Tiger shoes are often found on babies' feet in the countryside of China today. The shoes are made of cloth and the front of them is made _______ a tiger's head. The tradition of tiger shoes comes from a Chinese folk tale about Yang, his beautiful wife and their son.

Long age, in the famous town Yangzhou, there was a boatman called Yang who was very generous and willing to help _______. One day he got an old picture from one of his passengers.

In this picture, a beautiful woman was making a pair of tiger shoes. The boatman liked the picture so much that he put it on the wall above his bed _______ he got home.

One evening, the woman in the picture stepped out of the picture. She _______ in love with Yang and they got married. They had a happy life together, and soon they had a son who brought lots of _______ to the family. _______ they were happy, things soon changed. The magic picture was taken away by the town official _______ had heard about the beautiful woman. The official put the picture on the wall above his bed, but the woman _______ came down.

The son missed his mother and often cried for her. Yang told him that his mother had gone far away to the west. The son insisted on _______ his mother, even though he knew it was very difficult. He travelled day and night. ________, he found his mother in a forest.

"My son, you are so brave!" said the mother.

"Mom, let's go home. I missed you so much.

"I can't go back ________ you take the picture from the town official. Take the pair of tiger shoes I made for you. You'll need ________ , now close your eyes and I'll send you home." Within a second, the son was at home. He put on his tiger shoes and went to the official's home. He told the official that he could make the beautiful woman come down from the picture.

The official was so ________ that he led the boy into his bedroom at once. As soon as the boy saw his mother, he spoke to the picture. "Mom, let's go!" the beautiful woman stepped out of the picture. The official tried very hard to stop them, but suddenly the tiger shoes ________ a large tiger. The tiger jumped at the official. The son brought his mother back home and the family was able to live together happily ever after.

Since then, people have made tiger shoes for their own children in order to ________ them and their families.

1.A.into B.from C.of D.up

2.A.another B.others C.other D.any other

3.A.before B.whenever C.as soon as D.while

4.A.threw B.felt C.fell D.dropped

5.A.sadness B.worries C.trouble D.joy

6.A.Although B.Because C.Whether D.So

7.A.what B.who C.how D.which

8.A.never B.seldom C.sometimes D.always

9.A.looking at B.looking up C.looking for D.looking after

10.A.At the end B.At last C.So far D.At once

11.A.until B.if C.when D.since

12.A.it B.me C.us D.them

13.A.surprised B.excited C.amazed D.interested

14.A.turned up B.turned on C.turned into D.turned out

15.A.care B.prevent C.love D.protect

When Helen left home to do some shopping, her elder daughter, 12-year old Vanessa was watching a movie and her little daughter, 10 -month-old Alice, was asleep in the room. Helen told Vanessa to look after Alice and to watch the cake in the oven (烤箱).

Just after Helen left, Alice woke up and got out of her bed. Vanessa didn't hear her sister because the film was making a noise. She also forgot the cake. But she heard the ice-cream man. She ran out o the house without taking her key and locked herself out.

Through the window, she saw Alice in the room. At once, she remembered the cake and knew Alice was in danger. She ran to the nearest telephone box and called 999.

When the firemen arrived, they found Vanessa crying outside and heard Alice laughing inside. They went in and found the dog, Nap, playing with Alice. He was jumping around her and the oven.

When Nap saw the firemen, he stopped at once as if to say, "Now it's your turn. She is safe." The house was full of smoke then, and they believed that Nap was playing with Alice to keep her away from the oven.

1.Vanessa's mother left home to _________.

A.have dinner B.see a film C.visit her friends D.go shopping

2.What was Alice doing when her mother left home?

A.She was sleeping. B.She was watching TV.

C.She was playing with Nap. D.She was making a noise.

3.Which is the right order according to the story?

①Vanessa ran out of the house.

②Helen told Vanessa to watch the cake.

③Alice had a good time playing with Nap.

④Alice woke up and got out of her bed.

A.①②③④ B.②③④① C.②④①③ D.①④③②

4.When Nap saw the firemen, he stopped because ________.

A.he wanted to go outside B.he was surprised to see them

C.he knew that Alice was safe now D.he wanted to have some ice cream

5.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.Helen asked her elder daughter to take care of Alice when she left home to buy some things.

B.Alice got up after her mother went out to do some shopping.

C.Vanessa ran out of her house without her sister.

D.The house was full of smoke because Nap played with Alice near the oven.

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