Gossip means talking about other people's lives, which may be unkind or not true.

"We are going to do a gossip column (专栏) for the school newspaper," Emily said. "We take our notebooks whenever we go and write down everything happening around us."

"I already have _______ said, Austin, "I heard Lucy saying that she saw Julia's new haircut and it makes her look like a funny watermelon."

Jessica laughed. "I had _______ that, too."

This gossip-column idea was making _______ very uncomfortable. "Hold on," I said. "Don't you think kids will feel terrible to have that spread in the school?"

Emily shrugged (耸肩) . "Maybe, _______ people love gossip."

"Is that a good _______ to do it, though?" I said.

"Well, we are _______ reporting what we see and hear." said Jessica.

Austin cut in. "_______, I think Arizona was right. Gossip would make people feel bad."

Jessica said, "So does anyone have an idea for a different column?"

Emily suggested, "What if we do a friendly gossip column instead?"

"Good idea!" said Austin.

And that's exactly what we did then. We wrote down the good things or stories we saw. Here are a few good ones in our _______: Kate was seen picking up other people's rubbish and throwing it into the garbage bin. And Zoe was very _______ explaining a math problem to a classmate.

So, dear friends, "If you can't ________ anything nice, give up spreading the gossip." Even better, spread the word about the kind things people are doing.

(Adapted from Ask Arizona: The True-Friend Test)

1.A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

2.A.beaten B.noticed C.left D.needed

3.A.him B.her C.me D.them

4.A.but B.and C.so D.or

5.A.way B.reason C.design D.spirit

6.A.just B.still C.already D.nearly

7.A.In the end B.In fact C.Above all D.After all

8.A.magazine B.diary C.newspaper D.novel

9.A.surprisingly B.patiently C.happily D.angrily

10.A.hear B.say C.smell D.see

To control the spread of covid-19 (新冠病毒), the Chinese government has closed schools for months. But "study must not stop", says the government. Under its orders, the country's biggest online learning begins.

There are different ways to make the online learning go on smoothly. The online teaching and learning are achieved by using video-meeting apps such as Dingtalk by Alibaba, an online company, and Ke-tang by Tencent, another online company. " " says Yue Qiu, a teacher in Beijing.

If internet is not good all the time, students can download, audio-files and homework. In poor areas, where some families don't have internet, teaching by television makes learning possible. Since February 17th China Education Network, a state-run service, has made classes on TV every weekday from 8 am to 10 pm. All important subjects are covered.

On the other hand, worries are shared by students in the final year of the secondary school. Many parents also feel upset that online learning is not as good as traditional learning. Hou Kaixuan, who is going to take part in the entrance examination to the universities looks forward to the reopening of his school. " " he says. Not all his classmates are like him. Kaixuan has noticed that some of his classmates study just as hard at home as in school.

" " says Mr. Yue, a teacher in Beijing. That is because China's online learning is reducing the distance between teachers and students. Teachers who were not willing to give out their contact details on WeChat, now depend on it to answer students’ questions. If he is right, such a change could be one of the few happy things during this period.

1.What is the article mainly about?

A.Technology. B.Education. C.Literature. D.History.

2.What's the correct order of the missing sentences?

1. I’m simply more active in a traditional classroom

2. Slow internet speeds at home are no excuse for not studying

3. When schools finally reopen, the teacher-student relationship may be different

A.3→1→2 B.2→3→l C.3→2→1 D.2→1→3

3.Which of the following is true?

A.Parents are not satisfied with their kids' online learning at all.

B.Students lose the chance to study because of the poor internet.

C.Teachers find their relationship with students remains the same.

D.Companies like Alibaba offer online service to online education.

To many people, pandas are the loveliest animal in the world. However, it's impossible for everyone to hug and play with the cute bears. That is why panda fans gathered at a cafe (咖啡馆) in Chengdu, Sichuan. They stayed with the dogs that look like the lovely bears.

"A relative showed me photos of dogs that look like pandas the other day. I came specially to have a look on my way home after school, said Wang Shuhan, a middle-school student.

The Cute Pet Games cafe opened in September. Covering 300 square meters and accommodating 80 people at most, it does a hot business because of its six panda-like Chow Chow dogs (松狮犬) .

