Modern inventions make our life easier and more interesting than before. Let’s take a look at some inventions.

A new kind of enzyme(酶)

Scientists in Britain and the United States have found a new kind of enzyme that eats plastics. With its help, plastics can be turned into smaller parts and go away quickly. It can stop plastics from being burned everywhere. Scientists believe that it can solve the problem of plastic pollution in the future.

Social robot

Can robots talk to us like humans? Jibo, a robot made in US, can talk with you. The robot has a big, round head and a big body with no eyes or mouth. It uses animated icons (动画图标) to show emotions(情绪). It just seems like a real human. Right now, Jibo can only do some easy things, like taking photos and reading news to you. But it may learn to do new things in the future.


Spark is a new drone(无人驾驶飞机) made by a Chinese company in Shenzhen. It can help people take photos and videos. Spark might be the smallest drone ever made. When folded, it is as small as a Coke can. The coolest part is that users can control the small drone just by using hand gestures. For example, if you wave your hand from left to right, the drone will fly in the same way. When you want it to land you just put your hand out.

The drone will come to you and land on your hand.


1.According to the scientists, the new kind of enzyme can__________.

A.solve the problem of air pollution

B.stop plastics from being thrown everywhere plastics to burn quickly plastics to turn into smaller parts

2.We can learn that Jibo__________according to the text. a person with a big, round head

B.has big eyes and a big mouth

C.can take photos and read news to people

D.can do many difficult things

3.According to the text, what can we know about spark?

A.Spark is bigger than any other drones ever made.

B.Spark can be controlled by hand gestures.

C.Spark can only fly towards the same direction.

D.Spark is created by scientists from a US company.

4.Which of the following is Not true according to the text?

A.The enzyme is helpful in protecting the environment.

B.The social robot can only do something easy.

C.Spark can help people take photos and videos.

D.The social robot and Spark can both take photos and read news.

5.Where is this text most probably from?

A.A science report. B.A school introduction

C.A shopping poster. D.a trip advertisement.

Do you know 5G? It is the fifth generation (代) of mobile network technology. These new networks are coming.

China just issued commercial licenses (发放商用牌照) for 5G on June 6. This means that China's telecom companies were soon able to offer 5G networks for mobile phone users.

Each mobile network generation is faster and more powerful than the one before it. 1G let us talk to each other. 2G let us send messages. 3G gave us data and the Internet. And 4G made all of these things faster. What's special about 5G?

5G has a very short delay between sending and receiving information. Now, 4G takes about 100 to 200 milliseconds (毫秒) to send and receive data. But 5G will get it down to 1 millisecond or less—this is almost real-time.

This big change will not only make our mobile Internet faster, but also deeply change our lives. Read on to find out how.

5G+entertainment (娱乐)

5G networks are about 100 times faster than 4G. This means you can download a movie in seconds using 5G.

Also, virtual reality (VR) games will become more popular with 5G. The short delay of 5G will make the games feel even more real.


5G will also bring us safer self-driving cars. These cars can send signals (信号)to each other. They also talk to traffic lights and road sensors (传感器). 5G will allow cars to react even faster than human drivers.

5G+smart homes

5G also makes the Internet of things possible. Internet of things is a large network that connects everything to the Internet. Smart homes are part of it.

For example, your toaster can automatically (自动地)start making breakfast after your alarm rings. And if its sensor feels the air becoming dry, a smart sprinkler could water your plants by itself.

1.What happened on the sixth day of June according to the passage?

A.5G came into use

B.China issued commercial licenses.

C.Mobile phone uses could talk to each other

D.5G delayed between sending and receiving information

2.What does the underlined word "delay" in Paragraph 4 probably mean in Chinese?.

A.延时 B.暂停 C.断开 D.卡顿

3.5G will change people's lives in many ways EXCEPT _________.

A.entertainment B.transportation homes

4.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.We can download a movie faster with 5G.

B.Human drivers can send signals at traffic lights.

