Today making a phone call is as common as having a glass of water. But when telephones were invented more than 130 years ago, people believed that they were dangerous.

In 1876, when the first telephone was shown to the public, electricity was still new and little understood. Many people had died working with electricity in the early days. That's why most people did not easily accept that it was safe to hear a human voice through the phone.

But on the morning of March 10, 1876, Alexander Bell, and his assistant Thomas Watson, had no such fears. Bell, and Watson had been struggling to make their new invention, the telephone, work. Bell sent his assistant to a room in the basement. In a room upstairs, the telephone inventor spoke seven little words into his invention. These simple words changed the world forever. "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you. "

The telephone was born in March 1876, but it took a few more years for it to gain respect. Bell had to overcome the fears about electricity before people took his invention serious. He also had to convince(使信服) people there was a need for such a machine.

Today, we take telephones in agreement. But on that day in March 1876, there were only two telephones in the whole world. Our world sure has changed, don't you think so?

1.How did people like the telephones at first?


2.When was the first telephone invented in history?


3.What was the first sentence that was said on the phone in history?


4.Is it easy or difficult for people to accept the telephone at that time?


5.Put the main ideas (A-E) in the order that the passage is arranged.

____ →____ →____ →____ →____

A.Why people think phone call is dangerous.

B.A new try between Alexander Bell and Thomas Watson.

C.Our world has changed.

D.Telephones were dangerous.

E.It is not easy for people to accept the machine.

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