When we hear about "the homeless", most of us think of the poor countries. However, it's wrong. The  _______ is that the homeless can be found everywhere. For example, we can see many people living on the streets in a  _______ country like Germany. Kurt Muller and his wife Rita have spent eleven years making  _______ for the homeless of Berlin, Germany's capital. They first  _______ in a long and hot summer. They made lots of sandwiches for the homeless when most Germans were  _______ on holiday. However, the Mullers soon realized that food wasn't  _______. "What these people also need is warmth and  _______," says Rita. So they never refused to help the homeless at any time and their home was always  _______ to the people who couldn't face another night on the streets.

The couple soon  _______ all their time and money, so Kurt visited food and clothing companies to  __________ donations (捐赠). Today, over thirty companies donate food and money and a shoe factory  __________ new shoes as well. No matter  __________ Kurt and Rita offer, they receive no payment for their hard work. Rita says, "We feel like parents, and parents shouldn't __________ money for helping their children." Though they often get  __________, they say they will continue with their work because they like the feeling of making a __________ in the world. And their love for the homeless has made many people in Germany give their hands to those who need help.

1.A.result B.truth C.theme D.idea

2.A.traditional B.poor C.famous D.rich

3.A.clothes B.houses C.meals D.shoes

4.A.began B.met C.called D.left

5.A.alone B.away C.almost D.always

6.A.enough B.necessary C.helpful D.expensive

7.A.laughing B.working C.sleeping D.caring

8.A.open B.crowded C.noisy D.peaceful

9.A.brought B.wasted C.had D.spent

10.A.pay for B.ask for C.look up D.take away

11.A.offers B.produces C.designs D.sells

12.A.how many B.how far C.how much D.how long

13.A.borrow B.raise C.save D.expect

14.A.surprised B.excited C.tired D.nervous

15.A.plan B.difference C.decision D.rule

Imagine you are living in a moving house. Inside the house, there is a small kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.Everything you need is close at hand.

In the US, you can really see these moving houses on the mad. They are called recreational vchicles(RV,房车).People call them houses on wheels. When it's holiday time, the whole family often gets into this lovely house

and hits the road for a trip across the country.

Compared to a real house, this home on the road is small for a family who has to spend every hour of every day together. But the best thing about it is that it changes your journey into a free exploration.

You can drive as long as you like without worrying about finding hotels. Or you can just stop somewhere nice and stay for a few weeks. You may also come across other families who are on road trips. Together, you take out your tents and snacks. It's camping time with a lot of chat and laughter.

Of course, RVs are not always convenient(便利).They can sometimes break down and you have to spend time mending them. But this type of road trip still wins people's hearts because they can go whenever and wherever they want.


1._______RVs, everything you need is close at hand.

A.Inside B.Outside C.Behind D.Beside

2.In the US,people call RVs moving________,

A.cars B.wheels C.houses D.buses

3.Which of the following about RVs is TRUE?

A.They don't have any wheels

B.They are always convenient.

C.They are bigger than real houses

D.They may break down sometimes.

4.Why do people prefer traveling in RVs?

A.They like eating snacks in RVs.

B.They can explore their journey freely.

C.They may leave RVs in hotels for a few weeks.

D.They will never come across other traveling families.

5.What's the best title of the passage?

A.A Road Trip

B.A Wonderful House

C.Moving Homes to Travel

D.Holiday Life in the US

For ten weeks, in a great house on the island of St Thomas , John C. Lilly tried to teach a six-year-old dolphin to speak English. Margaret Howe, an experiment (试验) helper, would live day and night with Peter, a dolphin. And they would eat, bathe(洗澡), sleep and play together from Sunday to Friday, with only Saturdays off for Margaret. She lived her life in swimming clothes -- with a coat on colder evenings —and cut her hair short so that she could get on with Peter more easily.

After a few days, Peter was becoming more and more interested in winning her attentions. He threw a ball against her shower towel to get her to play. As time went by, he only wanted to play ball with her and not on his own.

The problem was that, just at the time Peter and Margaret began to get on well just as two best friends, the experiment ended and the lab was closed. After a few weeks, Margaret received the sad news that Peter had killed himself by refusing to breathe, and sinking to the bottom of his pool.

Dolphins may not speak English —but, just like humans, they know all about broken hearts.