C.The plants can water themselves by a smart sprinkler with 5G.

D.5G is faster and more powerful than 4G.

5.What's the main idea of the passage?

A.Mobile phone users can use 5G networks.

B.Each mobile network generation has their own advantages.

C.5G will change our lives in many ways.

D.5G will bring us safer self-driving cars.

Recently, Amazing China caused strong heat in the country, the film shows China's development and achievements in the past five years as well as the great power of China. Many people wrote down their thoughts on their blog after watching it.

Li Chen, an engineer, HuBei

In the film ,When I watched a group of group in their thirties in the frontline of China's scientific research and a 25-year-old Party member helping Tibetan villagers eradicate poverty (脱贫), I felt that a country's strength mainly depends on its young people. Our jobs may be ordinary but they make a difference.

Pan Jianing, a manager, Liaoning

The documentary shows us that China is full of heroes who are willing to make a big contribution to their motherland and safeguard her dignity (尊严), we should nurture (培育) the confidence to make tomorrow better.

Lu Danqing, a railway worker, Henan

When I was first assigned to (分配) this small station (in Henan), I felt a little disappointed because the working environment was not as comfortable as I had expected. But Amazing China has changed my mind. I called my classmates after watching the film to tell them that our high-speed railway (featured in the documentary) is leading the world. I am proud of the Amazing Chinese railway.

1.What does the film Amazing China show?


2.In Li Chen's opinion, what does a country's strength mainly depend on?


3.Why should we nurture the confidence?


4.Where is the high-speed railway (featured in the documentary)?


5.How does Lu Danqiang feel about the amazing Chinese railway?


How to keep yourself from new coronavirus

The outbreak of new coronavirus first detected in China is serious. You may feel scary. Here are some simple ways that protect you from catching it.

Wear masks outdoors

Wearing masks is one of the most effective ways to protect you from getting infected.

Make sure to wear it properly by tightening up the nose clip and pulling the bottom of it so that your nose and mouth are both covered.

If you are not feeling well or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough and trouble breathing, a mask is also needed to prevent you from spreading virus to others.

Surgical masks used by medical workers are not recommended for common people as they may lead to oxygen deficient if worn for long periods.

Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissue

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or you can cough or sneeze into your sleeves, but avoid covering with your hands directly.

Wash your hands frequently and properly

Wash your hands with soap and running water thoroughly for no less than 15 seconds. Wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet. Wash your hands after returning home. Wash your hands after touching trash or garbage. Wash your hands after contacting with animals or handling animal wastes.

Strengthen your immune system and exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is one of the most important ways to help you stay away from catching any infections.

Make sure that shared spaces have good air flow and avoid going to crowded places such as hospitals, the railway stations and airports. Wear a mask if transport or movement is necessary.

Avoid close contact with peoples who have flu or cold-like symptoms.

Eat thoroughly cooked meat and eggs. Avoid contact with wild animals or farmed livestock if there is not any protection.

Seek prompt medical attention if you have symptoms or respiratory infection.

1. to keep yourself from new coronavirus

Wear masks outdoors

*Wearing a 2. is an effective way to protect you from getting infected and stop you from spreading virus to others in public places if you are sick.

*Wear a mask properly to 3. both your nose and mouth.

*Common people aren't advised to use surgical masks because they may 4. oxygen deficiency.

Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissues

* 5. cover your mouth and nose with your hands directly when you cough or sneeze, you should use a tissue or cough or sneeze into your sleeves 6..

Wash your hands frequently and properly

*Wash your hands with soap and running water thoroughly as often as possible for at 7. 15 seconds. 

Strengthen your immune system and exercise regularly

*8. regular exercise is one of the most important ways to protect you from getting infected. 

*Avoid contacting  9. with people who have flu or cold-like symptoms.

*Eat thoroughly cooked meat and eggs. 

*Avoid contact with wild animals or farmed livestock 10. any protection.

*Seek medical attention at once if you are infected.

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