What makes a hero? Most of us might not have the _________ to fight bravely in a war, as we imagine many heroes do. __________, facing the spread of the novel coronavirus, many Chinese have shown their _________, resilience (韧性) and dedication (奉献), just like heroes do.

“A hero is ____________ who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway,” said US actor Christopher Reeve, who was best known for playing Superman. _________ the epidemic ( 传 染 病 ), everyone is afraid of the deadly disease. But out of _________, compassion ( 同 情) or just simply wanting to do their jobs, some choose to hold their ________ down, stand out and fight the virus. They are known as “heroes in harm’s way”.

Medical workers and scientists are always on the frontlines. Since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak, scientists have been busy doing research and looking for new ___________. Experts Zhong Nanshan, 84, and Li Lanjuan, 73, for example, have worked day and night to develop rapid test kits and treat severe (重症的) patients. Doctor Zhang Wenhong from Shanghai tried to educate the public about the virus in a humorous way. Li Wenliang and some other medical workers even ________ their lives while fighting the epidemic. “China is always well protected by ______________ of them,” former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger once wrote. Indeed, it is medical workers who are risking their lives in the battle.

__________ these well-known names, many heroes remain __________, although they also take risks and play their own parts. Construction ( 建筑) workers race ____________ time to build makeshift ( 临时的) hospitals; volunteers ensure the transportation of supplies; and thousands of media workers keep the public updated with news and ___________ stories.

Chinese writer Lu Xun said, “True heroes dare to look bravely to the gloomy ( 惨淡的) life and are bold ( 勇 敢 的 ) in facing up to the dripping ( 淋漓的 ) blood.” The battle against an epidemic is hard, but _________ there are heroes and heroic deeds, victory will be guaranteed (保证).

1.A.time B.choice C.chance D.challenge

2.A.Besides B.Anyway C.Therefore D.However

3.A.wisdom B.courage C.creativity D.strength

4.A.someone B.anyone C.everyone D.one

5.A.Instead of B.During C.In case of D.As for

6.A.responsibility B.interests C.pressure D.possibility

7.A.tear B.fear C.heart D.weakness

8.A.solutions B.treatments C.instructions D.technologies

9.A.lost B.save C.improve D.progress

10.A.the best B.the most excellent C.the smartest D.the bravest

11.A.With B.Besides C.Without D.In spite of

12.A.unknown B.silent C.ordinary D.quiet

13.A.for B.against C.along with D.together with

14.A.creative B.interesting C.inspiring D.educational

15.A.in case that B.even though C.only if D.as long as

What does it take to graduate from university? Some papers or high scores in exams? Well, these are not enough if you are a student at Tsinghua University.

According to a new rule of the university, students must prove themselves in the swimming pool. They need to pass a swimming test of at least 50 meters, and those who fail the test will be required to take a swimming course throughout their school years. By the time they graduate, they will have known how to swim; otherwise they can't graduate with their bachelor's deegrs(学士学位).

The news made waves in Chinese social media(媒体). Some people praised the university for requiring a necessary skill that can save lives, and they also believed that the rule would help improve students' health. However, others questioned if it was fair to expect those who come from inland cities(内陆城市) to be able to swim.

In fact, this is not a new rule. Tsinghua University first made swimming a requirement in 1919 but later gave it up because the number of students became too large and there were not enough swimming pools in the school for them to learn swimming.

Anyway, it is sill good news that Chinese students' health has become more and more valued.

Why not just take this chance to learn one more life-saving ability?

1.According to the passage, what does it take for a student to graduate from Tsinghua University?

A.Some papers. B.High scores in exams.

C.Passing a swimming test D.All of the above.

2.The underlined phrase "made waves" in Paragraph 3 most probably means ________.

A.caused a heated discussion B.spread widely

C.made a requirement D.proved the rule

3.What is the passage mainly about?

A.Different people hold different opinions about a new rule.

B.Tsinghua University has made a new rule of graduation.

C.Chinese students' health should be more and more valued.

D.There is a new chance to learn another life-saving ability.

Clara Daly was sitting on an Alaska Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles when she heard a worried voice over the loudspeaker: "Does anyone on board know American Sign Language?"

Clara, 15 at the time, pressed the call button. An air hostess came by and explained the situation. "We have a passenger on the plane who's blind and deaf," she said. The passenger seemed to want something, but he was traveling alone and the air hostesses couldn't understand what he needed.

Clara had been studying ASL for the past year to help blind and deaf people and she knew she'd be able to finger spell into the man's palm. So she rose from her seat, walked toward the front of the plane, and knelt by the seat of Tim Cook, then 64. Gently taking his hand, she signed, "How are you? Are you OK?" Cook asked for some water.

When it arrived, Clara returned to her seat. She came by again a bit later because he wanted to know the time. On her third visit, she stopped and stayed for a while.

"He didn't need anything. He was lonely and wanted to talk," Clara said.

