My wife, Megan, and I went out to dinner with an old friend who we had not seen in a while. There had been some talk of COVID-19 in the _______, but it was early in the outbreak( 爆发) _________people were still going about their daily routines(活动). Even though everyone in our group felt perfectly _________,we took precautions (预防措施). We washed our hands with hand soap, did not _________food, and had no close contact.

A few days later, our friend called and told us that she had ___________positive (阳性) for the coronavirus. She had felt some symptoms (症状) for a day or so _________the dinner and was able to be tested because she is a doctor. _________we took precautions that night, the virus was also passed to me and _________friend who had joined us.

Megan and I quarantined (隔离) _________at once when we heard that our friend had tested positive.

We also ____________everyone we had been in contact with to let them know that I had tested positive. It was the ____________thing to do. It is hard to tell people we ____________have given them a virus(病毒), but not telling anyone anything would have made us feel ashamed and upset, It's nothing but a duty for anyone in our situation.

While we have not been out of our house in over six days and will be here for another eight or nine____________, we have felt such love and concern from those around us. Our kids watch movies online with their friends, and my office has daily video calls to keep everyone ____________, We've made an ____________to spend time together as a family, too. Although Megan and the kids and I can't be in the same room, the four of us still play online games together. B.movies C.stories

2.A.or B.and C.because D.what

3.A.surprised B.brave C.weak D.fine B.share D.cook

5.A.tested B.tried C.described D.developed

6.A.during B.before C.until D.after

7.A.Since B.Although C.Because D.As

8.A.other B.others C.another D.the other

9.A.themselves B.himself C.ourselves D.myself

10.A.met B.visited C.found D.called

11.A.right B.bad C.good D.wrong

12.A.might B.must C.should D.can total short most least

14.A.separated C.connected D.dangerous

15.A.area B.accident C.effort D.argument

Is it possible for animals to raise a human child? There are many stories that suggest it is possible. Not just wolves and dogs, but also sheep, bears and even monkeys are able to look after human children, Daily Mail reported.

There is the case of Ivan Mishukov, a 6-year-old boy from Moscow. Police found him living with dogs in the city's streets in 1998. There, he had been begging for two years. Ivan found food to feed the dogs. And in return, the dogs kept him warm and protected him while he slept. When he was saved, he could hardly speak. Luckily, he later joined the army and lived like a normal adult.

But not all children who are raised by animals can adapt to human society. In 1848, British soldier Colonel William Sleeman found a little boy living with many wolves in India. He took him to a village, taking care of him and trying to teach him to speak. But nothing worked. The boy still behaved like a wolf, eating raw (生的) meat and refusing to wear clothes, no matter how cold the weather was. About two years later, he got very sick and passed away.

Some animals are believed to have strong maternal instincts (母性本能), which guide them to care for young animals, even those of other species(物种). However, people need to know that children raised by animals may experience long-term negative effects when they enter human society, according to Daily Mail.


1.Ivan Mishukov was raised by________.

A.wolves B.monkeys C.dogs D.bears

2.What could the dogs do for Ivan?

A.They begged food for him. B.They warmed him.

C.They talked with him. D.They took him to join the army.

3.The case of the boy raised by wolves shows us that children raised by animals________.

A.can learn from animals B.can live longer

C.can speak animal language D.may harm human beings

4.What did the Daily Mail say?

A.Animals can take good care of human babies.

B.Some animals have strong maternal instincts.

C.Some animals can't tell themselves apart from other species.

D.Children raised by animals are stronger than other people.

5.Where might you find this passage?

A.A fashion magazine. B.A science-fiction novel.

C.A sports article. D.A science magazine.

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