One day, when I was young, I went climbing with my family. _______, halfway through the climb I ______ my parents. I remember clearly I was so scared that I began to cry. ______, some volunteers noticed me and looked after me. In their company(陪伴), I gradually ______down and finally I found my family.

I've always been thankful for their _______ and keep this experience in mind. ______that time, I have taken part in many activities and worked as a(n ) ______.

I remember one time at a bus stop I was especially impressed. It was my job ______ people on the right buses. There was a middle-aged auntie with some big bags who had been standing ______for a long time. She seemed to be confused(困惑的) and in ______ of help. I began to talk with her.

I found ______ she needed to go and then told her how to get there. The woman said she was going to see her ______ who, because she was so busy with work, hadn't been home for weeks. The woman had delicious food with her that she had ______ for her daughter. I was deeply moved by this show of love.

I really love voluntary work. In the future, I will _____ to pass on my love and reach out to people in need, just as those people reached out to me ______that frightening (令人害怕的) day in my childhood.

1.A.So B.Because C.However D.Therefore

2.A.lost B.found C.saw D.heard

3.A.Unluckily B.Luckily C.Unhappily D.Sadly

4.A.looked B.fell C.put D.calmed B.meaning C.peace D.silence

6.A.from B.since C.until D.before

7.A.teacher C.volunteer put B.put C.putting D.puts

9.A.alive B.lively C.lonely D.alone

10.A.need C.danger

11.A.when B.where C.why D.who

12.A.son B.grandson C.daughter D.uncle

13.A.gave B.showed C.prepared D.passed

14.A.end B.keep C.stop D.continue B.on

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