You’re going to high school, aren’t you? Maybe you don’t know what to do. Well, here’s a list of the top six things to do when you’re in high school. These things will give you ideas of what your high school life could be like. Here you go!

①Find your passion(激情) and what kind of person you are: Whether it’s dance, basketball, or drawing, the important thing is that you have found something you are interested in.

②Talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to: Meet new people, find new friends and even talk to people you don’t like. It will show what a great person you are. You never know what will happen after high school.

③Take part in at least one contest(竞赛): This will give you tears(眼泪) of laughter, happiness and memories.

④Get a job: This will help you see what it’s like to have responsibility (责任). It can also help you make a little money to spend on yourself.

⑤Take a trip with your friends: It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, the memories will happen on the way and go on till the final place.

⑥Do your best at school: Don’t ever get lazy. Working hard now will help you in the future.

1.The writer mainly tells you six things you should do ____________. your high school years the beginning of your high school years

C.before your high school begins D.after you finish your high school

2.From Point③, we know that you can ________ in a contest.

A.get lots of tears B.have a strong body

C.get good grades in high school D.have different feelings and memories

3.Which of the following you’d better NOT do according to the passage?

A.Find your interest. B.Get a job.

C.Take a trip with your friends. D.Get lazy.

4.What’s the main idea of the passage?

A.Have a happy school life. B.How to get along with your schoolmates.

C.Ideas of successful high school life. D.Make your school life easy.

阅读下面短文,根据短文内容, 在每小题句子空白处填入适当词语,使其意思与短文内容一致(每空词数不限)。

People often shake hands in the United States. American men shake hands with other men. American women often shake hands with men and sometimes they shake hands with other women. Adults shake hands with children. And some people even teach their dogs to shake hands! What's the correct way to shake hands? How long should you shake hands? How hard is just hard enough?

Here are four rules to remember.

Use your right hand.

Use good eye contact(交流). Look at the person in the eye while you are shaking hands。

Don't shake hands too long. Shake hands for no more than three seconds. Then let go and take your hand back.

Don't shake hands too strongly or too weakly. When a handshake is weak, Americans think the person may not be a hard worker,or a good leader. When a handshake is too strong, Americans think the person is not polite.

When do people in the United States shake hands? They shake hands when they meet for the first time. They shake hands to say congratulations. They shake hands when they meet after not seeing each other for a while. And they often shake hands when they say goodbye. In business,shaking hands shows agreement and honesty.

Handshakes are good everywhere. It is not polite to refuse a person's hand. So make sure to shake lots of hands.

1.We can learn from the first paragraph that shaking hands is very_________ in the United States.

2.The passage gives four pieces of advice on how to________________.

3.In the eyes of Americans,if a person shakes hands too strongly,he or she________________.

4.Americans shake hands in_____________( how many )situations according to the passage.

5.At the end of the passage,the writer suggests that we should_________________.

As teenagers, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very _______, such as winning the Nobel Prize, or _______ can be small. You may just want to become one of the ten best students in your class. Once you find a dream, _______ do you do with it? Do you ever try to make your dream real?

You may think you’re not very good at some school subjects, or that it is _______ for you to become a writer. These kinds of thoughts _______ you from getting your dream, the book says. In fact, everyone can make his dream come true. The first thing you must do is to remember what your _______ is.

Don’t let it leave your heart. Keep telling _______ what you want. Do this step by step and your dream will come true faster because a big dream is, in fact, made up of many small dreams. So never _______ your dream.

There will be difficulties on the road to your dreams. But the biggest _______ comes from yourself. You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will lead to better exam results, while saving five yuan instead of buying an ice cream means you can buy a new book. As you get closer __________ your dream, it may change a little. This is good as you have the chance to learn more skills and find new interests.

1.A.good B.bad C.big D.small B.they D.which

3.A.what C.why D.that

4.A.sure B.possible C.impossible D.easy

5.A.improve D.stop B.dream C.subject D.thought

7.A.myself B.himself C.itself D.yourself

8.A.put up B.get up C.give up D.keep up

9.A.difficulty B.success C.result D.mistake C.on

Part-time(兼职的)jobs for students


We need a babysitter to look after our two boys aged 5 and 7 after school from 4: 30 p.m. to 6: 30p.m., Monday to Friday.

$100 a week.

Call Vicky at 6783-4521.

Rose Hotel part-time work

We are looking for part-time workers to work in our hotel on Saturdays.

Come in (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or call Mina at: 6123-8745(after 6 p.m.).

Holiday job

Do you want to make some money this summer? Can you speak another language? We need French, Spanish or German speakers to work in the City Museum shop from Tuesday to Saturday.

Send your CV(简历)to citymuscum@shopjob. lkj.

Newspaper delivery(递送)

We need young people to deliver newspapers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The newspaper delivery takes 30 minutes in the village of Clanbrook. You must deliver the newspapers before 7: 30 a.m. and you must have your own bike.

Interested? Ask for more information at Clanbrook post office.

1.How much can a babysitter get for an hour?

A.5 dollars. B.7dollars. C.10 dollars. D.12 dollars.

