Usually, the Full Moon shines brightly all night long, lighting homes, trees, cities, and fields. Sometimes, though, a strange event happens. The Full Moon turns dark in a lunar eclipse. Lunar means “about the Moon”, and an eclipse is a blocking(遮蔽) of light.

A lunar eclipse often impresses people so much because the Moon is bright and nearby. It is the closest heavenly body(天体) to Earth. When the Moon turns dark, we notice! It’s closer to us than Mars or any other planet, and closer than the Sun or any other star. On average, the Moon is 239,000 miles away from Earth’s center. The Sun is almost 400 times farther.

What causes a lunar eclipse? The first key is that the Sun makes light, but the Moon doesn’t. When you see the Moon shining at night, you’re seeing sunlight bouncing off(反射) the Moon.

The second key is that the Moon, which is smaller than Earth, goes around us about once a month. Once a month, the moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. Then the Sun fully lights the side of the Moon that we see. We call this event a Full Moon. That’s when the Moon shines brightest.

The third key is that, during a lunar eclipse, Earth gets in the way. When you go outside on a sunny day, your body blocks some of the sunlight and casts a shadow(投射影子) over things that lie on the opposite side of you from the Sun. Earth also casts a shadow, and sometimes it falls on the Moon. Then we have a lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse happens only during a Full Moon, since that’s the only time when Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. Usually, though, there’s no eclipse because the Full Moon passes above or below Earth’s shadow.


The article introduces “lunar eclipse” to us. First it tells us the 1. of “lunar eclipse”. Then it explains why people love watching a moon eclipse. On one hand, the changing of its 2. catches people’s attention. On the other hand, it’s easier for people to enjoy a moon eclipse because among the 3., the moon is the closest to the earth.

At last, the article shows three keys cause a lunar eclipse. The first key is that the sunlight is seen bouncing off the Moon at night. The second key is that there should be a full Moon. The third key is that the 4. casts a shadow over the moon. In a word, a lunar eclipse happens only during a Full Moon, since that’s the only time when the Sun, the earth and the Moon are in a 5..

Hairstyle is thought to be a personal style choice.

However, some Chinese students are required by their school to have unified (统—的) haircuts, with short hair for male students and shoulder-length hair for female students. Some students don't like such hairstyles and have broken the rules in school.

A complaint letter by a middle school student in Fuzhou, Fujian province as well as the response of the local education bureau (教育局) to the letter has caught public attention. The letter has sparked (引发) public discussion on whether schools should control how students wear their hair.

In the letter, which was published recently on Fuzhou's 12345 website, the student wrote, “I think the so-called 'good purposes' of the school are wrong and I highly question whether this kind requirement really helps students to develop good habits and show good appearances," the student said.

The school told students that it is easy for teenage male students to pay more attention to beautiful female students, so the school wants girls to have simple appearances and develop their talents, the letter said.

"I think these words are a complete lie. How can you expect someone to have a colourful future if he or she does not know how to look attractive? Why does the school need to make all the teenage boys pay no attention to girls? Doesn't the school need more sexual (性别的) education?

"Teenagers should be colourful and different. Isn't it boring when people look back on their teenage years and can only remember ugly haircuts and same uniforms? Why can't the school give students a choice to be themselves? "

The Fuzhou education bureau wrote back to the student and said it proves that the writer is a good student with his own thoughts, courage and truth-seeking spirit. The schools ask students to have unified haircuts and wear uniforms because it is easy for teenagers to pay much attention to their appearances and little attention to their studies, the bureau said. Collectivism (集体主义) is very important for the country's development. Although the city has required students to have unified haircuts, schools can set different hairstyle standards that allow students to show their personal styles.

Debate (讨论) on hairstyle


The purposes of the school are 1. of the students’ wills.

It's 2. for students to follow school’s requirement to develop good habits and show good appearances.

Students’ personal styles are paid little attention to, 3. is the sexual education.

Local education bureau

The local education bureau wrote back and 4. the student's good characters.

It's necessary to develop collectivism by having unified haircuts and wearing uniforms.

Besides, school rules can be 5. by setting different standards to meet students' reasonable needs.

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