1.Peter is the name of________

A.a doctor B.dolphin C.a scientist D.an experiment helper

2.Margaret worked days_____a week during the experiment .

A.four B.five C.six D.seven

3.To live with the dolphin, Margaret couldn't _______.

A.cut her hair short B.have a common life-like others

C.wear swimming c1othes D.eat, bathe and play together with him

4.The ending of the story was that _________ .

A.Margaret didn't leave the lab B.the lab was closed and the dolphin died

C.the dolphin could speak English at last D.Dr John C. Lilly was satisfied with the experiment

5.From this passage, we can learn that __________.

A.dolphins aren't worth studying B.dolphins can't be humans' good friends

C.dolphins can't communicate with humans D.dolphins may have feelings just like humans

If you are not happy with China’s high Internet fees and slow speed, you are not alone.So is Premier Li Keqiang.On April 14, he said in a meeting that the government should speed up the Internet and lower the fees.

“The first question people ask at a new place is ‘Is there WI-FI’ because Internet service fees are so high,” said Premier Li.According to a recent survey by CCTV, the average cost of 1GB mobile Internet data per month in China is 100 Yuan, while it is only 60 Yuan in the US and 40 in Japan.

However, high prices don’t necessarily mean good service.The average Internet speed in China was 4.25Mbps(兆比特每秒)in late 2014.South Korea had the fastest average Internet speed-25.3 Mbps.People can download a 1 GB movie within 6 minutes in South Koreas, but in China it would take half an hour.

To improve Internet services, the key is to build more fiber(光纤) networks.Through them we can send text, pictures and videos globally in less than a second, which offer high speed Internet.Besides, the lack of market competition is another problems___________________________________________.


1.Why do people always ask for WI-FI at a new place in China?

A.Because they can’t use Internet without WI-FI.

B.Because they can communicate with their families.

C.Because they want to download movies.

D.Because Internet service fees are too high.

2.In late 2014, ______ had the fastest average Internet speed.

A.China B.USA C.Japan D.South Korea

3.What is the key to improve Internet services?

A.To increase Internet service fees.

B.To build more fiber networks.

C.To learn from South Korea.

D.To make the government know the situation.

4.The underlined sentence in the passage infers that ______.

A.China’s high Internet fees are probably because there is no more market competition.

B.China has too many tele-communication companies.

C.China Unicom should lower the price.

D.China Telecom should lower the price.

5.What is the best title for the passage?

A.China’s Internet Economy.

B.Shopping Online.

C.China Wants Cheaper, Quicker Internet.

D.China Unicom and China Telecom

Dear daughter,

You are a wonderful person and your mother and I love you. It will not be long before you leave home to make your way in the world. Can I please give you some friendly advice? Here are some things that you should never do.

1). Never Look Down Upon Yourself.

You are great and able to achieve great things so believe in yourself. When things go badly, never stop believing. Some girls get upset and lose confidence. And then all kinds of problems can follow.

2). Never Get Upset With Your Looks.

We think you look great . Please be happy with the person you are and the body you have. Eat well, take exercise and be healthy. Some girls become upset because they try to lose weight or get the perfect shape. You look fine.

3). Never spend money more than your income (收入) .

Never spend money more than your income and save a little every month. Don’t borrow other’s money if possible.

4). Never Give Less Than Your Best.

We are very proud of what you have succeeded so far. You should be proud too. Keep doing well. Keep trying your hardest at everything you do. No one can ask for more than that.

5). Never Forget That Your Parents Love You.

Whatever happens in life, your family will still be your family. Whatever difficulties you have, you can always talk to us and we will try to help. We are here for you.



1.From the letter, we can know the daughter will _________soon.

A.leave school B.go to college C.go to another city D.face lots of difficulties

2.According to the father, some girls become upset because they __________.

A.aren’t healthy enough B.don’t make enough money

C.don’t have good jobs D.try to have the perfect shape

3.When someone gets upset and loses confidence, _________________.

A.nobody will love him B.he can’t get good income

C.all problems will follow him D.his parents won’t believe in him anymore

4.The father thinks his daughter has been a _____________person.

A.happy B.successful C.perfect D.hard-working

5.The father writes this letter to his daughter in order to tell her_____________.

A.that her parents love her B.what she should never do

C.how she can become successful D.that her parents will always help her

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