2.If Joy wants to get the job in Rose Hotel, she can call Mina at________.

A.8 a.m. B.10 a.m. C.5 p.m. D.7 p.m.

3.What can we know about the holiday job?

A.It doesn't require any CV.

B.It doesn't provide any pay.

C.If you have got it, you needn't work on Monday.

D.If you want to get it, you must speak three languages.

4.If Harry takes the newspaper delivery job, he must________. three mornings a week B.use the bike of the post office

C.finish the work before 7:00 a.m interested in the newspapers

I come from Cambridge, a beautiful city in the east of England. It is on the River Cam and has a population of about 120, 000. My home town is especially famous for its university. Many famous people studied here, such as Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. There are lots of old buildings and churches to visit. Students and tourists enjoy trips along the river by boat.

Cambridge is 80 kilometers from London. London is in the south of England and it is on the River Thames. It has a population of about; seven and a half million, so it is bigger and busier than Cambridge. It is about 2, 000 years old, and it is famous for Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge.

England itself is part of an island, and you are always near the sea. The small villages and beaches on the coast are popular for holidays. Tourists like the areas of low mountains and beautiful lakes in the north, and the hills and pretty villages in the south. Everywhere in England, you will notice how green the countryside is.

It is never very hot in summer or very cold in winter. So come and see England any time of the year, but bring an umbrella with you. It rains a lot all year round. You will need it most days.

1.How many examples of famous people are mentioned in the passage?

A.One. B.Two. C.Three. D.Four.

2.What can we know about Cambridge and London?

A.Cambridge is much busier than London.

B.London is 2,000 kilometers from Cambridge.

C.Cambridge has more famous buildings than London.

D.London has a much bigger population than Cambridge.

3.Tourists like ________in the south of England.

A.the churches B.the low mountains

C.the pretty villages D.the beautiful lakes

Wang Xingyue, 14, Shnaghai: I don’t think we should set off firecrackers during holidays. It is really noisy. Some people set them off at midnight. People nearby can’t sleep well. It also creates air pollution and lots of rubbish. So I think there is no need to set them off anymore during holidays.

Liu Ran, I4, Shangdong: Setting off firecrackers is a tradition during Chinese festivals. People set them off to celebrate or wish a happy new year. This is very important in our lives. It reminds us of the invention of gunpowder in ancient China. We can’t give it up.

Lin Yisong, 15, Zhejiang: I think we should control firecrackers. During holidays, the government could tell people to gather in one place. They can set off firecrackers and others can watch. It is safer to do this and people can still enjoy their holiday tradition.

Li Qiang, 14, Jiangsu: I think we can improve firecrackers. The firecrackers we use now are dangerous. That’s why we can’t set them off freely. But if we can make them safer and better for the air. We wouldn’t have to give them up.

Zhang Qi, 14, Hubei: Firecrackers are dangerous and bad for the air. I think we can use something else to replace them. For example, we can use LED firework instead. They are beautiful and safe. Even kids can play with them.

1.How many provinces (cities) are these teenagers from?

A.Three. B.Two. C.Five. D.Four.

2.What are the teenagers discussing?

A.Whether we should set off firecrackers. B.Ways to set off firecrackers.

C.What traditions we have for holidays. D.How to improve firecrackers.

3.What problems does setting off firecrackers cause?

a. It is noisy. b. It creates air pollution.

c. It wastes electricity. d. It creates rubbish B.abd C.acd D.bed

4.Who most strongly agreed that people should still set off firecrackers?

A.Wang Xingyue. B.Liu Ran. C.Li Qiang D.Zhang Qi.

There are a lot of interesting things living in the sea. There are many types of fish and many other animals. There are also many types of plants. There are even some animals which have a lot in common with you. They are mammals living in the sea. How much do you know about creatures that live in the sea? Do you want to know more about the food chain(链)in the sea?

In the sea, all sea creatures get food from other sea creatures. At the first link of the food chain are the sea plants and plankton (浮游生物). Plants are found only in the sunlight zone where there is enough light for them, however, animals are found at all depths of the oceans though their numbers are greater near the surface where food is enough. Many kinds of fish and animals, such as the snail, shrimp, jellyfish, and sea star eat the plankton. The small animals and fish that eat plankton then become food for larger fish, such as the tuna and mackerel. These fish are then eaten by larger fish and animals, such as the shark and dolphin. The shark and dolphin are at the top of the food chain in the sea. Sharks are very dangerous so many people are eaten by them in the sea. But why the number of the shark is becoming smaller and smaller? And who eats the shark? Check out the menu at a seafood restaurant next time you are eating there. Don't be surprised if you find shark on the menu.

1.The underlined word “creatures” means ________.

A.生物 B.维持 C.奇特 D.藻类

2.Plankton is food for ________.

A.the snail B.shrimp

C.sea star and jellyfish D.All the above

3. ________ are at the top of the food.

A.The sea plants B.The small fish

C.People D.The shark and dolphin

4.What’s the passage mainly talk about?

A.Food Chain in the Sea B.The sea plants

C.Dangerous sharks D.Colorful Sea Animals

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