So for the next hour, she talked about her family and her plans for the future. Cook told Clara how he had become blind over time and shared stories of his days as a traveling salesman. "Even though he couldn't see her, she looked attentively at his face with such kindness," a passenger reported.

"Clara was amazing," an air hostess told Alaska Airlines in an interview. "You could tell Cook was very excited to have someone he could speak to, and she was such an angel."

Cook's reply: "Best trip I've ever had."

1.What was the air hostesses' problem?

A.They had a very difficult passenger. B.They couldn't understand the passenger.

C.They didn't know the passenger's name. D.They didn't have what the passenger wanted.

2.Why did Clara Daly believe she could help?

A.Because she happened to learn some ASL. B.Because she had helped people like Cook.

C.Because she thought she might know Cook. D.Because her grandfather had the same problem.

3.Why did Tim Cook keep asking for service?

A.Because he was hungry and thirsty. B.Because he needed someone to talk to.

C.Because he was afraid of taking planes. D.Because he was interested in Clara's story.

4.Which of the following words best describe Clara Daly?

A.Brave and clever. B.Beautiful and lovely.

C.Patient and caring. D.Outgoing and friendly.

Dear Grandma,

How are you? I hope you are feeling well and your leg is improving. Can you walk a bit now? Is your neighbor, Mrs. Lu, bringing you enough books to read? I hope so. You'd love our school library, Grandma. There are so many books on all kinds of subjects. The other day I found a book about engineering. I couldn't really understand it but I hope to learn more about this topic sometime. This term I have some new subject classes, so I think I'll tell you about them.

I study biology. It is a very interesting subject. I'm learning all about the human body, where everything is and what it does. Did you know that we have a kissing muscle? It's called “orbicularis” and it's a circle muscle that closes your mouth and moves your lips forward. I love biology. It's so interesting! Another new subject is religion(宗教). I didn't think I would like this one, but actually it is very interesting to hear how different people worship(崇拜). We are learning about lots of religions from all over the world, not only Asia. My other new subject is Spanish. It's really difficult to learn a new language but I know it will be useful for me in the future, if I want to travel around the world.

Spanish is one of the official languages of the European Union and the United Nations. I've learnt that Spanish is not only spoken in Europe but in South America too. Countries like Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Mexico also speak Spanish. You know I've always wanted to go to Mexico, so if I can speak Spanish, it would be really useful.

Did you study these subjects when you were at school? I suppose subject choice changes over time, doesn't it? I'll come to visit you again in the next holiday, which I think is in eight weeks' time. I'll bring you some of my new books if you like. I hope you can write back soon and tell me all the village news. I miss you very much.

Lots of love,


1.From the letter we can know that Grandma's leg was________.

A.improving B.lost C.getting worse D.hurt

2.Why does Sara want to learn Spanish?

A.Because Spanish is interesting. B.Because Spanish is difficult.

C.Because Spanish is useful. D.Because Spanish is easy.

3.The writer has learnt a lot except ________ since she began to study biology.

A.the human body B.a kissing muscle

C.orbicularis D.circles

4.Which of the following is Not True according to the passage?

A.Sara knows little about engineering.

B.Sara is learning about religions from all over the world.

C.Grandma probably doesn't like reading books very much.

D.The subjects Sara learns are different from the ones her grandma did.

January 27,in order to win the new pneumonia Resistance War(抗击新型肺炎战). Ministry of Education asked to put off the start time of school in spring 2020.

However, many parents are very worried that putting of the start of school may affect children's studies. If they have such a long winter vacation. children will not learn any knowledge, read books or study at all. They may forget what they have learned before Staving at home for a long time will make them keep eating, sleeping and playing, which seriously affect their physical and mental health.

In short, the close of school influences learning and develops bad habits, so how should we avoid these problems? Local education departments have also issued a notice. that is, to organize online teaching and create a network platform(平台), where necessary courses will be shown every day, and online teaching will be given by excellent teachers of the subject, and students can learn at home through computer or mobile network.

It should be said that such a method is very good. It can not only keep students indoors and not worry about the infection(感染) of the disease, but also make them study at home, improve their learning ability, and truly achieve "no suspension of classes". Both the platform itself and the recorded lesson resources are more useful, and are welcomed by parents and teachers.

Of course, except for learning at home, it is also necessary to teach children about health knowledge, especially how to keep away from touching virus and other knowledge popularization; at the same time, it is also necessary for children to do some physical exercises or some games, which is good for physical health at home.

1.Parents worried about putting off the start time of school because ________.

A.children may be infected by virus B.they don't like the idea of online learning

C.children's study may be affected D.parents have no time to look after children

2.Except for learning at home, what is also necessary according to the writer?

A.To keep playing online games. B.To keep touching different people.

C.To do some physical exercises outside. D.To teach children about health knowledge.

3.The underlined word "suspension" in Paragraph 4 probably means ________.

A.plan B.stop C.growth D.change

4.What's the best title for this passage?

A.Special Way to Learn at Home B.A New War with a New Chance

C.A Way to Keep Mentally Healthy D.A Method to Make Parents Worried

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