Kate is a lovely girl. When she was a little girl, she had no _______ to her mother. However, since last year she has become little mysterious (神秘) and not so _______ as before. Her mother wants heart-to-heart talks between mother and daughter, but they never happen. A gulf (鸿沟) opens between them.

Her mother wonders if she falls in love. After all, she is _______ the “dangerous stage”. These thoughts have caused trouble in the mother’s mind _______.

One weekend Kate told her mother _______ she was going to the cinema with her classmates and would return late. This was the first time her mother agreed. And she began to _______ because Kate had never been away at night before. The mother waited until nine and couldn’t fall asleep. Then she decided to go out to _______ her daughter. Just at that moment, she heard the noise of a car and hurried to the window—there was her daughter, waving good-bye to a _______. Her heart missed a beat. When the daughter came in, the mother was watching TV, pretending (假装) nothing happened. “Mum, I’m back.” “yes.” “Sorry to be _______.”

Kate said nothing about the film ________ the boy. The mother really would like to know ________ about them. “Who is that boy? “Ah, it’s my monitor. He gave me lift ________ his way home. I’m going to bed, ” The daughter answered in ________ words.

The next morning, when the mother went to Kate’s room to do some tidying. she found her diary on the bed. After few minutes’ hesitation (犹豫), she opened it. It read, “Mum, It’s ________ that made you ask, but it would show your understanding of me if you hadn’t.” Holding the diary, the mother ________ thought.

1.A.decisions B.changes C.mistakes D.secrets

2.A.good B.quiet C.open D.shy

3.A.reaching B.refusing C.rushing D.receiving

4.A.suddenly B.certainly C.recently D.possibly

5.A.when B.that C.which D.why

6.A.think B.say C.cry D.worry

7.A.punish B.catch C.meet D.watch

8.A.woman B.man C.girl D.boy

9.A.late B.silent C.terrible D.absent

10.A.for B.but C.or D.so

11.A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything

12.A.in B.with C.on D.at

13.A.wonderful B.careful C.beautiful D.helpful

14.A.power B.fear C.love D.hate

15.A.fell down B.fell off C.fell over D.fell into

Using your Card

Library Cards are free to all people in California. They allow you to borrow books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from our library. They also allow you to use the computers at the library.

Click here to apply for (申请) a Card.

You must show your photo ID in person at the library.

You must come to the library to receive a Card or change an expired (到期的) Card yourself. Library Cards expire after four years.

You can always update (更新) your address, phone number and email online.

Tell us immediately if your Card is lost or stolen.

Cards for kids and teens

The signature of a parent is needed for children (aged 13 and under). The parent must also provide photo ID. Teens (aged 14to17) use the same process. However, teens who already have their own photo ID can apply without a parent’s signature.

Borrowing materials

A Library Card allows you to borrow 25 items at most. You can keep each borrowed item for no more than 60 days.

If items were not returned in 60 days, you should pay for them. The fine for books and magazines is $1.00 each per day. The fine for CDs and DVDs is $ 2. 00 each per day.

1.This passage is probably taken from _______.

A.a map B.a novel C.a website D.a magazine

2.You don’t have to go to the library when you want to_______.

A.receive a Card B.borrow magazines

C.update your address D.change an expired Card

3.Pam received her Library Card on February 10, 2020. When will the Card expire?

A.On April 10, 2020. B.On February 10, 2021.

C.On April10, 2023. D.On February 10, 2024.

4.What should you do at once if your Card is lost?

A.Go to the library. B.Let the library know it.

C.Apply for a new Card. D.Return all the borrowed items.

5.Rebecca is 15 years old without her own photo ID. What does she need to apply for a Card?

A.Her own signature. B.The Card of a parent.

C.The photo ID of a parent. D.The signature and photo ID of a parent

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