But there is another different voice about animal abuse (虐待) . While the dogs are naturally short and cute, their fur has been coloured black and white to make them look more like China's national symbol.

One of the managers of the cafe, Lyu Yunning, said that the six dogs came from Japan and were coloured black and white before they arrived in China to attract customers. The cafe chose Chow Chow dogs because they are light and quiet.

But the cafe brought a heated online discussion over the treatment of animals when a local newspaper reported that the owner, surnamed Huang, said it had started offering pet colouring services after the panda dogs became a hit. The cost of the dog colouring is 1,500 yuan as the colouring material is from Japan and very expensive, the newspaper reported. It takes trained worker about a day to change a Chow Chow into a "panda", the owner was quoted as saying.

The story led to angry online words from pet owners stressing the possible bad effects of colouring the animals' fur.

However, the manager Lyu said the cafe had never coloured any animal and charged the newspaper with making up an untrue story.

1.What does the underlined word "it" in the third paragraph refer to (指代)?

A.The city. B.The cafe. C.The enough space. D.The lovely dog.

2.What does the phrase "a heated online discussion" in the sixth paragraph mean?

A.Pet colouring services are too expensive for common pet owners.

B.Some people have an opposite opinion on colouring the animals' fur.

C.The cafe invited more and more local people to join in the discussion.

D.Most people in Chengdu would like to share their opinions with others.

3.What can be inferred (推断) from the report?

A.Panda dogs attract more attention of the middle-school students.

B.Both the manager and the owner of the cafe made up the untrue story.

C.We don't know whether the cafe has coloured any animal or not before. .

D.Most of the pet owners in Chengdu would like to colour their own dogs

Staying warm and comfortable at home, ordering food delivery services(外卖服务) and shopping online is a common weekend for many people, according to a yearly report made by WeChat.

The report shows not only the app’s users’ interest but also their content of consumption(消费) behaviors.

As well as being a social network, it also allows users to make friends, count steps, shop online, share moments, book taxis, read articles, play games and order food through its mobile payment system.

With more than 1.15 billion monthly users as of September, up 6 percent year-on-year, WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps.

On the network, nearly 1 million users have friends’ number up to 5,000 which is the for a user.

The most active periods for people to use WeChat are before lunch and after work. After 8 p.m. is the active peak for online games, while after 9 p.m. is for reading.

The average number of steps per day on WeChat sports is 6,932, the report shows.

However, the number of steps for about 12 million users dropped to less than 100 at weekends, which means that besides going to the toilet, these users stay in their beds all day. About 64 percent of such users are female.

Delivery food services and online shopping are mostly used at the weekend for these users.

Besides, people used WeChat Pay 5.8 times per month on average for buying goods last year.

In the WeChat emoji ranking, face palm, open smile, snicker, thumb up and rose are among the top five.

In WeChat Moments where users can share their daily lives with friends, male users prefer to share things about work or games, while female users share food or life.

WeChat mini program has more than 1 million apps over 200 industries. The app users open their mini program four times per day on average. The daily active user number of mini program reached 300 million. Women, younger than 29, prefer online shopping programs, and those aged 29 and above prefer entertainment ones.

This year, WeChat mini program will focus on empowering business ecosystems(商业生态系统) and opening up more capabilities(功能) for developers including livestreaming(直播).

1.According to the paragraph, which of the following words can be the most suitable one in the blank?

A.list B.line C.limit D.level

2.According to the passage, which of the following purposes of using WeChat is NOT mentioned(提及) ?

A.To buy goods by mini program. B.To order food delivery services.

C.To share some exciting moments. D.To download paid popular novels.

3.What is the best title of the article?

A.Great Advantages of Using WeChat

B.Report on Personality of WeChat Users

C.Influence of WeChat on Online Shopping

D.Suggestions on How to Use WeChat Properly

4.What can we learn from the passage?

A.Female aged 29 and above prefer online shopping programs.

B.More than half of the female WeChat users lie in their beds all day at weekends.

C.People use WeChat most not only before having lunch but also getting off work.

D.Male WeChat users prefer to share emojis like open smile or rose with their friends.

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