Last year, I worked in a middle school near my ______ house, and I stayed with her for a month. During that time, I helped her do some housework and ______ some food.

After the first week, I noticed that the food was eaten up very ______. Then I began keeping a(n)______ on my mum. To my surprise, I found that she would put some of the food into a paper ______ and go out with it at about nine every morning. And finally, I decided to _____her. I saw her taking the food to the street ______. She would also spend a lot of time talking and playing with them.

One day, I talked to a neighbor and ______ that my mum was popular in the area. The children were very friendly to her and even thought of her as their own ______. Then it hit me; why wouldn't she want to tell me about it? Was she ______ that I would stop buying food if I found out?

______ my mum got home, I gave her a big hug(拥抱). I told her she didn't need to keep it ______ from me. And she told me something about the children. Some of ______ lived with an old lady in a small house, ______ slept on the street. For years, she was helping the poor street children by giving them food. After she told me everything, I was so moved by how selfless(无私的)she was. She helped people in need. As her son, I was so ______ my mum.

But I always added one more bag for her other children.'s B.mother's C.sister's D.grandma's B.make C.throw D.put

3.A.slowly B.exactly C.quickly D.hardly

4.A.eye B.nose C.ear D.face

5.A.plate C.bowl D.bag B.stop C.follow D.tell

7.A.beggars B.old men C.children D.students

8.A.turned out B.found out C.looked out D.worked out

9.A.teacher B.neighbour C.friend D.mother

10.A.worried B.sure C.happy D.certain

11.A.While B.Before C.When D.Since

12.A.a secret B.a record C.a dream D.a note

13.A.they B.them C.we

14.A.other B.the other C.others D.another

15.A.worried about B.proud of C.angry with D.afraid of

Hello, everyone! Welcome to today's programme. I will tell you something about some famous places of interest in Xuzhou.

Xuzhou is in the north—west of Jiangsu Province. The original name of Xuzhou is Pengcheng, with 6000—year culture. As a beautiful city with a long history, Xuzhou has many historicalsites and places of interest, including Tombs of Han Dynasty, Yunlong scentic spot(风景区), the Huai Hai Campaign Memorial Tower, Pengzu Park and so on. Guishan Han Tomb is the tomb for Liu Zhu and his wife, the sixth Prince and Princess of Chu State. Everything needed in daily life can till be seen under the ground palace. Yunlong scentic spot is in the south of Xuzhou with a body of water of 5.8 square kilometers, and a land area of 5.6 square kilometers. The lake is surrounded (围绕)by green hills, along the green lake bank, we can enjoy the beautiful scenes of four seasons. As we know Pengzu is from Xuzhou, he is famous for his long life, about 800 years. He is good at cooking. To memory him, Pengzu park was built.

If you come to visit Xuzhou, you can enjoy many kinds of delicious local food, such as Yuanzhi dog meat, fish wrapped in mutton and so on.

Thank you for listening, welcome to Xuzhou!

1.What is this?

A.A notice B.A letter C.A radio programme D.An advertisement

2.How many attractions(景点)are mentioned in the passage?

A.Four B.Five C.Six D.Seven

3.Which of the following sentences is right?

A.Xuzhou is in the north—east of Jiangsu Province.

B.Pengzu Park was built to memory Pengzu.

C.Pengcheng is a name of a famous person fron Xuzhou.

D.Yunlong scentic spot has an area of 5. 8 square kilometers.

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