How to compete with friends properly. D.How to think actively.

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