The first place I can remember well was a pleasant field with a pond of clear water in it. Trees made shadows over the pond, and water plants grew at the deep end. On one side was another field, and on the other side we looked over a gate at our master's house, which stood by the roadside. At the top of our field were more tall trees, and at the bottom was a fast-running stream.

While I was young, I lived on my mother's milk, but as soon as I was old enough to eat grass, my mother went out to work during the day and came back in the evening. There were six other young horses in my field, although they were older than I was. We all galloped (飞驰)together round the field, and had great fun. But sometimes the others would kick and bite.

"They are young farm horses and haven't learned how to behave," my mother told me. "You are different. Your father is well known, and your grandfather twice won the most important race at Newmarket. Your grandmother was quiet and gentle, and you have never seen me kick or bite, have you? I hope you will grow up to be gentle and a willing worker, and never bite or kick. "

I have never forgotten my mother's advice. She was a clever and sensible(明智的)old horse.

1.The author described a(n) ____________ place in the first paragraph.

A.quiet B.exciting C.funny D.dangerous

2."My" mother ____________ when "I" could eat grass.

A.took "me" to the grassland B.started working in the day time

C.started working day and night D.left "me" alone at night

3."I" enjoyed with "my" six buddies____________.

A.eating grass B.running freely C.kicking each other D.biting things

4.What did "my" mother tell "me" about "my" family members?

A.They were good at running B.They were good at kicking

C.They set good examples for "me" D.They lived together happily

5.What's the passage mainly about?

A."My" family life. B."My" lifestyle

C."My" living conditions D."My" memories.


Who is LiZiqi? For 7 million YouTube viewers and 20 million Weibo users, it's easy to answer. The 29-year-old vlogger's videos about her country life recently went viral (走红). Her fans call her" the goddess of nature".

She is worthy of this title. Cooking, painting, designing, farming…she practises and is master of many kinds of skills. In her videos, Li wears hanfu that she made herself. She also rears silkworms in order to sew quilts. Li grows plants as well. She is often seen preparing meals with vegetables picked from her backyard. She eats a seasonal diet. "She performs the work of a farmer with the grace(优雅) of a fairy(仙子),"the South China Morning Post said.

Li was raised by her grandparents in a small village in Sichuan province. When she was 14, she went to the city to work, but returned to the countryside in 2012 to take care of her sick grandmother.

To make a living, Li runs an online store. At first, she just used her videos to advertise her products. But the simple pleasures she presented quickly won her many fans. "In such a tech-driven age, where everything comes so quickly, it's beautiful to watch such a slow process unfold(展现) without her getting stressed," one of her fans said online.

For her global audience, what is even more interesting is Li's deep knowledge of food, nature and Chinese culture. "I can see how good Chinese people are at cooking! I never thought of preserving(保存)meat like that!" one foreign fan wrote on YouTube.

As China Daily said, Li shows the world that Chinese people love good food and are good at making art out of the simplest materials. With her videos, she has spread Chinese culture to the world.

1.What does Li Ziqi's fan call her?


2.What does Li spread to the world by her videos?


3.Are people all over the world interested in Li's deep knowledge of food, nature and Chinese culture?


4.Where does Li live now?


5.Why do people love Li Ziqi? (say one reason out)


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