One day Madison's teacher found her sitting alone at lunch, looking sad and upset. She could hardly eat the butter sandwich that she usually couldn't wait to eat. "What's the matter, Madison?" the teacher asked. Later that afternoon, Trey was standing alone by the basketball court after school. Trey's mom asked him why he didn't go to play with Zack and Steve, who were shooting hoops. He told his mom that he just didn't feel like it, so they walked home.

But the truth was that Trey and Madison were facing the same problem: They both felt left out, and their feelings were hurt, they felt lonely.

Madison was so sad that he didn't want to eat, and Trey was so mad that when he got home he slammed his bedroom door. The kids who had been their friends before weren't their friends all that time.

What can you do if you're feeling lonely? Let's read some kids' advice on how to deal with loneliness.

"Take something to school and if someone asks to play with you, say yes. They might ask you to play with them next time." (Caleb)

"Listen to music or learn to play an instrument." (Rizwan)

"Help mom or Dad to do jobs. You'll have someone to talk to and you'll learn how to do things when you grow up" (Natalia)

"Talk about it with other people who do the same things, and then you can be friends" (Sean)

1.How did Madison look at lunchtime?


2.What was Trey doing while his friends were playing basketball?


3.What was the problem that both Madison and Trey were facing?


4.By whom are the pieces of advice given?


5.What does Natalia advise kids to do to deal with loneliness?


Do you know that a student can produce up to 240 pounds of school waste and lots of waste gas (气体) during a term? This includes transportation, food, paper, pens, pencils and so on.

Transportation Some parents drive their kids to school every day. We all know waste gas from cars is a main cause air pollution. If parents who live in a neighborhood can take turns to drive their kids to school each day, that’ll be better. Another way of going green is to walk to school if students live near their schools.

Food It’s surprising that only one elementary school can produce up to 19,000 pounds of lunch waste each year. That’s only one school. One way to help take care of the environment is to stop using plastic bags. There are all kinds of environmental boxes for students to put their food in.

Paper, pens and pencils Lots of paper is thrown away by American students. They throw away about 1.6 billion pens every year. They waste many pens and chemicals (化学药品) in them are bad for the environment. Many more pencils are thrown away than pens. Pencils are made from trees, so if more pencils are thrown away, more trees will be cut down. So students should reuse (再使用) paper, pens and pencils instead of throwing them away.

Backpacks As fashion comes and goes, almost every kid needs a new backpack every year. They can save lots of money and materials if they reuse the same schoolbags each year.

How to save the environment


If possible, parents in a neighborhood should

1. to drive their kids to school each day.

Students can go to school 2. if their homes are not far from their schools.


3. can be used to keep food for lunch instead of plastic bags.

Paper, pens and pencils

Papers, pens and pencils shouldn’t 4., but be reused.


Lots of money and materials can be saved if the same

5. each year.

A couple of years ago, I went to Australia for a meeting with my friend, Chris. We decided to drive across country to Brisbane after the meeting ended. The drive was going to take four days and most of it was across the desert, 1.. The first day was a lot of fun as we were excited and laughing at each other’s stupid jokes. By the third day of driving in the seemingly endless desert, we began to get bored. We had been quiet for a few hours when in the distance Chris found some kangaroos. We were both excited and decided to get a closer look. 2.We got closer and closer, and Chris was doing 110 kilometers per hour. We were very close to the kangaroos—too close—when we heard a loud BANG!

Chris stopped the car and we got out. Behind the car was a larger kangaroo lying completely still on the ground. 3. He took off his sunglasses and put them on the kangaroo and did the same with his jacket. Then, he put his arm around the kangaroo and told me to take a photo of them together. 4. While I was focusing the camera, I saw the kangaroo move. It suddenly woke up, looked at Chris, and jumped away into the distance before we could do anything.

I started laughing but Chris looked very serious. 5. I started laughing even harder. I stopped laughing, however, when he said that our car keys were also in the jacket!

A.I was still surprised, but I took out my camera.

B.He said his wallet and passport were in the jacket.

C.In order to get there in three days, we drove very fast. we had to take food, water, and extra gas with us.

E.Chris went over to the kangaroo and put his baseball cap on its head.

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